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We paint old furniture and inspire a new life

We paint old furniture and inspire a new life – a design technique that attracts with its relative cheapness and fast results. With the help of inexpensive paint and simple tools, you can refresh the color, fix surface defects or effectively transform old objects. We understand how to paint furniture at home, what are the rules for surface preparation, and how to choose the right paint.

When coloring makes sense

  • The country’s furnishings has to be updated. The majority of country sets come with dated furniture in various styles and colors. The renovation will assist unify the decor and make it more aesthetically pleasing and comfortable.
  • It’s unfortunate to discard the old headset. Many kits from the Soviet era that have been left over are strong and can last for more than a dozen years. However, the objects themselves appear outdated and their surface has long since lost its appeal; restoration and painting (perhaps with a color change) will assist extend their lives.
We paint old furniture and inspire a new life
  • A vintage chest of drawers or a rare wardrobe have been passed down to the house. Although it is far from flawless, antique furniture is valuable for its authentic appearance, which is frequently more refined than contemporary ones. A skillful restoration will completely change the old item, turning it into an adornment for any living area or bedroom.
  • You’re not mentally prepared for a comprehensive repair, but I want to freshen the inside. Point adjustments are applied in this situation. They frequently paint one wall a different color, use it as a highlight, and buy new lighting and textiles. Repainting the furniture in a fresh, occasionally unexpected hue is a stunning method to make a dramatic change. When a brown cabinet is painted white or olive, the room is completely changed.
  • I wish to alter the fashion. When attempting to use old notes to embellish the interior, artificial aging of facades is used (for example, Provence or shabby chic). A particular painting technique transforms a cabinet or chest of drawers into an antique-looking item. There are numerous techniques to create a beautiful layer with noble cracks.
We paint old furniture and inspire a new life

What we paint: getting ready for the process

Determine what material you will be working with before asking yourself how to paint furniture a new color. Solid wood furniture is quite uncommon, but painting a prepared hardwood surface is not difficult. The only issue that might occur after painting or varnishing is an increase in the pile. After the initial priming, the coating is sanded to prevent it.

The requirement for modernizing Soviet-era products constructed of chipboard and MDF is more frequent. You should prepare a respirator, gloves, and ventilation before working with them. The kind of chipboard depends on the direction of movement:

  • Dicat. Anda dapat menghapus lapisan cat (serta pernis) dengan pelarut; ditambah, Anda harus menghabiskan bahan kimia karena prosedur ini akan memakan waktu lebih dari satu jam. There are many options for applying spatula and penetrating rambut.
  • Dipernis. Consuming older pernis products is more painful than using newer ones. Pernis is handled in a few laps in accordance with technology, and thorough explanations can take a lot of time. If there are more kerusakan and goresan in the area, it will be easier to memoles while maintaining the original color of the warning.
  • Dilaminasi. Modern production uses chipboard furniture manufacturing technology. Permukaan was sealed with a polymer film that included an extremely old and reliable lapis. There is a significant risk that the primary raw material could be damaged throughout the laborious process of processing goods made of chipboard.

We paint old furniture and inspire a new life
  • Kashirovannaya. Caching procedures involve applying decorative film, building materials based on kertas or domba, and lem to chipboard or MDF. Lapisan kertas is the most difficult to andalkan; it is not only difficult to membersih it, but it is also necessary to hapus lapisan perekat. After shedding the lem, the bent was eager to introduce fresh decorations.
  • Veneer. The high-quality alternative product for goods made from kayu alami padat is chipboard that has been damaged by kayu alami veneer. Restaurations are only carried out using bantuan noda and pernis because the decorative lapisan is not blocked off.
We paint old furniture and inspire a new life

Persiapan permukaan

All of the following steps—or just part of them—might be necessary throughout the preparation process:

  • mold drying and eradication. The paint will only adhere to dry wood, and if the ancient cabinet has spent many years in a barn, you cannot do without them. Mold-affected parts on the surface are cleaned with water, dried, and then sanded. Finally, an antifungal medication is applied to the tree, encircling the surrounding areas.
  • tying up of knots. Almost all new wood has this issue. The knots release resin, causing the paint to not adhere tightly. A spatula is used to scrape away the resin, and a technical hairdryer can be used to warm up the knot’s location. After that, the area is treated with cellulose (or ammonia) solvent and sanded with sandpaper.
We paint old furniture and inspire a new life
  • taking off the coating. The original coating (varnish, paint, etc.) is removed using sandpaper if it can still be seen in some places. Heating with a professional hairdryer and then scraping with a spatula will assist if it is broken or peeling off. With a paint coating removal preparation, the varnish can be pre-softened.
  • Putty. It is required to level the surface and get rid of chips and fissures. There are imperfections in a water-based specialty putty for wood. The application site is then meticulously sanded with fine-grained sandpaper.
  • Degreasing. The wooden surface should not only be dry and smooth, but also clean, without grease stains or traces of resin. Extraction gasoline or a nitrous solvent will help to wash off the dirt.
  • Primer. It reduces the consumption of paint, preventing it from being absorbed into the wooden base, and at the same time improves the adhesion (adhesion) of the layers. Before applying the primer (a colorless primer for wood or drying oil is suitable), the surface is cleaned with a brush or vacuum cleaner.
We paint old furniture and inspire a new life

What is the best way to repaint furniture

The selection of paint and varnish goods available in the building industry is astounding. The owner of an antique cabinet must first choose the composition before selecting how to paint chipboard furniture at home in white (or any other color).

