What style to choose for the living room in 2021?

Interior design has more than five thousand years, during which time the basic concepts of architecture, furniture, and decor elements have constantly changed, forming entire schools and trends, references to which can be found in modern interior design.

The history of interior styles exactly repeats the history of human culture itself. There are several common forms.

Initially, the appearance of interior design appeared from the desire of a person to decorate their place of residence.

The history of interior design is associated with the development of artistic styles, influenced by cultural traditions and customs, as well as the availability of scientific inventions, events in the economy, politics, and social life.

The most complete gear of the insides is addressed in the way of life of Ancient Egypt (4500-633 BC). Numerous things have been made due to our time because of climatic conditions. Effectively in the most old-time of Egyptian culture, the fundamental types of the table, stool, sweat, and chest were worked out.

The antiquated Greeks (2000-30 BC) applied to the improvement of the principle Egyptian types of furniture their own longing for effortlessness and cautious elaboration of the structure. Traditional Greek orders and adornments were subsequently embraced by the Romans and afterward spread all through the socialized world.

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Design history and styles

The historical backdrop of the inside has in excess of 5,000 years, during which time the fundamental ideas of engineering, furniture, beautiful components have continually changed, framing entire schools and patterns, references to which can be found in the current inside plan.

The history of inside plan styles is actually equivalent to the historical backdrop of the human culture. There are a few normal structures.

Traditionally, the living room was a place to receive guests. But in modern homes in this room, you can often find the owners themselves, who relax after a working day in front of the TV, read books from the home library or spend time with the family. To create a favorable environment for any type of activity, you need to take into account many aspects of the design of the living room, which will be discussed in this article.

Interior style

First of all, you should start with the choice of style. This is an extremely important stage: the design of the entire house depends on it, the center of which is considered to be the living room. Weigh all the advantages and disadvantages of the space, the area, the location of the windows, the height of the ceiling, as well as the layout to decide on the ideal option.



Characteristic features of the Art Nouveau style

“Modern” is translated from English as modern, up-to-date, fashionable. The style is simple and lacks strict criteria, but it has the following properties:
So, Art Nouveau is a bright style that combines eclectic trends and ecological ones. It combines calm moods with bright, flashy details.

Art Deco

Art Deco

Characteristic features of the Art Deco style

Then Art Nouveau was transformed into Art deco. This is the epitome of luxury, but at the same time restraint. This is a combination of opposites, which, in the end, create a harmonious whole. The colors used for the art deco are mostly cold and restrained, gray, black and white palette, brown, beige predominate. At the same time, the style allows for the presence of bright accents: gold, silver, crimson, red, yellow. In this case, you should rely on the idea of the designer.
The furniture is mostly simple and restrained, using wood and metal. From the jewelry, choose a decor that is close to ancient Greece, and combine it with elements of modernity.

Classic style

Classic style

Characteristic features of the classic style style

A classic-style living room will never lose its relevance, and in 2021, classics are one of the most used trends. Classics can be divided into two categories: authentic; modern.
Authentic classics embody the source. Here we will see the heavy fabrics typical of the classics, luxury, and an abundance of yellow-gold color combinations. For window decoration, use curtains and lambrequins with simple tulle. Buy heavy furniture, preferably made of natural wood. Best suited oak, beech, ash. It can be either simple or carved. A fireplace will perfectly fit into the interior of a classic living room.
Modern classics reflect elements of new styles that they have come into contact with within the course of their evolution. Here we will see elements of minimalism, art Nouveau, art deco, and even loft. Modern classics are simple and restrained, with clear and smooth lines. Use wallpaper with unobtrusive drawings and simple furniture for it. There is no place for luxury and pomposity, simplicity, and restraint to prevail.

modern classic living room style


Characteristic features of the Loft style

Characteristic features of the Loft style

The loft is a modern solution for people who love simplicity and freedom. It appeared in the 50s in America in old technical buildings. Accordingly, it has somewhat rough features.
The walls in this style are often monotonously painted with dark paint. Furniture is chosen simple and even rough. As lamps, they find copies that are stylized as technical lighting in factories. The color scheme varies from hospital white to dark colors, as in the workshop.

Ideas at the stage of major repairs

If you have already selected one of the presented styles, but the basis for the repair is not yet ready, then you should check whether all the conditions are created for creating the selected style.

