Closets under the stairs in all comfort

Closets under the stairs in all comfort clouds beneath the stars are seen by contemporary architects and designers as a practical solution to organize open space. You can choose an appropriate design and a practical placement with the aid of this article. The literature provides unique design alternatives, describes the many cabinet kings, and goes into great depth about how to assemble furniture beneath stairs using your own hands.

Cabinets under the stairs, their purpose, and advantages

The interiors of private and rural homes, multi-level townhouses, cottages, and dachas frequently feature odd cabinets constructed into the space under the stairs that were once thought to be out of the norm. This style of furniture blends beautifully into any home, producing a stunning contrast with the stairs and the overall mood of the space.

Closets under the stairs in all comfort

Advantages of a closet under the stairs in a private house

The built-in cabinet is more than just a decorative element: it is an ergonomic and functional design that provides significant benefits in daily life. In the country, the empty space under the stairs can be used rationally by installing furniture that serves a specific purpose in a compact manner.

With the help of a built-in cabinet, you can equip:

  • the dressing room under the stairs;
  • storage rack;
  • library;
  • workplace;
  • the hallway, etc.

Built-in cabinets are far more practical than stationary cabinets. They save a lot of useful space because they don’t have a floor, roof, or walls. Furthermore, numerous photos of cabinets under the stairs in a private home that can be found on the Internet demonstrate how varied the design of an empty area can be. House owners have a wide range of options, including swings, compartment designs, shelving, cabinets, and so on.

Closets under the stairs in all comfort

Even the most unusual interiors benefit from embedded products. When combined with a spiral or marching staircase, such furniture appears to be a whole.

What can be a cabinet under the stairs in a country house: the main types of structures

In most country homes, two types of stairs are installed. Marching structures have straight steps between the spans and intermediate platforms. Spiral stairs are constructed in the shape of a spiral that is wrapped around a support. If there are no issues with furniture installation in the first case, you will need to carefully consider the design of the future cabinet in the second case. The area beneath the spiral staircase is better suited for creating a resting area. A bedside table or chest of drawers, as well as a compact table, can be placed in this area.

Closets under the stairs in all comfort

A central support is located at the bottom of the spiral staircase. All of the steps are based on it. Such a design already appears to be an interior decoration and takes up little space. Regardless, the most common design option is a flight of stairs with a closet beneath it. Before placing an order for furniture manufacturing, you should decide on the type of construction and design.

Characteristics of built-in wardrobes under the stairs

A wardrobe built under the stairs is a popular design solution for storing items in a compact and hidden manner. This type of furniture is appropriate for any interior design style. The wardrobe market is diverse, and buyers can select products with a variety of options for exterior facade decoration. The design parameters should be proportional to the amount of free space beneath the stairs. Unlike products with hinged doors, such cabinets take up much less space due to their structure and special opening mechanism.

The compartment-type cabinet has a rather complex interior configuration that varies depending on the customer’s preferences. Because the installation of such a structure necessitates specific knowledge and skills, it is best to leave it to professionals. In some cases, the stair slope can make opening doors difficult; thus, when arranging the space, the wardrobe is supplemented with other storage systems.

Closets under the stairs in all comfort

The classic wardrobe under the stairs: photos of designs with hinged doors

Closets under the stairs in all comfort cabinets with hinged doors are a common design choice. They have a simple structure and a simple system of operation, which cannot help but reflect the price of these products, making them the most affordable and popular among consumers.

Experts advise installing a swing-type cabinet in the space under the stars only if the room is large enough. When creating a project of this type, it is important to remember that the doors require free space to open.

Closets under the stairs in all comfort

Classic models are ideal for hallway design. Such cabinet photos are frequently found on the internet. The product includes everything you need for easy use:

  • full-length mirror;
  • devices designed for storing outerwear;
  • baskets where you can put shoes;
  • housekeepers;
  • pull-out drawers for storing small items and accessories;
  • stands for hats and umbrellas.

