Paintings in the kitchen selection features

Paintings in the kitchen are the choice of elements, which pictures are more reasons to hang in the kitchen? In this article, I have identified the compositions that should be balanced in my kitchen for decoration. You can hang it on a table or sofa, on a shaded background, and on empty walls. How best to organize and which works of art are suitable for any interior – read in the new article!

Why do we need paintings in the kitchen?

Some accept that the kitchen is a simple useful spot in the condo, where there ought to be dishes and food, thus that nothing diverts from cooking and doesn’t over-indulge hunger. However, you should concur, it’s so decent when you are encircled by quite charming things – works of art, photos. All things considered, alongside lovely dishes and other cooking wares, they can make our temperament and give the cooking system and all the time spent in the kitchen a unique appeal.

Paintings in the kitchen
Paintings in the kitchen

Hang a picture in the kitchen, or not

As I composed over, the image in the kitchen, as in different things and in some other room, establishes the vibe and temperament, uncovers the person, tastes, and propensities for the condo proprietors, and furthermore fills in as a smart inside object. Thusly, on the off chance that you have a free wall in your kitchen and you wouldn’t fret compositions, then I see no stars to put it in your kitchen.

In addition, some psychologists are sure that painting has a positive effect on our psyche, and contemplating your favorite painting brings you harmony and satisfaction.

But in addition to positive emotions, paintings in the kitchen perform a number of other functions:

  • Decorate the kitchen, make it more “yours”, not like everyone else
  • Emphasize other features of the style of your home and kitchen
  • Create a cozy atmosphere of warmth and home
  • And some paintings are also able to add luxury to your kitchen.

If you already want, but don’t know which picture to hang in the kitchen, read this article to the end – I’ve prepared a whole style guide for you!

Paintings in the kitchen for the interior style

Obviously, every house and each kitchen is special, not the same as some other in its own particular manner. Yet, there are various styles, and on the off chance that your kitchen has a place with one of them, or possibly has plenty of similitudes with a few styles, read and see my TOP rundown of works of art for various styles.

Paintings in the kitchen selection features

I start with this model because the image at the fundamental level could not stand out from the general direction and stand apart.
On the other hand, if you cannot recognize the style of your kitchen by any stretch of the imagination, and this often happens if there was no plan initially, choosing an image is much easier – you just have to be guided by your preferences and inclinations.

Paintings in the kitchen selection features

In this way, contingent upon the style, the work of art in the kitchen can be either a theoretical material or a naturalistic scene, or a still life. On the off chance that the kitchen looks more present-day, with practically no trace of ancient history and collectibles, then the compositions ought to be chosen with additional advanced, free, and splendid subjects.

Paintings in the kitchen selection features

In the event that the style of the kitchen is made in the old style, a traditional composition is usually welcome, for example, oil paintings over the kitchen table. For fans of a bright and ultramodern style, more established and verified works of art are suitable, for example, endless contours in watercolor, pastel, charcoal, or pencils.

Provence style kitchen

Paintings in the kitchen selection features

Provence style is perhaps the most heartfelt style. It seemed a few centuries prior, in France, epitomizing the soul of little townhouses in the south of the country.
This style is normally portrayed by solace and reasonableness and excellence. The variety plan of this style is more pastel, there are no brilliant and differentiating tones.

The most loved shades and shades of this style are purplish blue, blue, purple, pink, black, and light green.

Artworks ought to be outlined in gorgeous wooden edges, ideally wide, which will underline the relic of the air. The subjects incorporate olive and lavender twigs, still lifes, Impressionist works of art, and country landscapes. It is smarter to pick and drape compositions of a little organization, you can have a few, yet little in size:

Paintings in the kitchen selection features

By the way, it is not necessary to hang paintings on the wall, you can just put them on the shelves, next to beautiful jars and potholders.

Paintings in the kitchen selection features

It is important if you have wooden products and furniture, but you need them to be combined with picture frames in color or texture.

Examples of images for paintings in the Provence style


Paintings in the kitchen selection features

As well as painting, works of art for the kitchen stylistic layout in the Provence style can be made in decoupage methods, it tends to be cross-join and smooth, additionally enhanced in wooden casings.


Paintings in the kitchen selection features

Classic style kitchen

Another well-known style in the interior is exemplary. This style is characterized by unconventionality, harsh accents, straightforwardness, and conciseness of structures. It is more reasonable to attract everyday materials for landscaping, and with varieties — carefully. Select works of art with still lifes and plots in calm tones, with a meaningful plot. Remember additionally that works of art are luxurious and rich things that combine common sense and utility. So it is more reasonable to select photos of placement for such products – metal, cut, made of good wood.


A heap of subtleties doesn’t describe this style, so it is smarter to pick one picture for the stylistic kitchen layout, or a couple of little configurations, however, joined with one another and the plot and frames. In expansion to present-day works of art with still lifes or photographs, in a lovely casing, you can utilize multiplications of compositions by renowned craftsmen.

Paintings in the kitchen selection features

Scandinavian style cuisine

Paintings in the kitchen selection features

The Scandinavian style is recognized for its unique comfort and usefulness. This style is described by light shades, white tones, or monochrome. Assuming we discuss wood, it is consistently the light shades of wood. In the event that you pick a casing for an image, really focus on this second.

Paintings in the kitchen selection features

In addition to white frames, paintings can be hung in black frames – they will become a bright contrasting spot on white and light walls.


