Window in the kitchen 3 main fresh ideas

The window in the kitchen can look in different design variations. At the stage of the layout of the room or in the matter of its decoration, it is impossible to neglect the rules for the design of the opening. Subsequently, near this part of the room, you can conveniently place a work or dining area with a seating area.

Window in the kitchen
Window in the kitchen

How to use windows in kitchen design

With the help of a window opening, it is often possible to add useful space to the room. There are a lot of opportunities for organization that will become an individual highlight. You can use ideas by borrowing them from photos from famous designers.

Window in the kitchen

First option: working and dining area

Window in the kitchen

Simultaneously, the space under the opening in the kitchen can be utilized as a workspace and a spot for day by day dinners. This plan is designed with a tabletop. It is picked with the goal that it coordinates with the shade of the principle plan. The usefulness is given by drawers and storage spaces on the two sides. The window in such a kitchen is supplemented by Roman or roll-up drapes in a light shade. The functioning region ends up being adequately enlightened. Subsequently, a dimensional window ledge is made. It impeccably fits a PC and other hardware.

Window in the kitchen

An extraordinary thought to proceed with the kitchen ledge. A tremendous three-outline window makes significantly more light. The white plastic case fits with the differentiating dim earthy colored tone of the ledge. Roll-up shades look extraordinary to coordinate with the shade of the inside. They can haphazardly slide on the window, in this way making a stylish plan. High seats with impersonation wood will be advantageous for any event.

the idea of a kitchen countertop.

A new and very unusual idea. It resembles a compartment on a train. A small table in the center of the window opening and two wide armchairs on the sides. This zone is characterized by maximum comfort. Here you can have lunch, drink coffee and just have a comfortable time. The decor in the form of indoor plants on the window will not be superfluous.

The second option: a window in a complex with a corner

The sitting region in the kitchen is a strange thing. A stylish couch in the windowsill region and enlivening pads will likewise brighten the room. At the lower part of this plan there are boxes. They won’t ever be pointless in the kitchen. This choice is great for a dimensional window, or on the other hand if a kitchen with two windows is planned. The model is additionally reasonable for the plan of a corner opening. This region is planned more for a loosening up hobby and for a tidbit.

the idea of a kitchen countertop
the idea of a kitchen countertop

Even a small window can be activated in a similar way. A wooden square table and a stylish U-shaped sofa. This is an original design for kitchens combined with other rooms. A rectangular window with a massive frame will provide more light if it is not decorated with curtains. Niches under the seats are suitable for storing small items or kitchen accessories.

the idea of a kitchen countertop

A delicate corner looks intriguing in little kitchens with twofold sided windows. A little oval twofold table on one leg richly supplements the environment. Window blinds can be utilized for such a zone. It is permitted not to cover the openings if the spot is organized in a house on the subsequent floor. Shaded pads with striped decorations make the safe place more extensive and really intriguing.

the idea of a kitchen countertop

A chic kitchen in a light design. An oversized soft sofa and a large round table become mandatory attributes. Such a dining area is located in the most illuminated place. Therefore, it is not customary to hang windows in the daytime. At night, you can use roller blinds.

The third option: the continuation of the headset under the window

Quite a familiar design. It has been trending for many years. Every year there are some updates. Windows with lifting mechanism are in fashion today. It is customary to place kitchen furniture with shallow niches under their window sill. The top is complemented by a countertop to match the main one. To hide this area from street views, you can use two short curtains. They are hung on a cornice placed in the middle of the opening.

Window in the kitchen
Window in the kitchen

Standard-sized windows are introduced in little kitchens. This implies that there is too little space for furniture position. Thusly, you can expand the ledge in the windowsill region. The window will fit indoor plants, a little sink and simply a table. This plan is impeccably joined with beige Roman drapes.

A little couch under the windowsill with cushions is intended for unwinding. It is additionally advantageous to peruse and take care of business here. The spot ends up being very enlightened and comfortable. All the more frequently, a delicate seat is made to open. You can store something inside such a stool.

