Medium bathroom remodel: sequence of works

For medium bathroom remodels the selection of finishing materials and knowledge of the sequence of work is critical when organizing bathroom repairs. Cosmetic improvements to the premises can lead to major modernization. This article will look at some interesting bathroom renovation ideas.

It is not an easy task

A bathroom design project is composed of two parts. You can imagine the size of the company’s facilities. The masters will calculate the total repair costs while keeping the chosen style in mind. Following that, several models of potential options for converting the interior space of the room are provided. The toilet area can be incorporated into the project under development.

The cost of such work is determined by the company’s popularity. Many customers might be dissatisfied with the final product. You have complete control over the style, colors, and plumbing fixtures. This will not only save you money but will also allow you to demonstrate your skills as an interior designer.

Medium bathroom remodel: sequence of works
Medium bathroom remodel: sequence of works

The competent repair depends on taking into account the following subtleties

  • The sequence of events. A work plan must be created ahead of time. This will not only help to reduce repair time but will also help to avoid potential technological violations.
  • Equipment and materials list. It is critical to calculate the number of raw materials and make an educated guess.
  • Sketch. All interior items are detailed in this drawing. You must also create a color scheme. This will allow you to move through the work process more quickly. Masters recommend sketching from various angles.
  • Plan of communication. It is critical to have a plan for connecting power cables as well as a scheme for laying water and sewer pipes. The placement of plumbing and electrical appliances is determined by the location of these networks and their connections.
  • The equipment’s dimensions. The plan should be drawn to scale, taking into account the dimensions of all the room’s planes.

The more detailed the plan, the smaller the room. This principle will help to avoid problems with device placement and will lower the cost of purchasing cladding materials. The space should be as functional as possible. It is essential to have an unobstructed path to any point of the bathroom. The masters recommend using gloss in the cladding to visually expand the space.

The more reflective surfaces in the room, the larger it appears. Mirrors that are large visually expand the space. The walls’ height is increased by mounting glossy panels to the ceiling. The use of light tones in the cladding materials will also contribute to the appearance of larger apartments.

It is important to understand that white and its derivatives reflect light well, which makes the room wider.

Medium bathroom remodel: sequence of works
Medium bathroom remodel: sequence of works

The following are some of the most popular bathroom decoration styles:

Classic. This style is appropriate for those who want to decorate a room in light colors. Furniture must be refined and elegant. The decor should be given special consideration. Classics cannot be imagined without candlesticks, gilded locker handles, and mirrors in baguettes.

Hi-tech. Connoisseurs of minimalism and functionality will appreciate this style. The room’s design is dominated by cold tones, straight lines, and sharp corners. Furniture is chosen with a minimum of decoration: simplicity and functionality are valued. Plumbing fixtures should serve multiple purposes.

Medium bathroom remodel: sequence of works
Medium bathroom remodel: sequence of works

Romanticism. The emphasis in this style is on comfort. Elegance is important in furniture and plumbing. The abundance of hand-painted ornamentation is the style’s defining feature. The decor should make the room feel comfortable. People frequently purchase decorative shelves and cabinets, wicker baskets, and soft carpets.

Medium bathroom remodel: sequence of works
Medium bathroom remodel: sequence of works

When working independently, it is critical to becoming acquainted with the sequence of their actions. They begin by sketching the room, taking into account all communications. It is critical to determine whether or not to replace the bath bowl. Acrylic can be used to update the device. If additional space is required, a shower cabin is recommended. In today’s sanitary appliance market, you can purchase a shower with a corner bath.

 Following the creation of plans and estimates, the old trim is removed and unnecessary appliances are disconnected. Even if it is not replaced, the bathroom bowl must be removed. The device’s dimensions obstruct finishing work. All construction debris has been removed, and the surfaces have been thoroughly cleaned.

Examine the condition of the walls to see if the cladding needs to be replaced entirely. If the coating is only slightly deformed, the finish can be partially corrected.

A completely empty room is measured. An estimate is made based on the received data and preliminary sketches. Determine the total number of materials and tools required. The experts advise purchasing a finish with a reserve of about 15%. Pipes and plumbing fixtures are among the items on the list.

Medium bathroom remodel: sequence of works

The surfaces are then repaired. Pipes and electrical cables must be installed in accordance with a predetermined plan. At the end of the pipe installation, you may need to cut through the struts and seal them. The walls have been plastered and leveled. If necessary, concrete is poured into the floors. When working on the rough surface treatment, the issue of ventilation placement is resolved.


Medium bathroom remodels following the installation of ventilation ducts, the decorative finishing of the room is completed. The work begins with the design of the ceiling, progresses along the walls, and concludes with the final laying of the floor. Plumbing fixtures are installed after the room has been thoroughly dried. A sealant is applied to all joints. The room has been tried again, and the electrical appliances have been reconnected.