If the useful space inside the cabinet is limited, it can be converted into a pantry.

Closets under the stairs in all comfort

Features of open cabinets built under the stairs

Some country house owners want to arrange the space under the stairs in an unusual way. There are numerous ideas for creating modern interiors on the internet, and open cabinets and shelving hold the palm.

Open shelving is ideal for storing items such as:

  • photos;
  • souvenirs and memorabilia;
  • books;
  • toys.
Closets under the stairs in all comfort

You can make a wine cellar out of such a rack. In the country, open shelves under the stairs will also be useful. They can hold seeds, small garden tools, and other items.

Open-type cabinets are equipped with a simple device that allows you to easily assemble the structure yourself. Furthermore, minimal skills are required to complete the work, as well as a simple set of tools. Shelves are installed and secured in a vacant niche. Their sizes may differ. The open cabinet’s components are attached to the side and back walls. Shelving blends in perfectly with the interiors of living rooms, creating a cozy corner.

Closets under the stairs in all comfort

The step’s back side can be used as support for installing a shelf. Small items can now be stored on the back of the stairs, leaving the remaining space free.

Features of furniture under the stairs with drawers

Installing a cabinet with drawers can help you create an ergonomic space beneath the stairs. Roller guides allow these elements to move freely. At the same time, there is no mechanical damage on the floor.

Roomy modules are suitable for storage:

  • clothes;
  • overall items;
  • documents;
  • small things;
  • household appliances designed for cleaning rooms;
  • sports equipment (golf clubs, skates, skis).

The front side of the drawers is signed to keep order in the closet and to make it easier to find things. If the width of the staircase exceeds 0.6 m, two or even three large-capacity furniture compartments will fit beneath it. Drawers and shelves divide each of them into sections.

When the drawers are closed, they resemble a standard cabinet with doors. Such structures enable you to gain access to the inner wall. It is sufficient to completely remove the drawers to accomplish this. This benefit will come in handy if the closet door is hidden behind the closet or if communications are installed. A cabinet with drawers resembles a large chest of drawers. The structure’s furniture sections can be installed vertically or horizontally.

Arrangement of a place under the stairs in a private house in a combined way

The simultaneous use of all of the above types of cabinets, or several of them, in the arrangement of a place under the stairs. The owners of the house can get a functional and unique interior design thanks to this approach. Closed pull-out modules can be combined with open shelves in this case. The upper section of the wardrobe is ideal for storing everyday outerwear.

On the open sections, various interior items can be placed:

  • fresh flowers;
  • figurines;
  • vases, etc.
Closets under the stairs in all comfort

The ladder can be unloaded thanks to the clever combination of open shelving and other types of structures.

Ideas and creative solutions for organizing the space under the stairs in a country house

A staircase is always present in modern country houses with multiple floors or duplex apartments. A kitchen, living room, and dining room are traditionally located on the ground floor. The second level serves as a work area. Here are also the master bedrooms.

Closets under the stairs in all comfort
Closets under the stairs in all comfort

The cabinet’s design and configuration are chosen with several factors in mind:

  • room size;
  • room assignments;
  • interior style;
  • the size of the space under the stairs;
  • type of ladder structure, its parameters

A staircase cabinet with a glass showcase in the interior of the room

Closets under the stairs in all comfort in some cases, glass partitions are used to decorate the staircase closet on the second floor. This technique makes it possible to visually lighten the appearance of a structure with heavy steps.

Most glass display cases are used for storage:

Closets under the stairs in all comfort
  • handmade products;
  • tableware;
  • letters of commendation;
  • cups and medals;
  • valuables

The glass prevents dust particles from settling on the shelves and protects items from the damaging effects of moisture. These cabinets are used in high-end interiors. An LED backlight is supplied to the showcase to create a spectacular design. This allows you to highlight the closet and draw attention to it.