If you have already selected one of the presented styles, but the basis for the repair is not yet ready, then you should check whether all the conditions are created for creating the selected style.

Raising the ceiling

If you are making repairs in a small living room, then you should think about ways to increase the space in advance. One of them is to raise the ceiling. There are several ways to do this.

  • Light colors in the design. The most successful option will be white paint, decorative plaster, or wallpaper. Also, the cold blue color will do well with this task.
  • Mirror surfaces. Stretch ceilings made of PVC film will help to visually increase the space, but mirror modules will lead to the opposite effect.
  • The location of the light. To increase the space, draw attention from the center of the ceiling by placing spotlights around the perimeter. Of course, you should give up chandeliers and volumetric lamps.

Wall decoration

Remember one important rule – the walls must be perfectly aligned. This rule especially works when you plan to cover the walls with light paint. Also, do not forget to take care of good waterproofing and insulation. An excellent modern solution will be a niche in the wall to hide the heating elements.

When choosing a color, you need to consider:

  • natural light intensity and window size;
  • the color of the design of the furniture set and upholstery;
  • selected interior style;
  • the size of the living room.

Choosing a floor covering

Just like the walls, the floor must be leveled for any finishing finish.
After leveling and laying the underfloor heating, proceed to the selection and flooring of the finishing coating. We offer several options. The best option for any style will be laminate and tile.

What material to choose for the living room floor

Choosing a floor in the living room, you need to choose a material that will not only fit into the style of the room but will also be resistant to impact:

  • temperature and humidity, when spilled drinks, installing a heater;
  • physical impact, since the room is passable;
  • easy to use, do not require special procedures from the hostess;
  • harmless, non-slip, eco-friendly.

The next option is parquet. This is a natural wood that looks noble and luxurious. However, its price matches the appearance, which stops most buyers.

Living room doors

To create a full-fledged entourage of style, make the doors in the spirit of the chosen direction. For the classics, it can be a carved work, for art deco and Art Nouveau, a wooden door with metal elements.
Do not forget that the opening must be made with great accuracy. Accordingly, the alignment of the walls plays a role here.

Selection criteria

For many people, when choosing interior doors to the hall, the price is in the first place. If your budget is limited, then you should choose plastic or wooden doors. For those who want beauty and luxury at any price, it is worth ordering doors made of natural wood.
The design of interior doors to the hall should fit harmoniously into the overall style of your interior. Color plays an important role. In the modern market, there are doors with any pattern and different shades. You should choose the most suitable option for you.
All interior doors in your apartment should be made of the same material, be the same color, and have the same processing. Consider the size of the opening when choosing products. Classic models are a little cheaper. When ordering products for individual sizes, the price will increase.
Be sure to pay attention to the reputation of the company you trust to buy and install doors. Cheap interior canvases will spoil the beauty of your hall with scratches and peeling paint. Whether you need such a hassle, you must decide for yourself. Main functions of the door in the living room:

  • safety;
  • sound insulation and thermal insulation;
  • design.

Living room lighting

The lighting system must be thought out at the planning stage since it is necessary to create an electrical system for this. Naturally, all the wires are hidden in the wall. Therefore, take care of the high-quality waterproofing of the wires.
The lighting in the living room should be multifunctional, and one lamp can not do here. Buy lamps for good and bright lighting, which may be needed when sitting with friends or meeting relatives. Also make spotlighting that will create an intimate, relaxed atmosphere.

What to consider when planning the lighting in the living room?

Lighting is the largest room that can be decorated by applying a chic chandelier. But, before you think about the design, you should consider some points:

  • Dark spots will appear in the corners of the ceiling if there is only one chandelier or another lighting device in the living room.
  • There should be at least two light sources, otherwise,
  • it will be quite dark in such a spacious room.
  • The chandelier can be hung over the dining table or over a place where they study correspondence or engage in creativity.
  • To create a local lighting area, you can use spotlights.
  • The light in the living room should be soft, preferably warm, not cold.
  • Spotlighting looks perfect on the multi-level ceiling in the living room.

