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Top Loft-Style Kitchen-Living Room Ideas

Top Loft-Style Kitchen-Living Room Ideas is the embodiment of the most daring deeds of designers. It is multifunctional and combines modernity and antiquity. Competent work with space is a very important point that must be taken into account, taking into account the specific features of the style:

Living rooms combined with kitchens are becoming more common: spacious rooms require a special approach and a suitable design style. The design of the kitchen-living room in the loft style is one of the most spectacular options that can be used.

Top Loft-Style Kitchen-Living Room Ideas is conditionally divided into several variations:

  • Bohemian-outwardly it should resemble a factory room, in which there is old and shabby furniture, organically combined with modern technologies and unusual design solutions. The apartment is decorated with avant-garde paintings, sculptures, and musical instruments, which are arranged in any order.
  • Glamorous preference is given to non-traditional colors that combine pastel and rich tones (snow-white with lilac or brown, etc.). As a highlight in such housing, huge mirrors, antique chandeliers, plants, animal skins, carpets, and floor lamps are used.
  • Glamorous preference is given to non-traditional colors that combine pastel and rich tones (snow-white with lilac or brown, etc.). As a highlight in such housing, huge mirrors, antique chandeliers, plants, animal skins, carpets, and floor lamps are used.

Characteristic features of the loft

To implement the loft style, you first need to understand what it is. To do this, let’s go a little deeper into history: the industrial style was born in the United States during the Great Depression (the 30s of the XX century). Many factories went bankrupt, buildings were emptied, and rental prices collapsed.

It turned out to be cheaper to rent an industrial building than a residential apartment: at the same time, tenants received high ceilings, huge windows, and spacious open areas for a penny.

It is easy to guess that the poor, but creative intelligentsia rented this housing: the lack of money for classic finishes, combined with a design approach, led to the birth of a new style. The knowledge of history justifies all the characteristic features of the loft:

  • Open space. Since the premises were factory-built, the “rooms” in them were of impressive size. And today, industrial looks better in large houses or apartments.
  • “Bare” walls. Brickwork, concrete, and cinder blocks were not putty-coated, painted, or wallpapered. Then it was economical, but today it is stylish.
  • Metal elements. Beams, window frames, partitions — an integral part of the factory spaces.
  • Original furniture. In the loft-style kitchens and living rooms, 2 types of furniture are used: homemade or “from the flea market”. Everything that could not be bought for a penny or found in the trash-we did it ourselves. Today, it is not necessary to dig in landfills, but it is necessary to style the details.
Top Loft-Style Kitchen-Living Room Ideas

Since the kitchen-living room is still the main living room of the house, in which all family members spend most of their time, its design in the loft style should be thought out to the smallest detail.

The color of the hotel kitchen in the loft-style

Most people have the misconception that industrial-style kitchens and living rooms are necessarily dark. No, no, and no again!

If you look closely at the photos of completed projects, you will notice: in most cases, the walls will be light (often white). Black and gray are used only as small additions — furniture, appliances, and decor.

The white kitchen-living room in the loft style is also a classic version.

Top Loft-Style Kitchen-Living Room Ideas

Finishing materials for the living room kitchen in the loft-style

Are the walls in your kitchen-living room made of brick? Great! Feel free to remove the plaster and leave the surfaces without decorative coating (in the cooking area, you can cover them with varnish to simplify cleaning).

Residents of concrete houses should not be upset: the brick can be imitated, or use another technique-bare concrete. Rough walls of gray tones are gaining popularity. If the house is made of wood, leave the floors and beams visible.

Top Loft-Style Kitchen-Living Room Ideas

Examples of living room zoning

The most popular way to divide the room into 2 halves and not make the kitchen-living room visually smaller is the bar counter. The main advantage is the minimal impact on the visual perception of space. The second plus is that the dining table can not be made at all or taken out of the kitchen.

Modern racks are also called “peninsulas” — a tabletop

level with the rest of the headset is more practical than a high one. Behind it, you can not only eat but also prepare food: cut, serve.

Top Loft-Style Kitchen-Living Room Ideas

The second, no less popular in combined rooms, option-a sofa, with a back to the kitchen area. The classic approach can be supplemented with a console, an island, or the same bar counter, standing strictly behind the sofa.

Top Loft-Style Kitchen-Living Room Ideas

In the photo below, you can see the glass partition: black metal, transparent glass, and brick walls are perfectly combined with each other, creating the right atmosphere.

