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Great 15 ideas Decorative plants in the living room

Great 15 ideas Decorative plants in the living room in the living room when choosing vegetation for the living room, strict security is not required, as for rooms where close people sleep. Although, if small children are running around, plants with poisonous parts or an acrid smell will have to be abandoned.

In condos, the job of a lounge is performed by a corridor where they accumulate in the night, and meet visitors, for example, there are many individuals here at one time. Designing the inside, picking arranging, it is important to deal with improving the room with newness, and clean air, which additionally ought to be with a moderate degree of moistness. Together, this will make a great air needed for positive disposition, well-being, and prosperity. This implies that indoor plants in the lounge room don’t have a particular capacity.

Great 15 ideas Decorative plants in the living room

Of course, the large space of the room allows you to add creative ideas on how to arrange plants in the living room to install several different compositions at once, while a small room can be decorated with one of these elements

Setting plants here doesn’t have to surge at full power. Straightforwardness will be suitable: picking a couple of plants that are generally helpful or pleasant. In case there is an intense lack of free space, it will be more pertinent to put blossoms in pots. This will permit even the littlest space to make a little island that will essentially be green or ready to blossom.

The circumstance is diverse with a room with space and great lighting. It is absolutely impossible to ruin it, regardless of whether you place twelve blossoms here. In the event that you would rather not work freely with vegetation or on the other hand in case, it is hard to figure out what is more reasonable, and how it ought to be found effectively, you can generally go to experts who will assist with the plan.

If you do this without outside help, it’s enough just to trust your taste, and preferences, and take into account the need for illumination of the selected specimens. There is no need to get upset if the designed project does not match the specific styles described by the designers. The main point is that the landscaping done is the most comfortable for the owner and the household, brings them joy, and does not interfere with moving around the living room.

Great 15 ideas Decorative plants in the living room

Different flowers collected in groups (they are called compositions) are not а  simple aesthetic devices. There are huge practical reasons for such а compilation:

  • Due to the location of the green mass in groups, care is greatly facilitated, i.e. it becomes much easier to water and trim them.
  • The mistakes made in the compositions are not so visible.
  • The systematic arrangement of plants contributes to the establishment of a certain order. This is very convenient and more beautiful compared to randomly placed single flower pots in a huge area.
  • With the group placement of indoor flowers, a microclimate is created that has a favorable effect on each representative. Due to the evaporation of moisture from the soil and foliage, plants that have a nondescript appearance when placed alone are transformed in group placement with other brethren.

Flowers in the interior of a residential building: what role do they play

Decorative plants in the living room in the rooms absorb carbon dioxide and saturate the space with oxygen. Bright greenery and beautiful buds lift a person’s mood and bring a sense of harmony to the home. In addition to the aesthetic component, flowers perform a practical role.

Zoning ideas to arrange plants for the living room

Indoor plants of the living room in the interior of the living room are used to divide the space into functional parts. If you put a container with large flowers at the entrance to the zone, then the isolation of the site is visually emphasized. The delimiter element should not look alien. The decoration is coordinated with the rest of the design with the help of accessories or texture on the pot.

Great 15 ideas Decorative plants in the living room

From the weaving plants, you can make an undeniable green screen by fixing the shoots on the backings. At the foundation of the versatile screen on wheels, there are pots with little leaved cissus. Sumptuous living segments of wax ivy amicably fit into the private inside, simultaneously.

Decorative plants in the living room The partition frame for hanging planters resembles a transparent wall. If the design is placed between the desktop and the sofa, it will be easy to separate the two functional parts. For indoor plants in the interior, through racks are often used. Ampel varieties with hanging shoots will help to adjust the degree of closeness of the structure.

Great 15 ideas Decorative plants in the living room

Ideas on how to arrange plants in the living room if you need to clearly define the boundaries of the living room, then it is appropriate to use high curbstones. Flowers are planted in the upper part of the container, the bottom has a decorative function. A half-wall of plants does not block the view while dividing the room into working parts.

Great 15 ideas Decorative plants in the living room
Great 15 ideas Decorative plants in the living room
Great 15 ideas Decorative plants in the living room

Correction of errors by indoor plants in the living room

With the assistance of plants, fashioners cover the blemishes of the inside from meddlesome eyes. Enlivening yields occupy consideration from the pain point. Scrapes and chips on the dividers will be covered with rich vegetation. Blossoms look like models, not as splendid accents.

Great 15 ideas Decorative plants in the living room

Decorative plants in the living room in the interior help to beat the unsuccessful places of decoration. So that an empty wall or a large table does not attract attention, you need to place flowers. Designers recommend using a game of contrasts, combining:

  • tall and miniature views;
  • green and colored foliage;
  • vertical and horizontal placement

Indoor plants stretching to the ceiling visually increase the height, and a massive palm tree in a small-sized Khrushchev will emphasize the lack of free space. The lack of useful squares in the room will help to correct the floating composition of hanging planters located in the background.

Great 15 ideas Decorative plants in the living room

Decorative plants in the living room create points of attraction

Decorative plants in the living room with the help of which the interior emphasize the beauty of wallpaper and the combination of different textures on the walls, ceiling, and floor. Antique objects and fashionable furniture are equally well combined with flowers. Decorative cultures focus on family photos and rare accessories. Dosed use of greenery will save the room from clutter.

Great 15 ideas Decorative plants in the living room

Compact indoor plants in the living room in the interior will replace live bouquets. Miniature planters in wicker baskets are a great alternative to vases. Color spots are used to decorate coffee and tea tables, the working area of the kitchen, and the surface of the bar counter. Pots can be placed on the edges of the stairs or enliven the space next to the mirror.