In the Scandinavian style, everything ought to be straightforward, slick, and yet with a spirit, as in the Provencal style, yet without stacking up superfluous subtleties. Drawings in level monochrome edges made with pencil or charcoal will look extremely lovely. If you have any desire to hang a canvas painted with paints, pick quiet shades of paints and subjects, for instance, blossoms in a jar, Scandinavian scenes, or decorations.

Paintings in the kitchen selection features

Country style kitchen

Paintings in the kitchen selection features

One more rural style, similar to Provence, utilizes regular materials. Beige, brown, and sand conceal, as well as all regular tones are utilized. The wealth of insignificantly handled wood will likewise influence the decision of photo placement. In structure – straightforward, without self-importance, and cut improvement.

Paintings in the kitchen selection features

The subjects of the compositions are still lifes, scenes, and regular examples. You can likewise orchestrate pages with recipes from an old cookbook in a casing with a passe-partout – it will likewise look exceptionally decent, particularly on a rack with containers of flavors.

Paintings in the kitchen selection features

If you have a textured wall, for example, in the kitchen at the cottage, you can just hang a frame without a picture, and preferably several different ones at once, of course, with the condition that they will match the style of the interior.

Tips for choosing a picture for the kitchen

Paintings for the kitchen are suitable for different, as we have already found out, and much will depend on the style of your kitchen and its details. But, there are still a few tips with which you can pick up and place paintings in the kitchen yourself.

Tip 1 – about composition

Paintings in the kitchen selection features

You’ve likely seen that in certain insides everything is so charming to the eye, you need to endlessly look, and you can likewise orchestrate all that at home. What’s more, taking a gander at others, you feel awkward and you need to fix everything, and trade places.

Everything revolves around the creation of the artwork. The organization of the works of art ought to be even in both amount and variety. This implies that you really want to find an equilibrium and drape a considerable number of canvases and keep an equilibrium in the variety of conspiracies.


Concerning the shape, an unmistakable and severe structure of a few compositions that hang in one line or square will great search in moderate kitchens, in an exemplary style. You can balance pictures in a turbulent request for the Provence, nation, and Scandinavian styles.

You can evaluate explicit edges, perceive how they will fit together, and join the last form to the wall. One more subtlety of the organization is its significance.

The compositions ought to complete one another in style, various mixes, and casing plans. Pick similar casings and Passepartout for drawings to make every one of the compositions look agreeable.

Tip 2 – about proportions

Paintings In The Kitchen Selection

For an enormous and roomy kitchen, pick huge, layered works of art, in the event that space permits. For a little kitchen, even a 20×30 or 30×40 work of art will be sufficient.

To balance a little work of art in an enormous kitchen, picking a few little canvases, and making an organization of them is better.

While purchasing proliferations of works of art, ensure that enormous materials don’t end up being of little organization, if not it will look revolting.

Tip 3 – about style

Paintings In The Kitchen Selection

On a fundamental level, the plot of the image can be anything, it is more significant the way things are composed or drawn and whether it squeezes into the style of the kitchen. As we have previously found out, works of art with blossoms are reasonable for a Provence-style kitchen, still, lives with organic products are appropriate for a traditional style, reflection is appropriate for a moderate and Scandinavian-style kitchen, and pop craftsmanship style compositions are very appropriate for a space.

Tip 4 – on proportionality

Everything is more or less simple here: a wide wall is a wide picture, and a high wall, is a vertically elongated picture.

Tip 5 – about the light

Paintings in the kitchen selection features

Right off the bat, don’t balance the work of art in dull corners, and besides, get it far from direct daylight so the composition doesn’t wear out in that frame of mind during the hot season. Recollect that dim lighting makes the tones more muffled. In the event that you don’t have an exceptionally brilliant side of the condo, give inclination to canvases with a huge, splendid, and clear example.

Tip 6 – about the height

Paintings in the kitchen selection features

We generally balance the image at the eye level of a standing individual. For simpler discernment, the center of the image ought to be at eye level, and all edges are lined up with the base edge.

Little works of art can be put somewhat sequentially. The 10,000-foot view is likewise equivalent to the base edge – it ought to be in the wall.

Tip 7 – about the balance with furniture

Paintings In The Kitchen Selection

On an enormous inside, compositions can get lost. To forestall this, they can be held tight to the wall inverse the furnishings, adjusted along the upper edge of the entryway or windows, along the upper edge of the kitchen retires, or, put similar monstrous particular compositions on the whole width of the wall.

Tip 8 – about other decorative items

Paintings in the kitchen selection features

If you can’t pick up a picture yet, you can make your kitchen cozy with the help of other things. For example, beautiful aprons and tacks hang on hooks against the wall. Or, a vase with a painting and fresh flowers/ fruits on the table.

Paintings In The Kitchen

You can choose an original wall clock – what you need in the kitchen. Also, remember about photos – if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, photos of your loved ones will delight and inspire you.


What sort of compositions are hung in the kitchen? The image, most importantly, ought to satisfy you, the proprietor/entertainer of the house. You ought to get positive feelings from simply seeing this image.
It doesn’t need to be with an item subject, it tends to be with some other. The most compelling thing is a positive state of mind and general expressive highlights.

Furthermore, obviously, it will be doubly wonderful assuming the image for the kitchen stylistic layout is made and painted by your hands.

Liudmyla Dunaf

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