The arrangement of the kitchen with the help of a built-in cabinet under the stairs

A small country house’s space under the stairs can be effectively used to organize a work area where food will be prepared. This design option allows you to use free space in your home to create an extra room, such as a living room or a bedroom.

Putting the kitchen under the stairs has advantages and disadvantages. In this instance, the kitchen is neat and compact.

Closets under the stairs in all comfort
Closets under the stairs in all comfort

At the same time, it will contain everything you require:

  • a cooking table;
  • a sink for dishes;
  • a refrigerator; and a stove.

Household appliances are chosen with the height of the space under the stairs in mind. Of course, a large and tall refrigerator will not suffice in this situation. Because there are few windows in this area, you will need to use powerful lighting.

Organization of a compact room under the stairs

Closets under the stairs in all comfort designers frequently use the area beneath the stairs to create a separate room. Of course, the room in this case only has a few pieces of furniture.

Closets under the stairs in all comfort

The owners of country houses frequently resort to arranging a wardrobe under the stairs. This option is advantageous because it allows you to install furniture of various heights. A small locker, for example, can be used to store children’s belongings. The low construction at the start of the stair ascent will allow the children to fold their own clothes. Hooks for jackets can also be attached here.

Instead of a wardrobe, create a storage room beneath the stairs. Cabinet doors will conceal household supplies from view:

Closets under the stairs in all comfort
Closets under the stairs in all comfort

Cabinet design under the stairs: photos of beautiful facades

Manufacturers use a variety of materials to create facades. Although this is a rare design choice, the cabinet model in the attic under the roof slope can be a cabinet. Chipboard and MDF are the most commonly used materials in the production of furniture. Natural wood is less prevalent.

Facade decorative design options:

Closets under the stairs in all comfort
  • Mirror panels are used to visually expand space. Such cabinets are typically installed in a dressing room or hallway.
  • Photo printing – a drawing is created on the surface of the facade using professional equipment. The image appears realistic due to its high quality.
  • Sandblasting drawing – a matte image is applied on top of tinted glass using a special technology that does not require careful maintenance and does not fade over time.
Closets under the stairs in all comfort
  • Plastic glossy facades are used to visually enlarge the space. Such cabinets go well with carpet flooring, are reasonably priced, and come in a variety of colors.
  • Bamboo or rattan sashes are a natural finish that is ideal for creating an oriental or ethnic-inspired interior. Despite their apparent simplicity, these materials are quite appealing.

Surprising materials, such as decorative leather, can be used as finishing raw materials for the cabinet’s facade design. It will look fantastic when combined with natural wood furniture.

Closets under the stairs in all comfort

How to build a closet under the stairs: a step-by-step guide

Installation work is done in a specific order. All parts must be cut exactly according to the drawing and to the established dimensions. This can be accomplished with an electric jigsaw. You can also use a hacksaw instead. All operations must be carried out with extreme caution.

Interior surfaces can be finished with decorative panels. The most basic design option is to use paint or wallpaper. The material and method of decoration chosen are determined by the interior of the room as well as the individual preferences of the house owners. Internal partitions should be used to divide the space inside the cabinet.

Closets under the stairs in all comfort

If you are looking for a new home, you should consider buying a used one. These elements’ lengths should correspond to the length of the niche. Two bars are required to repair one shelf.

The installation of the door frame is the most difficult stage of the installation process. This task necessitates a methodical approach and precise calculations. As a result, if the necessary skills are lacking, it is best to entrust the manufacture and installation of shutters to specialists. The decoration of the door leaf begins even before it is installed. The internal fittings are finished at the end. This includes rods for hanging temples and clothes hooks.

Closets under the stairs in all comfort

In general, building a cabinet for installation under the stairs with your own hands is not difficult. It is better to hire professionals for this work if you want to get not just a functional design, but an exclusive piece of furniture that will become a worthy decoration of the room. In this case, the range of design solutions available for creating a cabinet is greatly expanded.

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