Timeless Wonderful 20 Copper Kitchen Aprons

Timeless Wonderful 20 Copper Kitchen Aprons. Metal is undoubtedly a hot trend in home design, and for several seasons they have remained on the table of “hot trends”. While brass and stainless steel definitely find more room in a modern kitchen, the warm charm of copper cannot be ignored.

In the last few years, more and more homeowners and designers have been using copper to spice up their kitchen space and give it an attractive and shiny charm. From classic kitchens that showcase styles such as farm and rustic to modern delights, elegant and stylish, copper finds a place in every kitchen.

Timeless Wonderful 20 Copper Kitchen Aprons

If those shiny copper pots and pans just aren’t enough to quench your thirst for copper in the kitchen, a chic copper apron is a great way to add more of that cozy metal! Copper aprons for the kitchen require some care, but they age beautifully and over time give your kitchen an even more charming look. Sometimes sensational and seemingly organic in other cases.

Copper Kitchen Apron for Modern Kitchen

There are many ways to create a striking copper apron that will give your kitchen a personality and a striking metallic sheen. Penny copper tile is definitely our favorite among all, as it not only brings with it the goodness of copper but also gives geo-style and a sense of uniqueness.

Small hexagonal copper tiles also offer similar advantages, while larger square and rectangular tiles offer a more traditional look. In a modern kitchen, you can choose any copper finish, which ranges from forged tiles to used copper sheets and those with a cool oxidized finish.

Timeless Wonderful 20 Copper Kitchen Aprons
Timeless Wonderful 20 Copper Kitchen Aprons
Timeless Wonderful 20 Copper Kitchen Aprons

Copper tile aprons

Copper tiles definitely acquire a patina with age, and if you are not a big fan of this aspect, then you should stay away from copper aprons in the kitchen. It is this natural property that distinguishes copper from brass and makes it an integral part of kitchens with styles such as rustic, traditional, farm, and Mediterranean. The copper-lined apron can be attached to a small wall behind the stove, or you can choose a full-fledged metal apron that covers the entire wall behind the kitchen countertop.

Timeless Wonderful 20 Copper Kitchen Aprons
Timeless Wonderful 20 Copper Kitchen Aprons
Timeless Wonderful 20 Copper Kitchen Aprons

Metallic luster and pattern

The copper apron in the kitchen is not only a textural contrast. Modern copper aprons have much more to offer as they reveal patterns that range from simple and uncomplicated squares to decorative tiles that take you back to luxurious Mediterranean cuisines.

Because copper is very ductile, it can be broken down into thin sheets that offer a wide range of shapes and motifs. From quilted copper sheets to smart perforated copper plates that give an unusual look to an eclectic kitchen – the options are endless!

Timeless Wonderful 20 Copper Kitchen Aprons

Aprons made of copper

A copper apron in the kitchen is increasingly becoming not only something stylish, and beautiful but also practical. Copper is used by people who value their health and the health of the people around them. Copper is a natural material, along with stone and wood, which does not contain substances harmful to humans. Copper is an antimicrobial material, so the presence of this material in the kitchen is almost mandatory.

Timeless Wonderful 20 Copper Kitchen Aprons

An apron in the kitchen is necessary to protect the wall from flying drops of fat during cooking, as well as a large amount of moisture that is formed when washing dishes, cooking on the stove, and other actions. It is in this part of the kitchen that the largest number of bacteria that love a moist and nutritious environment gathers.

Timeless Wonderful 20 Copper Kitchen Aprons

In addition to the use of a copper apron, of course, aesthetic appearance is also important. And copper, as a material that attracts with its brilliance no less than gold, copes with this perfectly. Copper for an apron in the kitchen, with a huge number of design solutions, copes much better than tiles, stone, and even metal. Although copper is a metal, it is primarily soft.

You can make unusual patterns, drawings, and images on it, and give various textures, shades, and colors. An apron made of copper is not just an apron for the kitchen, it is a variety of design solutions.

Timeless Wonderful 20 Copper Kitchen Aprons

Color of the copper apron

A copper apron, if it is not covered with anything, will change color over the years. This is a consequence of surface oxidation. Therefore, every year, the apron can change color from pink, and golden pink to bright green and azure blue. Someone may like it, someone may not.

We offer a choice of 4 color options and processing of the copper apron. These are proven options that we have already used in our projects, but you can also choose options from our sample gallery or send your own color or structure option.

Copper Apron Shapes

The copper apron does not have to be rectangular along with the countertop. It can be assembled from several parts, rectangles, and polyhedral shapes. It can have a different thicknesses from 0.6 to 50 mm. And this is achieved not only due to the thickness of the material. As a rule, the thickness of copper affects the price, and we do not want a copper apron to remain inaccessible to you, so we have learned how to make aprons from copper of any depth from copper with a thickness of 0.6 mm.

Copper sheet aprons

You don’t always need beautiful copper tiles and large sheets with elaborate patterns to create a stunning copper apron in the kitchen. In fact, a simple sheet of copper is of great importance for the interior of a modern kitchen, and also plays into the overall theme.

Timeless Wonderful 20 Copper Kitchen Aprons


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