Top Loft-Style Kitchen-Living Room Ideas

One last design tip-leave it as it is! The “natural” beauty of the open kitchen-living room will do its job: you get a stylish space with minimal costs.

Arrangement options

The kitchen-living room in any style (and the loft is no exception) has 2 main accents:

Kitchen set

The industrial style does not put forward strict requirements for the appearance of cabinets: facades can be made of burnt natural wood, painted or covered with chipboard film, and glass in metal frames.

The upper modules also choose to your liking: classic single-row drawers, cabinets up to the ceiling, open shelves, or the absence of anything at all.

There are no restrictions on the countertop: wood, stone, or metal-preferably dark neutral shades.

In the kitchen-living room, it is permissible to use even non-kitchen furniture for storage: for example, the black metal shelves in the photo below support the loft style and look appropriate.

Top Loft-Style Kitchen-Living Room Ideas

Sofa for living room kitchen loft style

Since the loft still has eclectic roots and the furniture came to the interior from wherever it is necessary, there are no restrictions on the shape, size, and even color. Any model is suitable: from classics, like Chester, to trendy modular frameless designs.

It deserves special attention:

Top Loft-Style Kitchen-Living Room Ideas

Design features in a private house

Stairs — the first thing to consider when arranging a cottage. In any other direction, you’d have to figure out how to disguise it, but in the loft, it’s the opposite. The staircase can be made the main architectural accent, emphasizing the black railing to the ceiling or installing a dining table in front of it.

Top Loft-Style Kitchen-Living Room Ideas

You should also highlight the fireplace or stove, along with the chimney pipe — in fact, this element is considered a classic for industrial, because in factory pavilions it was the main method of eco-heating.

And the last thing — the exit to the street. Doors will not argue with the design of the room if you choose black frames and transparent glass for them. You can support the theme with glass partitions or other accessories (bus lights, black metal shelves).

Top Loft-Style Kitchen-Living Room Ideas

Beautiful design examples

Do you still think that there is no loft without bricks? Still, as it happens: concrete walls, smoothly passing into the ceiling-what is not the embodiment of industrial design?

Top Loft-Style Kitchen-Living Room Ideas

For those who do not want to have a dark kitchen-living room and therefore refuse this style — examples of bright and bright interiors. They look completely different, but both belong to the loft style.

Top Loft-Style Kitchen-Living Room Ideas

And finally — white headsets! The epitome of glamorous industrial — white gloss, red brick, and, of course, a leather sofa in a screed сapito.

Top Loft-Style Kitchen-Living Room Ideas

Design features of the living room kitchen in the loft-style

  • The walls look as if they have not been specially treated: left exposed brickwork or gray concrete. The usual neat aprons made of tiles in the kitchen are not relevant.
  • Gas pipes, various communication systems, and ventilation, as if deliberately exposed.
  • High ceiling with beams and ceilings. Chandeliers and all kinds of lamps are suitable for the interior of the entire apartment and contrast with the attic ceiling.
  • High windows that can only be closed with wooden blinds or shutters.
  • The kitchen furniture contrasts with the decoration of the apartment. It can be in different styles, but it must be combined with the sofa area and other interior items.
Top Loft-Style Kitchen-Living Room Ideas

Pros and cons of a combined room


  • If there is no will, the owner of the apartment automatically gets a couple of square meters. It is difficult to overestimate the feeling of spaciousness in the combined rooms. What urban residents have been missing for so long – non-standard layouts, space, “air”.
  • A real loft is built on the principle of free space without dividing the room into rooms, and this is the layout option that will look most effective in this style.
  • Convenience for everyday life. Lunch won’t burn, milk won’t run away, your favorite program is in front of your eyes, and the children jumping on the sofa are under control.


  • Without a hood, there is a risk of wearing out various surfaces, provided that they are cooked frequently.
  • Smells from the kitchen spread to all living areas. And they are sometimes associated with experiments in the kitchen, sometimes even unpleasant – burning, boiled fish, spoiled products.
  • The style does not allow mistakes – a single theme should be set for the entire room. You will have to pick up the dishes, the tablecloth, and even the kitchen spatulas.
  • The kitchen is the working part of the apartment, often meaning gas, fire, and water. In case of accidents, part of the living room may also be affected. Which is almost impossible with a separate layout of the rooms.

Kitchen-living room in the attic and furniture

The last thing you need to adjust to the loft style in the kitchen is the complete set of the headset. The color and material of the facades, finishing, filling with accessories-you can, experiments with furniture-no.

