Loft-Style Bathroom Design Ideas

Loft-Style Bathroom Design Ideas are rightfully regarded as one of the most perplexing and contradictory interior design styles. He was able to blend rough textures, finishing flaws, and elegant decor. The design direction that was originally used for repurposing industrial buildings for residential houses is now successfully used in the design of apartments and country houses.

Loft-Style Bathroom Design Ideas

Loft-Style Bathroom Design Ideas artists, authors, and other creative people frequently select bathrooms in the loft style. This book will appeal to bachelors and people who don’t like to spend a lot of time on intricate cleaning because it blends practicality and minimalism. The loft is also appreciated by everyone who wants to get a trendy home while also saving money because designing a space in this way does not require spending a lot of money.

Loft-Style Bathroom Design Ideas

Signs of loft style in the bathroom interior

The loft-style bathroom has a number of features:

  • Unfinished brickwork or its imitation. If there are concrete walls in the room, they are left in their original form.
  • A loft-style room is commonly associated with an attic, a warehouse, or a production room that has been converted into a residential space.
  • The cost of repairs in this style will be much lower for the house’s owner than in other directions.
  • Open communication is available. Metal frames, wooden formwork, wires, and pipes are not hidden here; they are an integral part of the design.
  • High ceilings and a large room area distinguish loft-style rooms. However, if desired, even a small bathroom can be decorated in this style.
  • Modern technological solutions are used.
  • The presence of large windows that are not curtained. Instead, neutral-toned blinds or metal grilles can be used.
  • A loft-style apartment is frequently mistaken for a studio. There are no partitions, doors, or walls. The bathroom is an exception.
Loft-Style Bathroom Design Ideas

The materials used in the loft-style bathroom design are also unique. Concrete walls, rough brickwork, open communications, ceiling beams, wooden floors, stainless steel, and avant-garde accessories will work well here.

Loft-Style Bathroom Design Ideas

Gray is the dominant color in this style. Despite its versatility, there is no reason to avoid using additional accents. Dark blue, aquamarine, and azure will be the standard in this case.

Loft-Style Bathroom Design Ideas

This style is distinguished by industrial metal lamps that are attached to the wall or hung directly on the wires. Vintage appliances with forged elements are not unnecessary here. LED strips can be used to create a daylight-like effect.

This approach has both advantages and disadvantages. Positive characteristics include:

  • savings on repair work because the wall, floor, and ceiling decoration is minimal, and you can reuse old furniture and plumbing;
  • an open layout that allows you to customize the room to your liking;
  • The space is made larger by using less furniture and decor.

One disadvantage is that due to a lack of partitions, it is impossible to retire.

Loft-Style Bathroom Design Ideas

Brickwork: where and how to apply in the bathroom

For economic reasons, the brickwork was initially not processed during the renovation of the industrial premises. Later, it became synonymous with the style. Today, designers create a brick wall specifically for this purpose, leaving it in this form. If this is not possible, the visual effect is created with artificial materials. The contrast created by combining raw bricks with modern finishing materials allows for interesting solutions even in a small space like a bathroom.

Loft-Style Bathroom Design Ideas

Glass partitions will look great with rough bricks. They will introduce new notes into the room. Even a small masonry fragment can indicate that the bathroom is in the loft.

A brick is commonly used to create a stunning apron next to a bathroom or sink. Special solutions are used to protect the wall from excessive humidity and to prevent the growth of fungus. After that, such a surface requires no special care.

Loft-Style Bathroom Design Ideas

If you intend to build masonry next to the shower, it is critical to close it with a glass partition, seal it, or replace it with brick-patterned tiles. This is because the masonry can eventually collapse when exposed to water or hot steam.

Brick can be used to finish not only the wall but also the floor or the bathroom if desired. A brick pattern is sometimes used on the ceiling as well.

Loft-Style Bathroom Design Ideas

Concrete surfaces in the bathroom interior

Another feature of the industrial style is a concrete wall with a distinctive rough porous texture. This material is well-known for its malleability and ability to shape the wall to any shape.

