Top priority hygienic shower in the toilet

Top priority hygienic shower in the toilet

How to choose a Hygienic shower in the toilet was once considered exotic. Today it is difficult to be surprised by the presence of such plumbing in the apartment. On the contrary, it indicates the sophistication of taste and the presence of rules of good taste in the house. In addition, it is more convenient to use the shower in the toilet, rather than a bidet.

How to choose a Hygienic shower in the toilet
Top priority hygienic shower in the toilet

What is the device intended for and its strengths

Before installing a hygienic shower, consider whether it is truly necessary. Most apartment owners prefer to use standard bidets, and toilet paper is still the most common method of toilet hygiene.

Such a device will undoubtedly be useful in eastern countries or areas where Muslims predominate. It is well known that this religion is very strict about purity.

The main advantages of installing such a mixer:

  • When compared to toilet paper, it cleans intimate areas better.
  • Because sewage is flushed directly into the toilet, housing has a high level of sanitary and hygienic conditions.
  • The absence of potential skin scuffs and irritations, such as with toilet paper, even the most high-quality and delicate types can cause unpleasant sensations.
  • The presence of such a device greatly simplifies household chores related to cleanliness and sanitation. It is much easier to clean the plumbing, a baby pot, or a cat tray with this hose with a nozzle.
Top priority hygienic shower in the toilet
Top priority hygienic shower in the toilet
  • Studies show that regular use of a hygienic shower reduces the likelihood of hemorrhoids, proctitis, etc., due to additional massage with a jet of water during the cleaning process.

Hygienic shower in the toilet the main advantage of the device remains its compactness. Its placement is possible in the toilet of many, even the smallest, apartment. The dimensions of such a shower are not much different from the toilet paper holder.

Design features

The appearance of the hygienic device is nearly identical to that of the well-known standard shower. They both consist of:

  • mixer;
  • flexible hose;
  • watering cans.

However, the device’s purpose still causes some differences. Because a large scattered jet of water is not required, a small-sized mixer with a focused gentle flow without splashing is chosen.

Some models of this type of shower include a thermostat for automatic regulation of the water jet’s comfortable temperature. If the thermostat is set immediately after the shower is installed, the temperature will be maintained for the duration of the service life.

Top priority hygienic shower in the toilet
Top priority hygienic shower in the toilet

This element will protect against unpleasant sensations caused by excessively hot or cold water. The main distinction is that the water from the included hygienic shower does not flow until a special flow control button is pressed and the pressure force is adjusted with a special mixer lever.

Possible device installation options

  • Installing a sanitary shower in the toilet has several advantages:
  • installation flexibility and ease of installation
  • The structure’s small size;
  • Аpplication adaptability;
  • low price;
  • The ease of use.

The concept of a “hygienic shower” can be implemented structurally in four different external and functional variants.

In the form of a toilet-bidet

This item is unique in that the nozzles are mounted in the housing and hide under the rim when the bidet function is turned off. The device control is integrated into the drain tank, increasing its size. So you can change the flow’s power and temperature, but the direction of the jet remains constant.

Top priority hygienic shower in the toilet
Top priority hygienic shower in the toilet

Manufacturers are constantly improving this type of plumbing device, which is available in floor and suspended versions and can be mechanical or electronic. As a result, the device’s functionality is directly dependent on the manufacturer and cost.

In the form of a lid-a bidet to the toilet

A relatively small and convenient option that can be easily mounted to the old toilet model. In fact, this is a standard toilet lid with a unique design that includes a water supply fitting. The device’s control is built directly into the lid, and it is typically capable of heating water, drying, and gently lowering the seat.

The external water supply via flexible hoses is the design’s weak point. It frequently does not appear aesthetically pleasing.

There are even fully electronic versions of well-known brands’ bidet covers. The functionality and comfort of such elite plumbing differ significantly from standard models, as does the price.

Top priority hygienic shower in the toilet
Top priority hygienic shower in the toilet

In the form of a shower mounted on the wall

This is the most common and convenient location for a hygienic shower. Installation is done directly to the pipeline, and a compact watering can on a long flexible hose is mounted on the wall. This will necessitate some construction work.

According to the standard, the height of the hygienic shower from the floor should be 60-80 cm, and the length of the hose should be no more than 1.5 meters. It is not recommended that it come into contact with the floor.

Typically, a Hygienic shower in the toilet this version of the mixer does not include a thermostat. However, a competent plumber will have no trouble installing this unit directly near the water supply in an inaccessible location. This has no effect on usability because adjusting the thermostat once is sufficient for the entire service life.

The Hygienic shower in the toilet height installation and the distance from the toilet should be chosen so that using the device does not necessitate extra effort or acrobatic abilities

Top priority hygienic shower in the toilet
Top priority hygienic shower in the toilet

In the form of a shower connected to the sink

This option is appropriate for combined bathrooms with a sink near the toilet. A special mixer with three outputs will be required.

