Paintings from panels for the kitchen with your own hands 9 best ideas

Paintings from panels for the kitchen are a comfortable beautiful kitchen, where it is pleasant to be and even the atmosphere contributes to work – a natural desire of every modern housewife. A unique interior design or a recently made renovation helps to cope with such a problem, but due to the fact that a fairly large amount of time is spent in the kitchen, it soon gets boring and you want something unusual and new again, pictures of panels for the kitchen 9 best ideas will help us in this.

In addition, since making corrections every three to four months is a really difficult and ridiculous task, you can simply enliven the room. One of them is to make your own paintings of panels for the kitchen, which will decorate any interior and give it an attractive look.

This technique is extremely common, most often such decor can be found on the plane of the wall above the stove. This is probably the most advantageous place for him. At the same time, it is not necessary to go to the store in search of something special – you can create paintings from panels for the kitchen

Paintings from panels for the kitchen

Moreover, such a decoration will become really original and unique, and from simple improvised means that are available to each hostess, unique masterpieces are often obtained.

Diy paintings panels for the kitchen

Paintings from panels for the kitchen should not only correspond to the theme but also fit into the style of this room.

Hand-made things can very often be found in the kitchen in the Provencal style or country. In this case, it is better to depict something rustic or wildflowers.

If the room where the food is prepared is decorated in the Scandinavian style, then there should be some bright geometric patterns in the framework, you can also use a natural theme. You can use images with images of animals or insects.

For modern kitchens, it is better to make paintings of panels for the kitchen with your own hands in a minimalist style, and for retro-you can choose black-and-white and delicate floral motifs.

Paintings from panels for the kitchen

Options for creating paintings panels for the kitchen

To decorate the kitchen, it is not necessary to resort to financial costs. Handmade work will not only cost cheap paintings from panels for the kitchen, but it will also certainly give pleasure.

Paintings of panels for the kitchen 9 best ideas for panels in the kitchen there is a huge variety, and it is not difficult to implement them at all. In addition, in addition to the usual landscapes and still lifes, you can show your own imagination, experiment a little and get a result that will please not only the hostess but also all the household members.

In fact, with their own hands, paintings of panels for the kitchen are created from anything! The main thing here is to take into account the relevance of the plot and not overload the image. It should also be remembered that many materials absorb odors, so their compositions are not placed near the plates.

To create a picture of a panel for the kitchen with your own hands, any kitchen utensils (spoons, plates, cups), spices, magazines, photos, fabric scraps, threads, bottle corks, paper, and various small things can be suitable. The main thing is an inspiration and an evening to create a masterpiece.

Paintings from panels for kitchen prints of fruits and vegetables

Even a child can create this image, and your creation will look just wonderful

You will need:

  • hard fruits or vegetables (apples, pears, citrus fruits, Peking cabbage);
  • paint (oil, acrylic, gouache);
  • the base (canvas, wooden board, cardboard).

Everything is done simply: we pour the paint into a plate, cut the fruit into halves, dip it in paint and make a stamp on a pre-painted and fat-free surface. The color can be selected to match the color scheme of the room.

Diy paintings panels for the kitchen

You can make prints anywhere on the canvas, but symmetrical images look better.

Paintings panels for the kitchen 9 best ideas panels made of corks

If there are wine corks or cork coating lying around at home, then create a small board on which you can attach notes, recipes of dishes, or photos.

  • 20 wine corks;
  • scissors;
  • glue gun;
  • base (cardboard or a piece of fiberboard);
  • office buttons.
Diy paintings panels for the kitchen

Cut the plugs lengthwise, glue the halves to the base. If you want to use the cork with the other side, it is important to cut it into equal parts.

Diy paintings panels for the kitchen

Horizontally, vertically, with a pattern — you can lay out as you like, the main thing is to cover the entire base. The panel can be put in a frame, or you can hang it on the wall without framing. You can attach notes, photos, recipes, a picture, and small things to it with the help of stationery buttons.