Loft-Style Bathroom Design Ideas

Despite its low cost and practicality, when choosing this material for finishing, keep in mind that it can be damaged in the presence of mechanical load. This should be considered when positioning furniture and heavy equipment.

Loft-Style Bathroom Design Ideas

Loft-Style Bathroom Design Ideas given the peculiarities of this room, which is frequently humid, concrete must also be treated with special moisture-resistant solutions. The walls in a loft-style bathroom do not need to be painted. As a result, the concrete surface is frequently left in its original form. However, if desired, it can be easily repainted in any color that complements the overall design.

Loft-Style Bathroom Design Ideas

A concrete screed can be used to finish the countertop. It’ll be interesting to see if there’s a mirror in the background.

The self-leveling concrete floor is ideal for the loft. Aside from its unusual appearance, this material is also simple to maintain. Such a floor does not necessitate any special painting. Its distinct color and texture can be used as an industrial companion. There are some exceptions, such as when the concrete floor or walls are painted in soothing neutral colors.

Suitable furniture

The loft shares a characteristic with high-tech and minimalism: it is straightforward. This should be considered when selecting furniture.

When designing a loft-style toilet, keep the contrast in mind. If modern finishing materials are used, vintage or artificially aged furniture is required. In addition, if the floor and walls appear worn or worn, you can use innovative furniture models.

Loft-Style Bathroom Design Ideas

If the room is small, keep the number of pieces of furniture to a minimum. It is sufficient to utilize 1-2 hinged shelves or a small cabinet. Because open communication is a distinguishing feature of the industrial style, it is not necessary to close the sink with a bedside table.

Loft-Style Bathroom Design Ideas

You can install a furniture set here to create comfort if the size of the room allows it. Designers recommend the following facades based on the features of the interior:

  • covered in a laminated film that resembles the structure of stone or wood;
  • made from artificially aged wood
  • made of plastic with a neutral color scheme.
Loft-Style Bathroom Design Ideas

When arranging furniture, keep in mind that this stylistic direction presupposes the presence of open space. As a result, even if the bathroom is large, it is not necessary to overcrowd it with furniture and decorative items.

Designers recommend a competent approach to furniture selection when there is very little space in the room and it needs to be visually wider. Instead of the usual cabinets with hinged bulky shelves, a corner cabinet with a sink and a countertop is preferable. The bathroom is being replaced with a shower cabin. In a small room, unusual wall and floor finishes combined with compact furniture will look fantastic.

Loft-Style Bathroom Design Ideas

Plumbing selection

Plumbing plays an important role in the layout of the loft-style bathroom. All products should be simple and straightforward, with a seasoned, preferably rectangular shape.

Loft-Style Bathroom Design Ideas

Loft-Style Bathroom Design Ideas at the same time, this style can be an excellent canvas for expressing one’s imagination. For example, instead of a sink, a large basin or even a metal bowl may be used. Suspended or overhead cantilever variations made of stone or glass that allow viewing of water and sewer pipes are appropriate.

It is preferable to leave the shower area open, with no curtains or a pallet. The mixer is wall or ceiling mounted. A clear, laconically designed box will look nice.

Loft-Style Bathroom Design Ideas

It is not necessary to select a cast-iron bathroom, as was done 50 years ago. Today, there are many interesting models available that will fit in with the design:

  • baths that are transparent;
  • steel versions with cast legs and an enameled finish;
  • copper alternatives
  • concrete baths with themes;
  • models with original fiberglass inserts.

When selecting a mixer, it is best to consider other aspects of the room’s design. Vintage elements made of copper and brass will blend in with the background of tiles that mimic natural stone. Chrome or nickel-plated faucets complement brickwork or unpainted concrete beautifully.

Loft-Style Bathroom Design Ideas


Loft-Style Bathroom Design Ideas the loft cannot be called a “style for everyone”. Some find it too simple and boring, others find it non-trivial, and still, others see it as an opportunity to express themselves. It works well as a bathroom decoration in both a small city apartment and a chic country cottage.

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