The final step is to arrange the accessories. The list of these works is lengthy, but it is not difficult to handle the repairs yourself. It is sufficient to simply follow the instructions and not violate the work technology.

It is critical to use high-quality materials and not skimp on protective equipment.

Medium bathroom remodel: sequence of works

Drawing up drawings and carrying out work on dismantling old coatings and devices are all part of the preparatory stage. In order to disconnect the pipes in a panel house or “stotinka,” the water must be turned off. Then, using a welding machine, obsolete sections of pipes and risers are removed. The work must be done carefully because there is a risk of causing damage to the house’s communications.

Dismantling can be done by hand, but it is preferable to hire professionals.

To prevent debris from entering during the repair process, the communications holes are covered with a film. Remove the old finish from the room’s surfaces next. It is preferable to clean all the way down to the concrete base. The new concrete rough wall coating will last longer. A metal brush is used to remove paint and plaster, and a perforator is used to crush ceramics. By moistening the surface, you can reduce the amount of dust. Remember to put on a protective mask.


If a crunch is heard when applying pressure to the tile, it means that the ceramic panel has peeled away from the surface. A mosaic like this is immediately removed. The wall tiles have been tapped. The presence of voids is indicated by a booming sound. Fragments with visible cracks must also be disassembled. If the room has a suspended ceiling, it is removed. Together with the box, the door is removed.

There are several methods for removing the old cladding. The grout is soaked in a gentle manner. Because soft glue does not adhere well to ceramics, the fragment can be carefully removed. A hammer and a chisel are required tools for this work.

The ceramics can be dismantled using a perforator in an emergency. This process is loud and produces a lot of dust, but it saves time. Many people hire a team of craftspeople. The work is completed in record time, resulting in a perfectly clean surface.


Strobes are punched on the basis of a drawn-up plan for laying communications in the walls. They are intended to repair the pipeline. To avoid making holes in the walls, the pipes must be relocated to the bathroom’s sanitary area. After cleaning all of the surfaces, you can begin leveling the walls and floor.

Don’t skimp on the plumbing fixtures you buy. Because it is difficult to replace the system, the entrance cranes must be of high quality. Crane dismantling requires disconnecting risers, which is not cheap. Pipes should be installed inside the walls. The process may be lengthy, but the bulging portions of the communication will not detract from the interior of the room. Similar grooves in the wall are cut for electrical wires.


Some nuances should be taken into account in the work:

  • Cavities between the finishing materials and the main structures should be avoided. A fungus quickly forms in the intervals due to the increased humidity in the bathroom. Plastic panels are not permitted to be used to decorate the walls.
  • Materials must be highly resistant to rotting. Purchasing hygroscopic analogs is not advised. Anticorrosive coloring agents should be used.
  • If the bathroom is too small, it can be combined with another bathroom. This type of renovation should be coordinated with specialists. Capital walls are not demolishable.


You can hire professionals for some jobs. Certain stages of repair are simple to carry out on your own. Experts recommend alternating professional work with work done with their own hands to save money and build a sturdy structure.

This advice is still applicable when performing cosmetic repairs. The owners can do their own painting and finishing. It is preferable to delegate communication to the masters.

Before beginning work, turn off not only the water supply but also the electricity. The apartment must be completely de-energized before cutting the cables. It is critical to remember the safety rules while working. The materials are handled in accordance with the instructions provided. The treated room must be ventilated on a regular basis. It is not necessary to apply the material to a surface that is not designed for this purpose.


New communications

Sewerage, plumbing, electrical wiring, and ventilation all contribute to home communications. The ventilation ducts are not touched while the repair is being made. If the old grille has gathered a lot of dirt and the draft has dropped, you can replace it. The grille must be finished to complement the surroundings.

For instance, in the “Stalinka,” the sewage is made up of cast-iron pipes in an old dwelling. Such constructions ought to be taken down. Plastic items have taken the place of bulky communications.

It’s crucial to plan the water supply to each water supply point. Planning is done in advance for the placement of washbasins, baths, and washing machines. Pipe laying is scheduled based on the scheme that was obtained.


Medium Bathroom Remodel the water moves more freely through the pipes the lower they are laid. The brain’s minimum angle is 5 degrees. The shower cabin can be installed on the podium to achieve the desired slope. Special equipment is used to solder plastic products. It is available for rent. Communication breakdown should be avoided.   

