Beautiful windows with curtains with flowers

Beautiful windows with curtains with flowers although flowered curtains are rare, some “experts” argue that they are a primitive relic of the Soviet past. They claim that they are only required to be nostalgic for Grandma’s house in the village. However, this viewpoint is incorrect. In fact, the floral decor is at its pinnacle of popularity. It is successfully used in a variety of design styles. Those who choose such a print will have a constant spring in their rooms.

Beautiful windows with curtains with flowers

Design in various styles

Floral curtains are undeniably versatile. They are suitable for hanging in any room. From apartments to cafes to office buildings. Simultaneously, the room begins to look joyful and fresh. The most important thing is to become acquainted with the design style.

Beautiful windows with curtains with flowers

Despite the fact that floral print curtains work well in most interiors, designers strongly advise against using them in loft, minimalism, and high-tech settings.

Beautiful windows with curtains with flowers


Fans of English classics: use colorful draperies sparingly throughout the home. Even the royal family enjoys a variety of bouquets, with Prince Charles personally planting flower beds. Elizabeth II does not appear in public without a buttonhole in her suit’s buttonhole. That is most likely why all Englishmen are avid gardeners.

Beautiful windows with curtains with flowers
Beautiful windows with curtains with flowers

Victorian classics with a penchant for floral motifs share several characteristics:

  • The abundance of colors on textiles.
  • Large inflorescences on the printer.
  • Preference for neutral tones.
  • Floral motifs can be found in the design of Buckingham Palace as well. Curtains with a similar print also serve as islands of sincerity in a sea of prim respectability in strict classics.
Beautiful windows with curtains with flowers


Windows with curtains with flowers Rural French motifs are popular in bedrooms. Harmony and comfort are created by delicate flowers with no bright contrasts. The style does not tolerate too much variety, preferring tenderness and elegance.

Beautiful windows with curtains with flowers
Beautiful windows with curtains with flowers

The following characteristics define the direction:

  • ruffles;
  • frills;
  • lace.

Natural, light materials are chosen. Furthermore, the print must be small. The textile pattern features delicate colors on a pale blue, greenish, pink, or golden background.

Beautiful windows with curtains with flowers
Beautiful windows with curtains with flowers


Beautiful windows with curtains with flowers they prefer black-and-white versions. The background can smoothly transition from black to white or beige to brown. Flowers on textiles should be large and distinct. And their numbers are not insignificant.

Curtains for modern style are typically used as an accent. As a result, against the background of the lack of print on the wallpaper and other small details of the decor, the window draperies should stand out.

Beautiful windows with curtains with flowers


The village direction, more than any other, accepts diversity and stark contrasts. You can experiment with not only tones but also textures. Furthermore, ruffles, ruffles, and other decorative elements are frequently found on country-style curtains.


Everything retro will fit in here. There is one stipulation. We require bright, even garish prints, which were plentiful in Soviet times. They appear even more naive now, but they were once the epitome of luxury.

Shabby chic

It is similar to the previous style, but it has some differences:

  • the priority is cute roses;
  • more white and soft lines;
  • the sweeter, the better.
Beautiful windows with curtains with flowers


The style should give the impression that something spectacular is going on around you. However, an extravaganza of colors should rage on the curtains, as well as all textiles in the room. Ordinary flowers will not suffice here. The best plants are those from Chinese or Japanese folklore. And, of course, the lotus comes first.

Beautiful windows with curtains with flowers
Beautiful windows with curtains with flowers

Decoration in the rooms

The floral print is adaptable. It is appropriate for any room, regardless of functionality.

The living room

Curtains with sufficient length and a large print are required for the reception hall. The flower decor on the curtains makes any situation feel at home. Even if strict at first. Because it adds warmth and comfort to the space.


A floral print will add beauty to the relaxation room. However, in order for peace and comfort to reign, it is necessary to select tender tones. In peace, the drawing should be different, with no flashy colors. It will be difficult to relax if this is not done.

Beautiful windows with curtains with flowers


But in this case, the brightness is beneficial. Roses, peonies, and tulips are therefore appropriate for flower curtains. As well as other plants with a diverse range. When the kitchen resembles a flowering garden, it promotes excellent cooking and a large appetite.


Childish beauty aids in the development of the child. As a result, bright and unusual flowers will assist the baby in appreciating the beauty. Calm printer tones will help to create an atmosphere of peace and comfort in the home.

Beautiful windows with curtains with flowers


The floral decor will be useful in this room. A bright curtain over the bathroom will add a splash of color to a small space. Furthermore, white flowers on a blue background will visually expand the space.

Location of the office

You can even choose the right floral print for the office. To avoid confusing employees with the business rhythm, choose a small drawing with no bright colors. A riot of colors, on the other hand, is even welcome in hospital offices. It will improve your mood and help you recover quickly.

Print Dimensions

Flower patterns can set the tone for the entire room. The size of the print has an impact on this. After all, the appropriate shapes are always chosen for a specific design.

Curtains with a large print, for example, are appropriate for a large room. This will highlight the high ceilings. When the room is also distinguished by panoramic windows, a noticeable drawing will draw a little attention to itself.

Beautiful windows with curtains with flowers

In small rooms, flowered curtains with small patterns will look best. After all, a small drawing adds volume to the room while also pushing it slightly forward.

It is also important to note that a large print looks best on long curtains. A minor drawing on such curtains will be lost. When large flowers are placed on short curtains, the room’s harmony is likely to be disturbed.


The floral curtain draws attention to itself. And the feeling of comfort grows stronger as you admire the print. After all, such decor brings spring into the home while also making it soft and delicate. A harmonious atmosphere will never leave the room with such curtains. The final piece of advice is for those who are serious about getting into the design style. The curtain’s fabric and color should complement the other textiles in the room.

Liudmyla Dunaf

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