Designers actively use the String Art technique

To create a picture, you will need the following materials:

  • the wooden base is thick enough to easily drive nails into it;
  • paint, stain, colored or transparent varnish to create a background (you can do without it);
  • nails 1-2 cm long with a small-cap;
  • a hammer;
  • strong threads (“iris”, floss, fine smooth yarn, sewing threads, etc.);
  • pliers or clothespins
  • scissors;
  • thin solid simple pencil;
  • ready-made drawing stencil.
Paintings from panels for the kitchen

In the beginning, a drawing is applied to the base. You can choose anyone, but the ideal options for the kitchen are inscriptions, mugs, cups, fruits. You need to choose an image with clear external lines. After the drawing is transferred to the base, it is necessary to hammer nails along the line at a distance of 0.5-2 cm from each other.

For convenience and so that all the nails are on the same level, it is better to hold them with pliers. 6 When the nails are hammered, it is necessary to take a skein of thread, and tie the end to one of them. The thread is hooked in all places in a certain sequence or in any order. If the drawing is round — it is better to move from one edge to the other. Do not pull the thread too hard — it may break.

Paintings from panels for the kitchen

Paintings from panels for the kitchen small recommendations

Paintings panels for the kitchen 9 best ideas such a composition is chosen taking into account the aesthetic features of the room, to which the future panel will belong. In a well-lit room, it should be 1-2 tones darker, otherwise, the architecture of the room will merge with the product of salted dough. If the room is poorly lit, the panel should be made of a brighter color scheme. The interior color should also be taken into account. Even the prevailing mode, style, and decor play an important role in the manufacture of the product.

Diy paintings panels for the kitchen

It is likewise not worth putting the work on the windowsill under direct daylight, when warmed, the paint or the actual material from which we will shape might stream. Every one of the fixings utilized ought to be looked at ahead of time! You need to pick the dishes that you won’t be sorry to get grimy later on.

Have you at any point pondered the way that a lot of salt is added to the batter? You can simply ply a great deal of flour. Since antiquated occasions, it has happened that salt drives off rodents and other undesirable creatures. Furthermore, such a custom has been safeguarded to our time.

With our own hand’s paintings panels for the kitchen, we prepare the dough

  • two cups of flour;
  • a glass of salt (preferably medium-sized);
  • a tablespoon of dry glue;
  • a tablespoon of any cream;
  • a tablespoon of vegetable oil;
  • 200 g of water.

Mix everything in a large container, I constantly add flour, and the main thing is that there is as much of it as possible.

Paintings from panels for the kitchen
  •   Let’s look at the instructions for implementation. Prepare the dough in advance. Draw a cat on a separate paper.
  • To mold the details of the cat separately, but at the same time, during the work, fasten them together.
  • Fix the plastic fork in the very part of the dough.
  • Color the animal to your liking. Cover with varnish. We glue it to the background with a frame on a resistant glue, preferably “Moment”.It’s done!

Paintings from panels for the kitchen with spices, tea, and coffee

Paintings from panels for the kitchen with spices, tea, and coffee. The master class on creating a picture of a panel for the kitchen with your own hands with spices consists of only several stages. You can create such a thing in one evening.

First of all, you need to stock up on various products. The creators of this thing chose several types of pepper, tea, as well as coffee beans, cinnamon sticks, bay leaves, cloves, other spices, and a dried rosebud.

Paintings from panels for the kitchen 9 best ideas to create will be required:

  • frame with cardboard base;
  • kraft paper;
  • book clippings and other paper items;
  • a small bottle with a lid;
  • paper glue and superglue;
  • scissors;
  • acrylic paints and a brush.

First, you need to separate the cardboard base and use a brush to paint the frame in the desired color. You can use white paint to give the surface a scuffed appearance.

Then you need to glue the cardboard base on one side with kraft paper, and then glue various pieces of paper on top.

