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Home decor in detail: harmony in the interior

Home decor in detail the decor ideas below will help the homeowner to make repairs or mini-renovation of his living space. With their help, you can enliven the room, making it more cozy and spacious.

Modern elements and interior decor items

There are numerous conditions that will aid in the modernization of interior design. The following are some décor ideas for decorating your home in line with current trends.

Home decor in detail: harmony in the interior

Using a palette that conveys a specific mood

Color always tells a story, appealing to different feelings. Homeowners use complex color palettes to create an atmosphere in various spaces. There are no specific shades related to modern design. A person can freely choose colors that correspond to his inner state.

Home decor in detail: harmony in the interior

The only rule is that colors should not be too “appropriate” for each other. Unusual color combinations, such as delicate blue and gray with vibrant ochre, add to the room’s freshness.

Home decor in detail: harmony in the interior

Modern homeowners also shun the light brown, beige, and cream colors that were popular in the 1980s and 1990s. As a neutral range, they like muted grays, whites, or even black and dark blue tones. They always dilute the house décor with vivid hues, which can be the mainstay of the interior or merely in highlights such as decorative cushions, works of art, or finishes.

Furthermore, various artificial flowers will be a great choice because you will not have to worry about them withering quickly.

Artificial flowers for decorating are now nearly indistinguishable from actual flowers. Furthermore, several producers provide unique oils that give such flowers a natural perfume.

Home decor in detail: harmony in the interior

Texture connection

The texture of the surface, whether soft or firm, rough or smooth, influences the overall ambiance of the area. A thin translucent curtain will not elicit the same emotions as a hefty dark brown curtain. A rattan rocking chair is not the same as a velvet recliner chair. Choosing the proper textures and making sure they blend well together is a key step in modern design.

Organic characteristics, such as a live edge and aged wood detailing, are popular among modern house decorators. They add warmth and comfort to the room while keeping it modern. However, while utilizing wood in home décor, it is crucial not to overdo it. It looks good with both warm and bright hues. “Hard” and “soft” materials must be combined in modern space design.

Home decor in detail: harmony in the interior

Decorative accents with clear lines and bold patterns in unexpected places, such as wallpaper or floor tiles, favorably emphasize the overall style of the space. But interior elements with colorful ornaments should be diluted with solid colors so that the eye has a place to cling to.

Home decor in detail: harmony in the interior

Refined materials such as glass or marble, or high-end industrial textures such as exposed brick or unpolished steel, are now at the peak of popularity.

To add textures without global repairs, various wall panels imitating stone, brick, and other materials are also used.

However, they must be blended with warm tones so that the area does not appear uninteresting or frigid.

Home decor in detail: harmony in the interior

Shapes and lines of decorative elements

The texture is intimately tied to the product’s shape and lines. Soft and lush shapes may be necessary for some situations, but angular, square, or even geometric patterns will appear more organic. Cleaner lines are prevalent in modern design.

Home decor in detail: harmony in the interior

The term “lines” refers to the subject’s outline. Interior designers refer to clean lines as smooth and smooth lines. Soft lines, on the other hand, may appeal to someone who prefers soft furniture and organic shapes. Although each homeowner selects decorative pieces of various shapes, the combination of soft and clean lines, in general, produces a sense of overall harmony.

Home decor in detail: harmony in the interior

Natural light and an open floor plan

Today, the open space layout is highly popular. Modern designers love studio flats because they are the easiest to make feel expansive. Because doors and walls do not block sunshine, the open-plan layout allows homeowners to employ natural lighting.

Home decor in detail: how to achieve harmony in the interior

Finishing curtains on wide windows allow even more natural light in modern decor ideas. Many modern homeowners are building window walls, big French doors, or even double sliding glass doors in their living rooms to allow uninterrupted access to light.

Home decor in detail: how to achieve harmony in the interior

Combination of industrial and natural elements

Home Decor In Detail frequently incorporates a mix of elements, such as folk rock with a metal clamp or an armchair made of artificial sheepskin with a metal frame. The combination of these two styles creates a unique wood and sparks attention in the area.

Home decor in detail: how to achieve harmony in the interior

Floors that are bare but have high-quality finishes

Modern design has given place to fresh materials and a more relaxed atmosphere with clean lines. Bare floors polished with high-quality materials such as hardwood, ceramic and granite tiles, travertine stone, and marble is a striking feature of modern decor.

Modern details

Detailing is important in a modern home, just as it was in previous eras of decoration. Beautiful elements, such as lighting fixtures that resemble works of art, will become simple and distinct interior accents.

Hidden technologies

“Hidden details” are an area of modern decor that many designers love. People see innovative technologies like phones and laptops every day in the workplace and at home. However, some modern components, such as wireless and remote access control for regulating electronics, heating/cooling systems, lighting, security, and other systems, should be buried under elegant interior elements.

Rejection of the “old world” thinking in decor

Each design era borrows elements from the previous one. The contemporary age is more associated with the abandonment of traditional and formal interior design principles. It’s becoming more open and simple.

Whether the homeowner chooses to make his home eclectic, blending aspects from several eras, or prefers to be ultra-modern in nature, the house should reflect his personal lifestyle.

