Unique bathrooms: the best photo ideas for renovation. The modern design of the bathroom in the apartment: selection of finishing materials and styles. Design options for large and small bathrooms.

Original ideas for the bathroom interior: photos of ready-made options. Bathroom interior design: the best photo ideas for renovation. The modern design of the bathroom in the apartment: selection of finishing materials and styles.

unique bathrooms

Healing features of unique bathrooms

A unique bathroom in the modern sense is a combined room where a bathtub, toilet, and other items of plumbing and furniture are installed.

The combined bathroom gives a wide space not only for design solutions but also a sufficient area for their implementation.

unique bathrooms

If the bathroom and toilet in your apartment are separated by a partition, they can be dismantled, provided that the integrity of the supporting structures of the building is preserved. The time spent in this case will pay off with a stunning interior of your bathroom.

When choosing a bathroom design, you need to familiarize yourself with all modern style trends. This will help you to see the most successful layout options, a and arrangement of plumbing and furniture, to decide on color solutions. A great option is to view ready–made bathroom designs in various interior styles.

Unine bathrooms

Hi-tech bathroom

The design of the bathroom in the hi-tech style can be described as high-tech. It is suitable for those who love the most modern, multifunctional, and minimalistic.

Unique bathrooms

Characteristics of the bathroom in this style:

  • The plumbing is equipped with the most modern technologies – a suspended toilet with lighting, a tap with a touch sensor and a multifunctional shower cabin.
  • The presence of auxiliary equipment – built-in speakers with relaxing sounds or music, temperature sensors, and automatic air fresheners.
Unique bathrooms
  • The furniture is minimalistic, with strict geometric shapes. Ergonomics is important.
  • The lighting is hidden or spotted. Neon lighting behind the plumbing or under it will perfectly fit into the hi-tech bathroom to create the effect of “floating” objects.
  • The colors are restrained, not bright, but at the same time catchy (graphite, black, metallic, white, neon blue). Combinations of different shades of black and white give the effect of monochrome, while not making the bathroom monotonous.
Unique bathrooms
  • Unique bathrooms are distinguished by smooth glossy countertops, metal faucets, and holders, and glass elements.
  • The decor in the design of such a bathroom is hidden in functional details – chrome towel holders, unusual lighting, and a partition made of glass blocks. A cool and technological interior can be diluted with a green plant or a delicate flower in a vase.
Unique bathrooms

At first glance, such a bathroom interior requires considerable financial costs. But if you adhere to the basic criteria regarding finishing, you can achieve an excellent imitation of the high-tech style.

Scandinavian-style bathroom decoration

Unique bathrooms in authentic Scandinavian style are the best solution for lovers of minimalism and naturalness. This style of the interior has been relevant for several years in a row, and this trend will continue for the coming years.

Unique bathrooms
Unique bathrooms

The Scandinavian interior is different:

Light color scheme. The main color is white, but other light shades are added to it (gray, ivory, and natural wood ccolor). Contrasts between the design of the walls, the color of the plumbing, and the furniture should be minimal.

  • Using white tiles and black grout. Monochrome looks great in small bathrooms.
  • The presence of natural materials or their imitations. The modern solution in this case is floor tiles for wood. It can move smoothly from the floor to the walls, creating a whole perception of the interior.
Unique bathrooms
  • Retro details like floor toilets, bronzed fittings, and lamps-sconces of unusual shape.
  • A small number of small details, decor, and furniture. Scandinavian is one of the most minimalistic interior styles, and this should not be forgotten.
  • Space saving and ergonomics of plumbing. A striking example is a shower cabin instead of a spacious bathtub.

Loft bathroom in a modern incarnation

Conservatism and loft are incompatible concepts. The design of the bathroom in this style should be as industrial and ultramodern as possible. At the same time, it is not necessary to follow the concept of loft space literally – it is enough to use a number of distinctive features of the style without disturbing the comfort and coziness of the living space.

