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Professional Interior design ideas with photos

Professional Interior design ideas with photos will help you give it a unique and memorable appearance. However, in this case, it is necessary to carefully consider their number and location, as well as to carefully select the frames and consider the possible use of the so-called Passepartout, or the free space between the frame and the photo itself.

A small image, for example, will look more impressive if it is surrounded by snow-white cardboard, paper, or fabric and then decorated with a thin dark rim.

Professional Interior design ideas with photos
Professional Interior design ideas with photos
Professional Interior design ideas with photos
Professional Interior design ideas with photos

Furthermore, the pictures can be protected from the effects of the outside environment by being placed under glass, chosen in accordance with the overall stylistic orientation and palette, decorated with a luxurious gilded frame, or left without any frame at all.

A large photo can become an eye-catching accent, and a thematic collage of several frames can tell guests about your family’s history or become an expression of your thoughts, dreams, and interests.

The main types of photos for the interior of the apartment

Einsteinerupload of. These are images of nature and animals, close friends and acquaintances, beautiful and very desirable objects, “quick” shots from interesting events, and icons.

Professional Interior design ideas with photos

Photos of children are displayed not only in the baby’s room but also in the parent’s room. Also, in the adult bedroom, photos from the wedding or dating spouses are hung. Neutral, abstract pictures are placed in the hallway and above the stairs leading to the second floor. Black and white will decorate the study, living room, and dressing room. Frames with images of food, drinks, and fruits, will fit perfectly into the interior of the kitchen.

Professional Interior design ideas with photos

Family Interior design Ideas with photos

Photos of family members, friends, colleagues, and significant others are displayed both collectively and individually.

Professional Interior design ideas with photos

It is crucial to understand that the cards of deceased relatives are never displayed alongside those of the living, but rather, only one wall or shelf, separately.

Conceptual photo series are intriguing, such as the development of a first-grader into a university graduate over the course of years, or the development of a baby from the first ultrasound images of the embryo to a year by months. Wedding portraits, a collection of priceless photos from birthdays, housewarmings, or celebrations of significant acquisitions (cars, cottages, or lottery victories) are all examples of family portraits. Posting images from hospitals, funerals, and similar events within the home is not acceptable.

Professional Interior design ideas with photos


A selection of photos representing the iconostasis in the apartment is located in the eastern part of the room. Other places are allowed only if a door is located in this area. There should be no household appliances, unnecessary decor, and ordinary photos nearby. Icons are arranged symmetrically, in the form of a cross, or they decorate the corner farthest from the entrance.

Live or artificial flowers, as well as incense lamps, will be used as additional decorations. You can buy or build a special cabinet with your own hands to store sacred books in addition to icons.


A landscape theme is ideal for a bedroom, a recreation area, or a nursery. Framed photos taken with your own hands or cut out of magazines will suffice. The endless sea, mountain ranges, sandy ocean shore, blooming meadows, forest edge, and sunset over the river are all beautiful options.

Professional Interior design ideas with photos


Pictures with “animal” themes are frequently displayed in apartments. Pets may well coexist with family and children’s photos, wild animals are placed next to landscapes. They will also become kind in the child’s room if there are many different animals.

Professional Interior design ideas with photos

Travel footage

Photographs taken on long journeys, hiking and climbing, and flights to Egypt or the Maldives will allow you to relive the pleasant moments associated with such adventures over and over. Bright frames can be placed anywhere in the apartment.

Professional Interior design ideas with photos

Concerts and holidays

Typically, photos from parties, discos, rock clubs and bars are displayed in the recreation area and hobby classes. The best place is next to your favorite guitar or drum kit, as well as around the bar that divides the space of the kitchen-living room or studio apartment.

Professional Interior design ideas with photos
Professional Interior design ideas with photos

Various options are used in various interiors:

  • Minimalism – a rectangular or round frame in black, white, or gray with no decorations;
  • A silver or chrome frame with a simple shape is considered hi-tech.
  • Scandinavian – a product made of light wood that has been matte varnished;
  • A complex, elaborately carved wooden frame decorated with floral motifs;
  • Baroque shabby chic – the object is woven from satin ribbons and is supported by a wire frame;
  • Provence – the frame is covered with a fabric with a small floral pattern;
  • The product is environmentally friendly because it is made of rough pieces of untreated wood or driftwood with a bar.
Professional Interior design ideas with photos
Professional Interior design ideas with photos

Any improvised material can be used to create а homemade frame, including polymer clay, construction silicone applied to cardboard, buttons, colored thread, parquet boards, and laminate scraps.

Professional Interior design ideas with photos
Professional Interior design ideas with photos

Tips and recommendations for the design of the premises

Professional interior designers give the following recommendations to those who decided to decorate the room with photos:

  • The photo’s subject and frame choices were made with a particular interior design in mind;
  • Careful blending of goods in a variety of sizes and shapes is permissible;
  • Photographs of ruins, catastrophes, accidents, shattered things, or weeping or suffering individuals should not be displayed in the home as it is thought that such images contain negative energy;
  • It is neither required nor particularly attractive to paste photographs all over the walls.
Professional Interior design ideas with photos
Professional Interior design ideas with photos


Any space can have family portraits and other sentimental images displayed on the walls, shelves, mantels, and tables. They make their own frames out of a variety of materials, buy frames from stores, order them online, or get them from a friend who is a designer.

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