Window Decor

Windows in a home serve as a means of communication with the outside world, and how they are adorned has a big impact on the overall style of interior design. For those who live in wooded or secluded places, leaving them open is an elegant modern solution. Giving up curtains is not an option for folks who have neighbors, sidewalks, and roadways just a few steps away.

There are several choices if the curtains appear too fussy for the minimalist furnishings and the blinds do not complement the current design of the space. Here are some modern window design ideas that will protect the homeowner’s privacy while still displaying his sense of style.

Home decor in detail: how to achieve harmony in the interior

Frosted glass, window films, and glass picture wallpapers allow light in while keeping artwork, wood, and other household goods from aging due to sun exposure. They also offer privacy and conceal undesirable vistas.

This ornamental element is particularly appealing to persons who suffer from allergies or hypersensitivity to dust or pet hair, which tends to accumulate in curtains.

Privacy is ensured by frosted glass. It is made by treating window glass, covering it with translucent contact paper, or spraying it. Depending on their demands, the homeowner can process only the entire window or a portion of it.

Decorative adhesive films provide numerous possibilities, including the fabrication of stained glass. Many of them are simply removable, allowing the homeowner to alter the window design as frequently as the interior decor.


Laser-cut metal screens are a daring design option. On days when the weather is nice, some of them include retractable parts that allow air to flow. Folding screens do not collect allergens like pet hair or dust mites and can be used to divide space within a single room.

Home decor in detail: how to achieve harmony in the interior

Curtains and blinds

New textiles that screen UV light has given window curtains a second wind. Many can be configured to lift and lower with no effort or by hitting a button on the remote. Solid blinds or adjustable-length blinds can be painted to match or enhance the room’s color scheme.


Plants, particularly tall, thick types, placed on the inner windowsill give not only concealment but also basic beauty, with the added benefit of air filtration.

Home decor in detail: how to achieve harmony in the interior

Elements of art

The appropriate size and shape of artwork may enhance any environment. As a curtain, the homeowner might use his favorite artwork or drawing.

Cards or posters can also be transformed into unique curtains that provide seclusion while also generating a unique color scheme.

Rope Decor

Natural rope is a great eco-friendly resource for modern interior design and décor. If the home’s owner is a concerned global citizen, natural rope décor is suitable for adorning his living space. The greatest eco-friendly decorative materials are Manila and sisal ropes, hemp, and cotton ropes.

Rope home decor offers a natural touch to modern homes while also decorating areas with unique and innovative design ideas. Ropes are ideally suited for wall and furniture decoration. Rope-decorated furniture is an organic piece of modern furniture.

Natural rope can be used to make a bedside table, coffee table, or chair. Hanging beds and chairs, as well as light designs made of rope, add an industrial element to modern home design. Rope decor pieces bring a beach theme to the design.

Home decor in detail: how to achieve harmony in the interior

Decor ideas that integrate natural rope in the room’s divider, walls, ceiling, or stair railing seem innovative. The ropes have a lovely texture and their organicity softens the style of a modern area.

Home decor in detail: how to achieve harmony in the interior

The most popular rope accessories include wall mirrors, picture frames, headboards, ornamental vases, candlesticks, wall and door wreaths, storage boxes and home organizers, floor mats, and table decorations.

Home decor in detail: how to achieve harmony in the interior

Natural rope adds a nautical vibe to interior design, making fantastic beach home and cottage decor items. The sea rope evokes traditions while reinforcing the ideals of the industrial interior style, providing distinct natural notes to men’s living spaces.

Original decor elements for each room

You only need a few unique décor pieces to make each area in the house look attractive and complete:

  • The bedroom is pitch black. This may appear to be an unsuitable alternative for those who prefer light or bright colors. However, black hooks, candlesticks, rugs, lamps, vases, books, walls, pens, and other accessories are guaranteed to make the bedroom appear larger.
  • Wooden accents in the living room Regardless matter the finish, wood is a warm substance. Wooden tables, chairs, bookcases, benches, and other furnishings will provide warmth to the living space.
  • Fabric accents in the bathroom. Every room should have something soft. Beautiful towels, mats, or shower curtains can be used as these accents in the bathroom.
  • Smooth shapes for children. Smooth curves keep the room from appearing overly boxy and harsh. Clocks and ornamental pillows, for example, can add interest to a room. Even a lovely desk where the child will complete his homework will suffice!
  • House plants in the kitchen Flowers and plants bring life into the space. They might be a bright and cheery accent or just a bright and attractive feature in a tranquil kitchen.
Home decor in detail: how to achieve harmony in the interior
Home decor in detail: how to achieve harmony in the interior
Home decor in detail: how to achieve harmony in the interior

Decor by exclusion method – how it works

The exclusion strategy is intended for spaces with an abundance of ornamental components. It works like this: the homeowner should get rid of some of the unnecessary small items, leaving just the brightest, but also basic, pieces that improve the overall design of the area. The empty space will be far more comfortable than mountains of meaningless things.


Home decor in detail is fascinating, but it also involves significant obstacles. The goal should be to demonstrate the beauty of the design with taste. At the same time, the decorator may face numerous problems, ranging from rooms with insufficient natural light to spaces with significantly smaller proportions than we would prefer. However, instead of being considered a stumbling block, they could be used as a source of inspiration for designing a dream home.

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