Living room furniture

The only mandatory element for the living room should be the seating area. This can be a sofa, an ottoman, armchairs, chairs, or small sofas. Choose the rest of the furniture depending on: personal needs; style; functionality.
It is better to arrange the furniture so that the large details that require attention are located in the middle of the hall, and the rest is placed in the distance. But try not to clutter up the living room with extra furniture. The more free space, the better.
In the arrangement of the living room, each item is of great importance. You can’t just force the space with furniture and hope that the interior will be cozy. It is important to take into account many nuances, due to which the design will look harmonious.

Color scheme

The color scheme depends on the chosen style, the size of the room, and your own preferences. Each style has its own acceptable palette, however, each of them can offer a design in both light and dark colors.
Study in detail the features of the chosen style, decide what shades of there are acceptable to you, and get down to business. Do not forget about the existence of a color circle that will help you create the right and harmonious combinations.

Color Features

For the colors to fit harmoniously into your room, it is very important to take into account the features of the hall layout, the placement of furniture, and the desired style in the interior. Color solutions in the design of the living room should not be random. Usually, 1-3 options are chosen as the base colors. However, they can look very different depending on what accents emphasize them.
It is important to keep in mind the size of the room you are decorating. If you have a very small living room, designers advise you to furnish it in light colors-milk, beige, pink, yellow, pale blue and other pastel colors are suitable. This will allow you to visually expand the room, make the hall more spacious and bright. If you have a large room, then pale colors, on the contrary, should be chosen with caution: such an interior can be boring and impersonal, so it is better to allow yourself more saturated colors in the decoration. If you want bright walls, try to diversify the color scheme with furniture and accessories.

Try to avoid pure colors in the interior – white, black, scarlet, bright blue, or green. Instead, you should give preference to more complex composite shades. For example, interiors in beige, warm gray, brick, turquoise, and olive tones are now in fashion. By themselves, the composite shades will make the environment more interesting and refined. Clean bright colors in the living room are possible only in the form of small accents.
If you are finishing the walls in two or three colors, think about how they will be combined with the furniture. If you want to highlight a light piece of furniture, put it against a dark wall, and if you want to emphasize dark furniture, place it on a light background. Sometimes in the interior, it makes sense to make the furniture as inconspicuous as possible – the cabinet against the background of the wall tone-to-tone can look very interesting.
Color solutions in the living room can be very diverse. Combinations of the most unpredictable shades are now in fashion. So, the hall in brown tones can be varied with lilac, mint, or red spots, and blue walls can be perfectly combined with beige furniture. Emerald shades of green, fuchsia, pistachio shades, cool shades of pink, beige and rich purple are also in fashion. For a successful interior, it is important to decide which shades will be the main ones, and which ones should be left for small details.

Designers do not recommend combining too many different colors in the decoration of one room. In a small living room, one or two shades for the walls will be enough, in a spacious room, you can add a third color. If you are not sure how to choose the shades, you can use the tables of ready-made harmonious combinations, but there is a risk that they will not exactly reflect the color of your paint or wallpaper. Therefore, it is better to take samples in the store and combine them – so you can choose a good option from your own experience, gradually narrowing the range of suitable colors.

Modern ideas for a living room of different sizes

the living room

Interior of a small living room

Tips for decorating a modern small living room.
1. Use light colors. White, beige, light pink, mint, blue will perfectly cope with increasing the space in a small living room.
2. Raise the ceiling. Possible methods have been mentioned above.
3. Use spotlighting. With the help of color, you can also visually increase the space and make it lighter.
4. Choose a minimalist style. This criterion is met not only by minimalism but also by many styles that have adopted this trend.

Interior design options for a large living room

the living room

It seems that everything is easier with the design of a spacious living room. However, there are even more errors here.
For a large room, you can use any of the styles you like. But remember that even if there is maximalism in modern trends, it is definitely not worth forcing the living room with a lot of furniture or junk.
The space of the living room is determined not only by its dimensions but also by the ratio of free and occupied areas, which should be more than 1: 1.
Another important aspect of small living rooms is a spacious window. For an apartment, it is desirable to have two large windows, and for a house – three, while it is better if they are not on the same wall. If the size of the room allows, you can exit to the terrace or balcony. The panoramic glazing along the entire wall looks spectacular and beautiful. Usually, it can be applied to a house or cottage, and when choosing an apartment, this issue is already agreed upon with the developer.