Unique bathrooms

To create a loft-style bathroom, you need:

  • Add concrete and rough textures to the walls and ceiling surfaces – tiles with imitation concrete coating will perfectly cope with this task.
  • Create a combination of modern plumbing with retro details (Edison light bulbs, a baguette frame for a mirror, and stylized cabinets).
  • Emphasize the technical aspects of the room, and leave pipes and communications in sight. To make the bathroom interior more decorative, you can place a heated towel rail in the form of a bronzed pipe or add beams to the ceiling at a sufficient height.
  • Stick to the dark tones of the walls, ceiling, and floor decoration, diluting them with lighter and more natural shades of furniture, plumbing, and decor.
Unique bathrooms
  • Use different types of lighting. Ideally, unusual sconce lamps or a light bulb hanging from the ceiling should be combined with a window in a massive frame. But in the realities of modern high-rise buildings, spot ceiling lighting with decorative bulbs is also suitable.
Unique bathrooms
Unique bathrooms

The design of a loft-style bathroom is characterized by the use of unusual decor. These can be inscriptions on the walls, pictures with futuristic images in frames, a birdcage for storing cosmetics, or even an old chest. This style must necessarily reflect the character of the owner of the room, and his creativity.

Unique bathrooms

Modern bathroom

The Art Nouveau style came to us from England. That is why the bathroom interior in this style combines smooth geometric lines, restraint of shades, ergonomics, and elegance.

Unique bathrooms

Characteristic features of the Art Nouveau style in the bathroom:

  • Furniture – with smooth geometric lines, but with rounded corners. Cabinets, shelves, and plumbing fit seamlessly into the interior, leaving enough free space.
  • The decoration of the walls, floors, and ceiling is light, and soft. The shades are as close to natural as possible, it is allowed to add gilded details, and floral patterns.
  • The presence of a window is a big plus of such a bathroom. Natural lighting combined with light shades of the interior visually increases the space, making it light. The window can be replaced with a large mirror in a massive frame.
Unique bathrooms
  • The lighting is abundant, and close to nature.
  • The presence of a bathtub, a shower cabin, and a toilet, as well as two sinks in one room. This is an authentic version of the design of the bathroom in the Art Nouveau style. For small spaces, such placement is problematic – it is worth choosing the most ergonomic plumbing.
  • Decor in the form of textiles, candles, rugs, classic chandeliers, and sconces.
Unique bathrooms

Properly implemented modern bathroom design in the Art Nouveau style will look at the same time simple, cozy and luxurious. A great solution for fans of classic design techniques and modern plumbing solutions.

French style in the bathroom interior

Unique bathrooms are gentle, airy, and romantic – this is how you can characterize a classic French interior. A bathroom in this style will calm your nerves after a hard day and set you up in a positive way in the morning.

Unique bathrooms

To achieve such an atmosphere in the bathroom, pay attention to:

  • Bathroom decoration in pastel colors. No flashy colors and eye–catching contrasts – only white, beige, pink, blue, and lavender shades. Accents can be placed using bronze, gold, silver, or black elements.
  • High-quality, environmentally friendly materials. Wooden floor, plastered or tiled walls, wooden furniture.
  • The use of antique furniture (or its good styling) – a little shabby paint on the bedside table and a vintage mirror frame will give the bathroom a special charm.
  • Plumbing of simple classical forms, without sharp corners, complemented by antique fittings.
  • The lighting is close to natural. It is worth choosing vintage lighting fixtures, and chandeliers with crystal elements.
  • The decor will add comfort to the interior of the French bath – tulle on the window, a monochrome curtain for the bath, towels with a floral pattern, and a woven rug. Fresh flowers, candles, and forged elements fit perfectly into such an interior.
Unique bathrooms

Unique bathrooms The design of the French bathroom is ideal for lovers of classic bright interiors.

Country style for the bathroom

The country is considered a rustic style. Ecological materials, natural colors, maximum simplicity, and comfort are its distinctive features. Despite this, even in an ordinary apartment, you can create a country-style bathroom interior.

