Bar Design Tips: Small Kitchen, Big Entertaining

Bar Design Tips: Small Kitchen, Big Entertaining

Kitchen bar ideas small kitchens require careful organization of space. If you arrange pieces of furniture without happiness, it can make it difficult to move around the room and spoil the beautiful interior of the kitchen.

But the thoughtful location of a small kitchen with a bar counter, on the contrary, can make it very convenient for cooking and eating.

Of course, a full-size rack is unlikely to fit in a limited space, so it’s best to use mini-bar racks – they are much more compact and convenient.

What is shelving and how to arrange it so as not to harm the interior of a small kitchen? We will tell you about it in detail below.

There are a few inside arrangements that are reasonable for a little kitchen with a bar counter. The last decision to a great extent relied upon the area and format of the room, and the individual inclination of the proprietors of the loft.

The use of a bar stand of a retractable or folding design

Bar Design Tips: Small Kitchen, Big Entertaining
Bar Design Tips: Small Kitchen, Big Entertaining

Transformers models are the best option for a small kitchen. Due to the special design, the assembled product takes up a minimum of space, and if necessary, it can be easily and quickly converted into a table rack. Depending on the principle of transformation, there are several types of such furniture.

  • The pull-out counter is hidden for the time being under the countertop of the kitchen set. Its extraction is carried out using wheels or a system of rollers. This option is simple and highly reliable. However, it does not have too much height.
  • Transformer models include folding racks. The main view is a ledge mounted on a divider. Creation is carried out at the expense of sections. The subsequent view is significantly more confusing. As a rule, this is a high bedside table of small size, which can be placed anywhere in the kitchen. This is very reasonable for a quick tasty morsel. The object turns into an indisputable table with almost no problems – it comes to lifting and fixing a couple of additional surfaces.

Manufacturers also offer ready-made kitchens with a bar counter for a small kitchen. The table top is already built into the headset and is removed using a rotary mechanism. Its height is slightly less than the working surface, and the length can be quite impressive.

Bar Design Tips: Small Kitchen, Big Entertaining
Bar Design Tips: Small Kitchen, Big Entertaining
Bar Design Tips: Small Kitchen, Big Entertaining
Bar Design Tips: Small Kitchen, Big Entertaining

Combining a bar counter with a window sill

Kitchen bar ideas are often placed near the window, combined with the window sill. The result is a spacious tabletop that will accommodate three people.

Its width should be such that you can sit freely and not rest your knees against the wall or radiator. However, such an arrangement requires the following conditions to be met:

  • maintaining normal air circulation around the battery with the help of ventilation holes in the countertop;
  • providing additional lighting at night.

This choice is reasonable for huge window openings, from which a lovely view opens. In different cases, it is smarter to introduce the rack opposite the window ledge.

On the off chance that there is an all-encompassing window in the kitchen, the ledge is cut straightforwardly into the divider or put on unique sections fixed on the two sides of the window opening. This arrangement is additionally proper on the off chance that the window ledge is found excessively low.

Bar Design Tips: Small Kitchen, Big Entertaining
Bar Design Tips: Small Kitchen, Big Entertaining
Bar Design Tips: Small Kitchen, Big Entertaining
Bar Design Tips: Small Kitchen, Big Entertaining

Installing a bar counter along a free wall

Kitchen bar ideas installing a bar counter on one of the partitions are great for insiders enriched with cutting-edge style (hello, technology, moderation, space).

This technique will not take up much space, will create a pleasant working environment, and will squeeze effortlessly into an elongated room. In this situation, the length of the ledge is limited simply by the boundaries of the divider, and the width usually does not exceed 40 cm.

Be that as it may, tragically, this choice is appropriate just for fast tidbits. A family dinner with many dishes and serving things should be moved to the lounge. Another hindrance is that you should sit confronting the divider. Hence, it is vital to consider the improvement plan of the divider surface. Appropriate for these reasons:

  • photo wallpapers;
  • colorful panel;
  • mosaic;
  • painting, etc.
Bar Design Tips: Small Kitchen, Big Entertaining
Bar Design Tips: Small Kitchen, Big Entertaining
Small Kitchen, Big Entertaining: Bar Design Tips
Small Kitchen, Big Entertaining: Bar Design Tips

If desired, the narrow rack can be expanded due to the folding part.

The bar counter is a continuation of the countertop of the kitchen set

There are two possible implementation options for it.

  • The counter is associated with the work surface of the kitchen set and has a similar stature. It very well may be utilized as an extra plane in the cooking system.
  • Another scheme is a two-level development. It is located on the back side of the protruding part of the headset and has a significant height. Despite its immediate capabilities, it can be used as a component for the draft space. Be that as it may, this choice will not be easy to place on an area of 5-6 m2.
Bar Design Tips: Small Kitchen, Big Entertaining
Bar Design Tips: Small Kitchen, Big Entertaining

Kitchen bar ideas and optimal rack size

Bar Design Tips: Small Kitchen, Big Entertaining
Bar Design Tips: Small Kitchen, Big Entertaining

It is important not to make a mistake with the height of the chairs that will complement the bar counter.

For the most part in a little kitchen, the counter fills in as an eating table, so its base width is 40 cm. Yet, it is sensible to pick a choice with a size of 70-80 cm to openly oblige all that you want for dinner. This is particularly significant for a family that incorporates multiple individuals.

The length is determined in light of the assessed number of seats. As indicated by the standards, one individual ought to have 60 cm.