In the case of a separate bathroom, a small sink in the corner of the room will suffice.

If the sink is already in place, this is the most cost-effective and least time-consuming option. Water temperature adjustment is also simple in manual mode and does not incur any additional costs.

Top priority hygienic shower in the toilet
Top priority hygienic shower in the toilet

Mounting methods

The installation of a hygienic shower can be carried out in two ways – external and built-in.


The above-mentioned options for connecting a washbasin or bathroom to a conventional wall-mounted mixer are included in the outdoor method.

The benefits of this method include the ability to install a mixer with a thermostat or simply adjust the temperature using the mixer lever above the sink. This is frequently far more convenient than the control installed above the toilet, on the lid, or on the tank.


This method entails concealing all communications and mechanisms behind a wall and exposing only a platform with a lever. A watering can mount is also installed outside. It is sometimes already on a common platform. Each option is visually appealing and presentable.

Pipe connection and wall mounting issues

A built-in installation option is recommended when planning the installation of a hygienic shower during the stage of major repairs to the apartment.

You will undoubtedly require construction tools, without which you should not even consider beginning such work. The walls are sprayed with a perforator fitted with the appropriate nozzles. A grinder for cutting concrete and pipes is also required, as is the presence of a soldering machine for working with plastic pipes or a welding machine for metal products.

Top priority hygienic shower in the toilet
Top priority hygienic shower in the toilet

First, turn off the water supply and run pipe wiring, preferably with as few turns as possible.

If there is a thermostat, you should proceed with caution when connecting water so that cold and hot pipes are not mixed up. The first is usually on the right, while the second is on the left. The pipes should then be installed beneath the mixer, aligning with the holes in the mixer and the thermostat.

The wall is then walled up and plastered, and a hose with a mixer is connected. Tightening the nuts as much as possible without squeezing is recommended.

A hygienic shower in the toilet anchor bolts is recommended for securing the holder to the wall. You should begin by drilling dowel holes. It is sufficient to have a hole depth of 6cm and a diameter of 6mm. After that, insert dowels and secure the retailer with anchors. The height of the hygienic shower from the floor should be as low as possible to allow the shortest member of the family to use it. This method is straightforward and dependable.

Top priority hygienic shower in the toilet
Top priority hygienic shower in the toilet

After finishing the installation, you should configure and test the hygienic shower. Pressure is applied, and the product is inspected for leaks. The water temperature is checked and adjusted, and then the supply is cut off. To reduce the effect of pressure on the adjustment valve, close the water supply on the mixer after using the shower.

What to follow when choosing a model

Top priority hygienic shower in the toilet
Top priority hygienic shower in the toilet

It is recommended that you understand the design features of a hygienic shower for a toilet before purchasing one. Some Hygienic shower toilet models can only be connected to one pipe, so you must decide whether you want hot or cold water. Because it is impossible to completely eliminate drop leakage, wall placement assumes that the floor will need to be wiped on a regular basis. The installation of an additional drain to solve this problem will also be time-consuming.

Manufacturers of the best showers for bathrooms

Hygienic shower in the toilet there are numerous products available in stores for this purpose, making it difficult to determine which one is superior. As a result, professionals advise choosing products from well-known companies. There aren’t many of these manufacturers. The most popular brands are listed below based on user reviews and product popularity:

  • Hansgrohe;
  • Damixa;
  • Grohe;
  • Geberit.
Top priority hygienic shower in the toilet
Top priority hygienic shower in the toilet

Hygienic showers in the toilet these manufacturers’ products will be of high quality and convenience, but the price of such mixers will be reasonable. However, many experts believe that saving in this situation is inappropriate. Purchasing a lower-quality device, on average, leads to faster breakdown and forced expenses for replacement and payment of related work.

As a result, the quality of the purchased hygienic shower in the toilet plumbing should be directly proportional to the complexity of the installation work performed. With the products, built-in installation, replacing a leaking gasket or a thorn thread will be quite costly.

To avoid becoming a victim of fraud and purchasing counterfeit, it is best to buy plumbing from salons with a good reputation and the mandatory availability of the necessary quality certificates for the products offered.

Hygienic shower in the toilet is important to remember that high-quality products are not made with cheap materials, and their prices will be reasonable.

Top priorities hygienic shower in the toilet
Top priority hygienic shower in the toilet

Briefly about the main thing

  • A hygienic shower in the toilet is one of the most convenient ways to carry out post–toilet procedures.
  • Small-sized. It can be placed in even the smallest closet without taking up too much space.
  • In addition to its primary function, it is frequently used for other household purposes.
  • The selection of a hygienic shower model is entirely personal and is determined by the size, layout features, and design of the toilet room.
  • It is recommended, as with other plumbing fixtures, to purchase only high-quality certified products.
  • It is recommended that you hire a trained specialist to install this plumbing because mistakes during installation can cause major problems for you and your neighbors. This is especially true for hidden devices.






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