Unique bathrooms

Characteristic features of the bathroom in this style:

  • Simple functional solutions, the absence of unnecessary elements of plumbing and furniture.
  • Natural materials – you can’t do without wood, high-quality textiles here. Do not use plastic or a large amount of metal.
  • Colors close to natural. These can be either light shades (blue, green, beige, yellow) or dark wood colors.
  • Imitation of stone or rough brickwork on one of the walls will help to give the bathroom design authenticity.
  • Vintage or antique-styled furniture will also give the room the right atmosphere.
  • The lighting is simple. A chandelier and several sconces in the necessary places, and candles for decoration. If there is a window in the room, it should not be closed, natural light will also be on hand in this case.
  • Decor in the form of “rustic” photos and paintings, textiles, and fresh flowers will help make the room cozy.
Unique bathrooms

Country style in a modern bathroom will help to move away from minimalistic urban trends, and make the apartment cozy and harmonious.

Black and white bathroom

The monochrome design does not always turn out to be simple and boring. An interesting combination of black and white details can play into the hands even in a small room.

Unique bathrooms
Unique bathrooms

For a black-and-white bath, such techniques are relevant:

  • white top, the black bottom is an excellent solution for bathrooms with low ceilings (this technique can concern both the color of the plumbing and the design of the walls and floor);
  • a checkerboard tile on one of the walls or floor will give highlight to the simplest interior;
  • on a very small area, it is better to use a white design, while adding contrasting black details – faucets, heated towel rail, mirror frame, textiles;
  • black plumbing always looks unusual and expensive;
  • the combination of black and white marble on the bathroom surfaces will not look boring due to the interesting structure of the stone.

Monochrome can be diluted with gold-plated or chrome-plated plumbing elements. Shades close to black and white will perfectly fit into the interior in the form of textiles.

On a note! The aquamarine color of the shower stall in the bathroom, lined with light tiles, will create visual depth. This shade is considered the most suitable for modern interior styles.

Bathroom without toilet: 5 best ideas

Unique bathrooms if you decide to leave a separate bathroom in your apartment, the scope for design solutions will not decrease. We offer you some of the most successful solutions for a bathroom without a toilet:

  • A bathtub in the center (if the size of the room allows it) will give a chic note to the design of the room.
  • A shower cabin combined with a wide pedestal and a built-in sink will help create a lot of storage space.
  • The corner version of the multifunctional bath is suitable for those who like to relax with a hydro massage.
  • The easiest way to use the space is a washing machine built into a bedside table or a rack.
  • Instead of a regular bath, you can organize a shower without a cabin along the width of the room with a glass partition.
Unique bathrooms

Bathroom Terrier 2022 – designer’s ideas, opinions, and tips

The bathroom is the coziest room in our house. This is a place where we perform hygienic rituals before going outside, and after returning, we relax and relieve the tension accumulated during the day by enjoying the warm water.

  • A beautiful mirror framed in an elegant frame will add sophistication to the bathroom. And, believe me, no neat cabinet with mirrored doors will ever create such an effect.
  • Replace the usual tile for this place with moisture-resistant wallpaper. You will immediately see how much the atmosphere will change. Do not limit your imagination, choose any drawings you like.
  • To protect the wallpaper in places of frequent wetting, you can use glass or a special protective varnish applied from above. Another advantage of such a finishing material is the relatively low cost of ceramics and the ability to quickly change the boring interior.
  • Another interesting option for finishing the bathroom in 2022 will be moisture-resistant paint. Its color scheme is huge, so it will satisfy the taste of even the most fastidious. In addition, it can be used to make a variety of panels and combinations.
  • To withstand a humid environment in this place, the paint is quite capable. You don’t need any special skills or knowledge to paint the walls with it. And you can change the color every month if you want. A skirting board laid on the floor and ceiling will help to complement the similarity of the room.

Bathroom with glass partition for shower

The modern design of the bathroom and unique bathrooms provides for the use of glass shower doors. They are very appropriate in spacious rooms. Such constructions are considered not practical because of the translucent surface. It is possible to use matte shutters, but fingerprints are always visible on them.

Unique bathrooms
Plastic panels on the walls

The room is similar in design type to a modern bathhouse. A shower tray with glass walls fits well into this environment. On one side there are shelves for accessories, and on the other, there is a massive towel rack. These accessories create a complete composition in the design.


Whatever interior style is relevant in the next few years, it is important to rely not only on trends when repairing your own bathroom. The room should reflect the character, mood, and lifestyle of the owners, and be comfortable for them.

Liudmyla Dunaf

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