How not to make a mistake when choosing a bar counter

  • It merits leaving the island or peninsular sort models. They take up a considerable amount of room and are fit for disregarding opportunities for development. For a little kitchen, a divider-mounted form or a model joined with a window ledge is great.
  • It is better to give preference to products without sharp corners to avoid bruises and other injuries.
  • The length of the countertop is determined at the rate of 50-60 cm per person. More modest values do not contribute to a comfortable location.
  • The height of the product is usually in the range of 110 to 120 cm, although other options are possible. Chairs whose seats are 30-35 cm lower than the countertop will fit the bar counter. Compliance with this rule will ensure a comfortable position for a person.
  • For a room with a little region, an open-type structure comprising a ledge and supporting components is reasonable. The shut bar counter looks amazing and jumbles up the kitchen space, in spite of the fact that it gives extra room.
  • A ledge in dull shades is unreasonable. Any soil is plainly apparent on it: dust, scraps, hints of dishes, fingerprints. For these reasons, light tones are more adequate. Likewise, they outwardly extend the limits of the room.

Disadvantages of using a bar counter in a small kitchen

  • In a limited area, there is hardly a place for both a dining table and a counter. We’ll have to choose one thing.
  • The high position of the countertop may not suit individual family members. It will be difficult and unsafe for children and the elderly to use the bar counter.
  • This model accepts the obligatory utilization of exceptional seats or stools. These items are recognized by a higher seat position over the floor level, furnished with an ottoman for comfort. In any case, such designs are considerably more costly than customary seating furniture, less agreeable, and don’t add to a long diversion.
  • Limited width and length of the countertop. In most cases, no more than three people can be accommodated at the bar at the same time.
  • The design usually occupies a certain place in the kitchen and does not imply freedom of movement in space.
  • Collapsing type models unquestionably give great space reserve funds. Nonetheless, incessant change can cause the breakage of hubs and instruments. Also, the outer layer of the rack should be totally liberated without fail.

Can I have a breakfast bar in a small kitchen?

Yes, you can use the bar counter in the small kitchen for lunch, chatting with friends over a cup of coffee, cooking ingredients, looking after children or even creating a home office. Also, you don’t need a huge kitchen to accommodate a bar counter. There are many thin and compact structures that can be easily integrated into compact rooms.

How do I incorporate a breakfast bar in a small kitchen?

If you don’t have space to add a breakfast bar to the end of your units why not utilize an empty bit of space to create a breakfast bar with two panels of worktop just like this? This design works great with an open-plan kitchen and living area as it creates a partition between both spaces.

How can I make my small kitchen more attractive?

  1. Choose slimmer cabinets. …
  2. Stick to clean lines. …
  3. Opt for a single sink. …
  4. Choose a compact dishwasher. …
  5. Pick a slimline fridge. …
  6. Integrated appliances blend in with the rest of your kitchen, usually with the same door front as the rest of the kitchen. …
  7. Use cabinet lighting. …
  8. Knock down a wall.

Can you use kitchen cabinets for a bar?

For a ready-to-assemble home bar, use kitchen cabinets. Making a bar of kitchen cabinets is a sustainable and convenient way to build a lounge area quickly that also has great storage space.

Where should a breakfast bar be placed?

If you don’t have an island or other kitchen surface to spare, consider building a standalone breakfast bar in a quiet corner away from any busy entrance or exit routes. Bring it away from the corner to accommodate extra stools and create a more sociable experience without sitting with your back to the room.

What is the overhang for a small breakfast bar?

To give room for bar stools around the breakfast bar a minimum of 30cm/12in the overhang is recommended. It is also important to allow enough room between the breakfast bar and any wall behind it for easy access, this should be about 60cm/24in.

How do I make my breakfast bar look nice?

The Best Ways to Spruce Up Your Breakfast Bar
  1. Add Funky Stools. We must say it again. …
  2. Shine Some Light On It. Grab some great light fixtures to add something special to the breakfast bar.
  3. Display Family Photos. …
  4. Keep It Colorful. …
  5. Place Flowers. …
  6. Enjoy Natural Light. …
  7. Select the Perfect Countertop. …
  8. Set Out Cute Dishes.

How big should a kitchen bar be?

How wide and deep should my breakfast bar be? Make it 28 in (71 cm) wide per seat and 24 in (61 cm) deep overall. It’s tough to comfortably fit a full place setting if the bartop isn’t at least 24 in (61 cm) deep, although 18 in (46 cm) is manageable if necessary.

How many legs does a breakfast bar need?

Any overhang over 300mm, will require some support, such as a supporting leg or base units. The example below shows a breakfast bar with the worktop supported on the ends with 2 base units. If you decided to have a deeper space under the breakfast bar, then this would be an ideal way of creating it.

What is the difference between a worktop and a breakfast bar?

The back of the worktop will be flat and square and will usually be factory-sealed against moisture by covering the bare chipboard with a length of waterproof tape. Breakfast bars have the laminate wrapped around BOTH long edges for the chipboard base.


In conclusion, designing a breakfast bar for your small kitchen can be a game-changer when it comes to both functionality and style. With careful planning and creativity, you can make the most of your limited space and create a versatile area that serves multiple purposes, from dining to socializing to working. By incorporating these bar design tips into your small kitchen, you can transform it into a welcoming and efficient hub for entertaining friends and family, all while maximizing the available space. So, whether you’re a culinary enthusiast or someone who loves to host gatherings, don’t let a small kitchen limit your entertainment possibilities – embrace the idea of a breakfast bar and watch your kitchen become the heart of your home.








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