Diy paintings panels for the kitchen

When the glue dries, you can decorate the picture with spices. To do this, it is better to use superglue. You need to mentally divide the base into several parts and put a small number of prepared products in each of them.

Diy paintings panels for the kitchen

A little spice can be placed in a bottle, you can also add a dried rose to the composition. It remains only to connect the base to the frame.

Diy paintings panels for the kitchen

Paintings from panels for the kitchen embroidery and mosaic

People who know how to embroider can make real works of art for the kitchen! But even a beginner can learn how to make simple paintings with his own hands in the embroidery technique. In the manufacturing process, it is enough just to follow the instructions. From the materials it is necessary to prepare:

  • fabric (canvas);
  • large and small scissors;
  • threads (floss);
  • a blunted needle;
  • marker;
  • hoops of the appropriate size and shape.
Diy paintings panels for the kitchen

Mosaic is another original and unusual type of technique that can be used for painting in the kitchen. In the classical sense, the mosaic is made of small pieces of glass or smalt, but you can use other improvised materials for DIY with your own hands:

  • eggshell;
  • broken ceramic tiles;
  • rhinestones and beads.
Diy paintings panels for the kitchen

The manufacturing process is quite simple. First of all, it is necessary to prepare the base-a sheet of cardboard, plastic, or other dense material. You can paste an image or a contour drawing of the future picture on it so that it is easier to layout the mosaic. The cardboard should be covered with glue and mosaic elements should be applied on top. For a strong fixation, it is better to fix the resulting result with varnish.

Options for the location of accessories

A wall picture panel is placed in those areas of the room that they want to visually highlight. This can be an apron of the working wall or a place near the dining table.

Paintings from panels for the kitchen


Paintings from panels for the kitchen

When decorating a large kitchen, designers recommend using several similar elements from the same series, suspended on different walls of rooms.

Tip: mosaic paintings made of ceramic tiles are resistant to moisture, and therefore they are better used for decorating the working area of the kitchen.

Diy paintings panels for the kitchen
Diy paintings panels for the kitchen

Ceramic panels, combined with other finishing materials, are able to create a unique interior

When choosing a panel for the kitchen, it is important to take into account its size. The walls of small-sized kitchens should be decorated with small compositions. They will not attract too much attention to themselves, thereby visually reducing the space.

Leave large images for large kitchens. They can occupy a significant part of the wall, be built into niches, and be decorated with lighting. Small paintings can easily “get lost” on the spacious wall of a large kitchen.

Kitchen panels in the decoupage technique

Diy paintings panels for the kitchen

The panel with your own hands in the decoupage technique is a real author’s work, it will decorate your kitchen for as long as you want it.

To make such a decoration on the wall, you will need:

    PVA glue and for decoupage;
  • Rice paper (napkins);
  • Eggshells;
  • Soil brushes;
  • Sponges;
  • File;
  • Acrylic paints – to bring the contours.

As for the work, they are carried out in several stages with interruptions. A primer is applied to the fiberboard with a sponge-a thin layer to dry faster. Then you need to make an egg crackle, that is, an imitation of a voluminous vintage texture. To do this, the shell is crushed into small pieces and applied to the surface of the fiberboard.

Important! The shell should be cleaned of the inner film before use. It is also undesirable to use those parts of it where there is a factory stamp.

The entire surface of the base is pasted over with pieces of the shell so that small gaps remain between them. After the glue dries, you will need to prime the surface. To apply the image, use paper with the selected fragment (a still life, for example). The secret of creating a picture is simple – the paper is placed on the file “face”, watered with water, applied to the primed workpiece. The paper is leveled, the file is deleted, after which the dried image is covered with decoupage glue.

A new life of old kitchen utensils

DIY paintings panels for the kitchen can be made even from unnecessary forks, spoons, scoops, and pans. The idea can be easily implemented with the help of cutlery, foundation, paints, and glue. If you are not sure that the composition holds well on the glue, then use small nails.

The base for the panel can be any, but it is important that it can withstand the weight of all the parts that you want to attach to it.


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