Window in the kitchen

The main advantages of window washing

Window in the kitchen

You can place the sink at the window only after studying all the advantages of this design. Many people believe that this will help to save useful space. Others believe that such a design is less demanding in care. It is important to remember the following points:

  • Nice appearance. The structure is an interesting area. While washing dishes, you can simultaneously enjoy a pleasant view outside the window.
  • Good lighting. Working during the day in this area, you will not need additional artificial light. The sink is perfectly illuminated, and if necessary, if necessary, this light is regulated by curtains.
  • Space saving. In small kitchens, the question always arises where to place the washing area. It is best to do this at the opening. So the window sill will be usefully operated. This design option is also suitable for combined rooms.
  • The possibility of installing a wide sink. The wide window sill allows you to install a massive sink or even embed it into the countertop. Thus, additional space and convenience are obtained.
  • How interesting the design can be depends on the design. Usually it is made of marble or ceramics. Less often, stainless steel sink models are built in.
Window in the kitchen
Window in the kitchen

Window in the kitchen significant disadvantages of the sink

Window in the kitchen

Despite the advantages of placing the sink under the window, this design also has impressive disadvantages:

  • The need to wash windows. Because of the splashes that fall from the dishes during washing, stains form on the glasses. It looks ugly. Therefore, it is necessary to perform preventive glass washing daily.
  • No dryer. Usually there is a cupboard with a dish dryer above the sink. You can’t hang it in this area. Therefore, a space nearby will be used for this purpose.
  • The inconvenience of airing. Usually the sashes of the frame open downwards, this interferes with the mixer. In this case, you will have to move the mixer to the side or order a model with a different mechanism.
  • Supply of communications. When transferring the sink under the window, it is necessary to transport the entire water and sewer system together.

Placing a sink near the window is a great idea. It is acceptable in houses and apartments regardless of the area of the room. Usually this design makes a certain emphasis in the interior.

Window in the kitchen
Window in the kitchen

We design a window in the kitchen: decor, textiles and much more

Kitchen windows are decorated in different ways. Indoor plants become the main attribute of the decor. They are acceptable only if the window sill is free.

the idea of a kitchen countertop

Perennials look great on a narrow windowsill. These plants are usually small in height. Such decoration can be supplemented with LED-illumination. This design will be ideal for windows with perfectly clean glasses.

the idea of a kitchen countertop

Chic lambrequins right under the ceiling. A dark kitchen looks perfect with a light window. Interesting waves, complemented by ruffles and hangers. Rough sewing of curtains and a checkered motif are perfectly combined with each other. Create additional notes in the design.

the idea of a kitchen countertop

Kitchen window with roller blinds. This design is still in trend. A light brown or coffee shade creates additional warmth in the room. As a decoration, you can use Hand-Made crafts


the idea of a kitchen countertop

You can design large frames not only with blinds, but also with curtains with interesting ornaments. You can make an accent with a vintage stand with curly legs. It is customary to put various decor on such shelves: flowers, figurines.

Kitchen with panoramic window

Such kitchens usually have a large area. They are equipped in country houses. In the area opposite the windows, it is advisable to place bar counters or long countertops. For dimensional window openings, you need to choose the right style. The kitchen should look rich both outside and inside.

Kitchen window

Gigantic windows open up life inside the kitchen. Thusly, it is important to appropriately move toward the association of the inside. The genuine thought is to make two unique zones in a single room. The cooking region with a focal hood gives the kitchen volume and rich style. The eating region is made in beige. The kitchen set makes an apparent differentiation against the foundation of dull all encompassing windows.

Kitchen window

The splendid plan of the kitchen is adequately supplemented by a dull ledge. This impact doesn’t obscure the room. The enlightenment is remunerated by normal light through all encompassing windows. In the focal point of such a kitchen, curiously large feasting tables are put. They are completely apparent from the roads, so the air stays rich and special.

Advantages and disadvantages of a kitchen with a window

The variation of the kitchen set under the opening is uncommon. Most proprietors attempt to make the window opening available. There are houses in which there is no window by any means. It is standard to consider every one of the benefits and inconveniences of kitchen spaces with admittance to regular streetlamp. First with regards to the professionals:

  • The kitchen turns out to be light and delicate, even if a darkened design is chosen.
  • An additional space is formed. It can be used for any useful purposes.
  • Simultaneous organization of a workplace and a dining place.
  • The window opening can be used as an excellent source of decor.
  • You can use a variety of technologies in the design of the frame and window sill.
  • The opportunity to create your own living area
Kitchen window

As for the disadvantages of a kitchen with a window, they include:

  • The need for regular cleaning. The light in the room will give out all the contaminated places.
  • It is inconvenient to perform washing and cleaning, and to hang blinds. The discomfort is created by the kitchen set.
  • Purchase of furniture to order. There are no ready-made countertops and cabinets on sale. It is necessary to order according to the appropriate sizes.

Purchase of furniture to order. There are no ready-made countertops and cabinets on sale. It is necessary to order according to the appropriate sizes.

Kitchen window

Each owner will find individual pros and cons for himself. In a small apartment, the design of a kitchen with a window should be interesting and appropriate to the needs of the owners.



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