If you merely want to tint the material, you can use a stain (usually it is chosen for veneered furniture). There are two ways to apply the varnish. The final coat is typically the lacquer, which strengthens and waterproofs the lower ornamental layer. Varnish, like wax, can be used on its own, preserving the organic hardwood texture.

We paint old furniture and inspire a new life

Varnishes for wood come in a variety of drying times, wear resistance levels, and aesthetic effects that can be produced. Another significant distinction is the degree of gloss and the requirement for a base primer. Matte and glossy varnishes, as well as transparent and colorful varnishes, are differentiated based on appearance.

A few popular wood varnishes are polyurethane, oil, alkyd compounds, acrylic, and nitrolaks. Based on the goals of the design and the peculiarities of the hardwood substrate, the lacquer composition is selected.

Paint, unlike varnish, is used if it is necessary to hide the structure of wood. If, for example, the problem of how to paint furniture white at home is being solved, then this means that the color of the furniture item will be completely changed. The rule is violated if it is necessary to reproduce a touch of antiquity; in this case, part of the paint layer is removed in various ways.

We paint old furniture and inspire a new life

A variety of colors

In the construction industry, there is an unlimited variety of paint colors. If no shade suits your needs, you can always use tinting, a technology that enables you to achieve the required tone. Self-tinting has drawbacks since it makes it difficult to duplicate the same shade of color if there is not enough paint.

The surface type has varying gloss levels depending on the composition used: matte, semi-matte (satin, silky-matte), and glossy. The following dyes can be used to decorate furniture:

  • Oil. The paint forms a dense matte layer on the surface, the shade is saturated. A significant disadvantage is a long drying time, multiplied by an unpleasant smell that lasts for some time after drying. It is better to work with an oil composition on the street or in an uninhabited room.
We paint old furniture and inspire a new life
  • Acrylic. Acrylic paints for furniture are often matte and closely resemble natural hues. A water-based acrylic formulation will be the best option for anyone interested in learning how to spray-paint chipboard furniture white. It won’t smell bad and will dry rapidly without any negative effects on health. You’ll need a composition with higher adhesion to paint chipboard, and you shouldn’t dilute it with water.
  • Alkyd (enamel) (enamel). Alkyd enamel is safe, inexpensive to use, and it does not deteriorate over time. The surface immediately dries and becomes shiny. If the furniture has metal components, rusting won’t affect them. The fragrance of new paint is distinctive.
  • Latex (silicone). Water-based paint with artificial latex in the composition is eco-friendly, UV-resistant, dries quickly (within an hour). The composition is often used for the restoration of furniture made of veneer. The disadvantage is its high cost, as well as the need for careful surface preparation before application.
We paint old furniture and inspire a new life

Principles of paint selection

The location where furniture will be used is seen to be a key selection factor. This viewpoint leads to the selection of water-based compositions for the residential setting. They are safe for human health, abrasion-resistant, and allow the surface they are painted on to “breathe.”

If a newly restored sofa or armchair is intended to be placed on an open veranda, they handle it differently. The decision is reached in favor of paints with high elasticity after weighing the many possibilities for painting a chipboard chest of drawers in white. Paints made from drying oil (oil) might be a good option, but they take a long time to cure and the oil coating may split as a result of exposure to sunlight.

We paint old furniture and inspire a new life

Alkyd-oil and alkyd are two further high-elastic compositions that are appropriate for street furniture. Water-based wood dyes are also suited for outdoor use; they are eco-friendly and maintain the layer’s integrity over variations in temperature and humidity.

With acrylic, oil, or alkyd paint, home furnishings are repainted. Although the composition based on drying oil is inexpensive, it is best to use it for work with a retro aesthetic. Acrylic paint is regarded as the best overall, and alkyd enamel outperforms it in terms of price-quality ratio and serves as the ideal middle ground.

We paint old furniture and inspire a new life

How to paint correctly: secrets of painting and decor

We paint old furniture . Step-by-step instructions on how to paint old furniture white contain all the necessary processes, from surface cleaning and paint selection to painting techniques. However, crucial particulars that streamline the procedure and enhance the end result are frequently missed. Without a doubt, the following advice will be helpful:

  • Stocking up on numerous brushes in various sizes is a good idea (thickness). With a spray gun, it is simple to manage a broad area and ornamental components.
  • Smooth strokes are used to paint the wooden surface along the fibers, and the brush is lowered into the jar no more than a third of the way.
  • If there are any accessories (handles, locks, etc.) on the furniture’s front, they are covered with mounting tape or removed during painting.
We paint old furniture and inspire a new life
  • When painting a chair, for example, aerosol paint is inefficiently applied. However, using adornments or decorative components is practical. With an aerosol, the color is sprayed to minor details more quickly and uniformly than with a brush.
  • The wooden surface can be decorated with a pattern using spray paint and a stencil. A plastic lace napkin, for instance, works well as a stencil.
  • Furniture in the retro or provençal design can be embellished with ornamental foam or polyurethane stucco. On wood, the decor is glued in place, and once the glue has dried, the product is painted.
  • Masking tape is a helpful tool for the workplace. It will prevent additional dye from getting on the painted surface.
We paint old furniture and inspire a new life

Briefly about the main thing

We paint old furniture in a new hope can give it a new vitality. This approach works well if you want to upgrade a worn-out interior without running and repairing. Before painting furniture, it is important to prepare and determine the type of surface.

As a multi-step process, preparation is not something that should be forced. We paint old furniture made using various paint and varnish materials. The stain stains the material, and the procedure is completed with varnish and wax. The paint, which is the main component, is selected based on its performance characteristics. Pre-seal all surface defects to ensure uniform application of the adhesive, and work in well-lit areas.

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