Practicality comes first, so I strongly recommend reading my 3 materials, where the issues of kitchen planning in terms of convenience, fittings, and maintaining order are analyzed:

That is, we make standard built-in corner furniture up to the ceiling. The appearance is already more interesting.

Facades are almost either with a uniform surface (mat or gloss) or with an imitation of wood. Most of the latter are garbage because they do not even remotely resemble real wood.

The more the color and texture are similar to solid facades, the better. Choose a contrasting pattern of veins, cuts, and knots. Imitations presented on the market often have a faded uniform pattern. This does not happen with naturally treated wood.

An example of good ones: are Egger Oak Nebraska Natural and Halifax Oak. Dark wood, by the way, is not necessary. The loft can also be with a light one. The main thing is to make it look realistic.

Top Loft-Style Kitchen-Living Room Ideas
Top Loft-Style Kitchen-Living Room Ideas

Embeddedness is better than openness

From the point of view of the design of the loft-style kitchen, there are 2 options for suitable upper cabinets:

  • Open shelves
  • Cabinets up to the ceiling (on the principle of a mezzanine or with a lowering part of the ceiling). The worst thing that can be done (and more often everyone does exactly that) is the average option with ordinary hanging cabinets that do not reach the ceiling. It looks unfinished, with cheap-like boxes hung on the wall. How not to do it:
Top Loft-Style Kitchen-Living Room Ideas


Top Loft-Style Kitchen-Living Room Ideas


Top Loft-Style Kitchen-Living Room Ideas

Without upper cabinets — in theory, the norms are beautiful in the picture, but in practice, there are a lot of problems. In short, here are photos of loft-style kitchens with open shelves, where there is visually light chaos with perfect order.

All the cans are the same and stand at an equal distance, all 1 color, and no 1 product in its native packaging. To support such a thing is hard labor. At the slightest disorder, the interior will turn into a mess. For a factory — it will do, for an apartment — no.

I described in detail other nuances of this design (connection of the hood, drying for dishes, border, lighting of the apron, etc.) in an article about kitchens without upper cabinets.

For a modern loft — upper cabinets to the ceiling. Stylish, comfortable, no disadvantages. If you like this idea, read my article about high-tech cuisine.

Lighting deserves special attention

Top Loft-Style Kitchen-Living Room Ideas

Lighting. A lot of attention is paid to light in the loft interiors: firstly, the wiring itself is usually done outside. Secondly, the lamps are designed not only to illuminate but also to attract attention: therefore, choose something unusual — bright lampshades, stylish shapes, or a web of wires.

Mandatory light points: a work area, a bar counter or a table, and a recreation area. In the latter, it is not necessary to use ceiling chandeliers: place the lighting on the floor (floor lamps) or walls (sconces).

Top Loft-Style Kitchen-Living Room Ideas
Top Loft-Style Kitchen-Living Room Ideas

General recommendations

The loft-style interior will appeal to young people and married couples with and without children. Creative people who keep up with the times will rightfully appreciate the numerous advantages of the design. First of all, these are the minimum costs for the purchase of building materials and the development of a layout. You can successfully upgrade yourself, taking into account the following tips.

  • When developing a design, do not try to imitate magazine photos. All of them are subjected to computer processing. In addition, the images taken from the most successful angle are selected so that the loft-style living room kitchen looks as spacious as possible. Once you get into a similar interior in real life, you may be very surprised at the difference between the original and the photo.
  • When choosing the color scheme of the kitchen-living room, focus on the number of square meters. For a large room, you can use dark colors, but a small loft living room in this case will look cramped and tiny. Give preference to light shades to visually expand the space
  • Combining incongruous elements beautifully and organically is a great art that is welcome in the loft interior. Among the most popular color solutions are brown with ochre, white and black, and gray with beige.
  • Pay special attention to the competent zoning of the space. In the case of a studio kitchen, it can be just a floor covering: put a parquet in the living room, and mark the kitchen area with tiles or tiles. Another option is to make a studio in different styles. The predominance of high-tech style in the kitchen will visually separate it from the classic living room with a fireplace and wicker furniture. You can isolate yourself from other rooms with the help of screens, shelves, or cabinets.
  • Even if the living room kitchen is well-lit, it is recommended to use a large number of lighting devices. These can be chandeliers, hanging lamps, and LED lighting. The main thing is that they are well combined with the overall interior and give the brutal design of the loft home comfort and softness.



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