The masters advise following the following rules to save money on building materials without sacrificing structure quality:

  • Rejection of costly finishes. Cheaper analogs almost always have the same high crack resistance. Modern companies make ceramics that look like natural stone. Natural materials are expensive, whereas mosaic is much less so.
  • Work in stages. The masters offer to buy all of the facing materials and finish the room first. The second stage involves the purchase and installation of plumbing. Between these stages, some time may elapse.
  • Performing the work on my own. They save money by not rejecting the services of construction companies in this case.


If the work is supposed to be done on its own, the cost of the work is zero; if specialists are involved, everything depends on the list of work performed. The cost of the work must also be taken into account. It is preferable to delegate electrical work to professionals.

The masters distinguish the following types of this work:

  • electrical wiring – cable laying and attachment
  • Sockets and switches must be installed.


For Medium Bathroom Remodel you should be prepared for the final cost to be a quarter higher than the estimated value. Additional materials are frequently required to eliminate defects that have occurred during the course of work. It is sometimes necessary to redo floor screeding or panel installation. Changing the design solution can raise costs.

It is necessary to take into account the following points:

  • Tiles for use in high-humidity areas should have a water absorption coefficient of no more than 3%.
  • Consider the tile’s size. Large fragments are not appropriate for finishing a small room. You will need to cut the ceramics into pieces in order to get a drawing of the correct size. Too much waste is produced during this type of work. The more difficult it is to lay a panel flat, the larger the panel size.
  • It is not necessary to buy packages from various batches. The hue of such samples may vary slightly. Such a color difference can distort the appearance of the bathroom in natural light. The sizes of tiles from different batches may also differ. The difference in ceramics can be measured in millimeters. This type of tile should not be used on the floor.
  • It is necessary to inspect the sets for cracked and broken tiles. It is critical to avoid various types of chips and damage. Do not believe there are no packages available without marriage. Choosing a good product can help you save money.
  • The reserve for horizontally laying tiles should be 10% of the total number of fragments. When selecting diagonal masonry, the reserve should be increased to 15%. Beginners can learn diagonal masonry for the first time.


Each type of tile is labeled with a different color. The first grade corresponds to red, while the second corresponds to blue. Third-grade tiles are marked in green. A 5% deviation can be found among ceramics of the first grade. This occurrence is tolerable. The defect could affect a quarter of the second-grade tiles in the batch. When selecting a third-grade batch, you may notice that each fragment deviates slightly from the norm.

The best material for laying the floor is porcelain stoneware. Floor tiles should have a rough surface and be extremely strong. When selecting a material for high-humidity rooms, it is necessary to inspect the samples for surface cracks. Dots and micro-arcs are also unacceptable as flaws. Even minor cracks reduce the strength of the surface and can lead to mold growth.


PVC panels are ideal for use as wall cladding. The material comes in a variety of colors and can be used for any decorative solution. The panel’s standard length ranges from 2400 to 3700 millimeters, and the sample’s width ranges from 125 to 300 millimeters. PVC has a thickness of fewer than 12 millimeters, making it a simple material to work with. This option is ideal for use in a small bathroom.

The panels are moisture-resistant and sanitary. The coating is typically applied to a frame made of wooden or galvanized beams. The PVC perfectly adheres to the rough surface of the concrete.


Spike slots and locks are used to connect the PVC pieces. Brackets and screws are used to secure such panels to the frame. Special profile elements such as corners and slats are included with the panels. Because the connecting seams are virtually invisible, the finished surface appears monolithic.

Some of the panels in the corners must be cut off, necessitating the purchase of two panels in excess of the estimated value. Liquid nails or staples are used to secure PVC to a smooth treated surface. Plastic corners can be used to conceal gaps between the panel and the adjacent surface.

Because it tolerates saturated moist air well, decorative plaster is ideal for bathroom interior decoration. Modern materials are resistant to the chemicals found in detergents. An important rule to remember when applying plaster is that the coating must be laid on a smooth surface. Rough walls must be properly leveled.

Many construction companies prefer Venetian plaster. The smooth surface has a diverse range of shades and colors. The material does not absorb moisture and can retain its original appearance for an extended period of time.

Textured plaster, unlike Venetian, retains moisture drops. Such materials should be reserved for the decoration of bedrooms and living rooms. It will quickly collapse if it is constantly in contact with what.

High-tech style

The bathroom in the photograph is designed in a high-tech style. Every device is multifunctional. The cladding and furniture have clean lines and sharp corners. Soft color transitions and rounded-edged objects are almost entirely absent. The abundance of shiny surfaces reflects light, visually expanding the space.

The mirror’s placement opposite the opening creates a kind of mirror maze. This increases the size of the apartment. When decorating a strict bathroom, the combination of gray and white is a classic technique. Mirrors with unusual shapes and illumination add mystery to the room.

Medium Bathroom Remodel


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