Great 15 ideas Decorative plants in the living room

Indoor plants in the living room emphasize the style

With the help of decorative plants in the living room in the interior, designers give completeness to the design. The rustic charm of Provence is emphasized by violets on the windowsill, indoor roses, and Сampanulas on the table. It is difficult to imagine a living room without a ficus in a huge tub or Сhlorophytum on the bedside table. Hanging ivy shoots and tradescantia look great on shelves and hanging cabinets.

Great 15 ideas Decorative plants in the living room

Exotic flowers are used in the interior of the colonial style. A spreading palm tree or shade-tolerant Hamedorea will bring a tropical accent to the hall. The space harmoniously combines African masks and a pot with a large fern. Furniture made of rattan or bamboo will complement orchids and bromeliads.

Great 15 ideas Decorative plants in the living room

Plants in the hi-tech interior are characterized by playing with unusual shapes and textures. On the windowsill, honorariums of succulents are appropriate. Artificial lighting creates the illusion of spaciousness in the room, and single fresh flowers make the design cozier. Lemons or areca palms in huge glass tubs harmoniously fit into the design of a technological style.

In the classical direction of the living room, strict order and symmetry are welcome. Paired plants are used in the interior, otherwise, the effect of the incompleteness of the composition is created. Pots with begonias, hydrangeas, or camellias look elegant on bedside tables or a table. Massive tree-like ficus, dracaena, or monstera are located in the recreation area. As an additional decoration, stucco molding on ceramic pots is appropriate.

Great 15 ideas Decorative plants in the living room

Decorative plants in the living room will emphasize the luxurious Art Nouveau style it is difficult to imagine without living plants. Decorative cultures look harmoniously in the interior, which outwardly resembles sculptures – dieffenbachia, yucca, or indoor spruce. When using wallpaper with small ornaments, designers recommend taking curly varieties with large leaves. Flowers should complement, not prevail in the design.

TOP 15 most popular types of indoor plants in the living room

Great 15 ideas Decorative plants in the living room

It has a strong aroma due to the rich content of essential oils. For this reason, geraniums are not recommended to be grown in bedrooms and children’s rooms. The exception is the period of viral diseases. At this time, it is placed in the room where the sick person sleeps.

Essential oils have positive properties and abilities. The flower is left until full recovery to the household. Geranium (pelargonium) has a very beautiful appearance and even more beautiful flowering with a variety of shades. This is the most suitable plant for the living room, where its rich aroma will dissolve in space and not be perceived very intrusively. The flower loves light very much, so you need to choose a well-lit place for it.


Great 15 ideas Decorative plants in the living room

A beautiful plant with a strong aroma. It is not recommended for growing in small rooms. There are various types: multicolored medicinal primrose Jasmine prefers to grow in a place with good lighting, especially at the time of flowering. It is better to protect it from direct hot sunlight. The height of some species can reach 2.5 m.

Citrus tree

Great 15 ideas Decorative plants in the living room

In particular, these are orange, tangerine, and lemon trees. They have a delicate beautiful bloom with a pleasant, well-refreshing air around them, and a soothing aroma. The plant is beautiful at all periods of its development. The trunk of real lemon and orange trees is small and squat. In indoor conditions, the plant grows rapidly in height and can become extremely tall.


Great 15 ideas Decorative plants in the living room

Jasmine gardenia has shiny beautiful leaves. The inflorescences are terry, and fragrant. Deserves a place on the windowsill or a pedestal near it. The plant is light-loving, besides everything else, requiring a lot of attention to itself, and capricious. Despite some difficulty in care, it is a favorite among many owners for its incredible beauty.


Great 15 ideas Decorative plants in the living room

Refers to palm trees. It has a slightly disheveled appearance. Prefers to have a high humidity level in the room. Loves abundant watering, warmth, and good illumination. In the care of the dracaena, periodic spraying and control of the humidity level will be required. Reduced humidity levels can have a detrimental effect on plants. Household appliances, TV, and fireplace strongly burn the air, as well as a large and frequent accumulation of household members in the room. If the indicators are very low, installing a humidifier will help.


Great 15 ideas Decorative plants in the living room

It has a lot of varieties. The real classic is the rubber focus. For modern apartments, types of smaller sizes are chosen: Bengal dwarf ficus Ali ficus Benjamin Plant does not like when it is rearranged but easily transfers places with penumbra. It is an evergreen species but quickly sheds its leaves if the conditions in which it is grown do not suit it. Lowering the temperature to 10-120C can lead to death. Ficus refers to tropical plants. He feels great in room conditions at a temperature of 20-250C. The main thing is that there is sufficient watering.

Amazon Lily

Great 15 ideas Decorative plants in the living room

The flower is also known by another name eucharis. It has a bright, sweet fragrance. Prefers shaded lighting, and warmth. Because of the pronounced aroma of the lily, it is recommended to keep it in the living room.

Chinese Rose

Great 15 ideas Decorative plants in the living room

Another name is hibiscus. A very handsome representative. The flowering has a subtle aroma. The plant has an unpretentious character. Even an inexperienced grower will be able to grow a healthy flower and achieve beautiful abundant flowering. Prefers diffuse lighting.


Great 15 ideas Decorative plants in the living room

It is able to perfectly decorate any room, be it an office or a house. Thanks to the spathiphyllum, the air is saturated with oxygen. Also, the flower cleanses it from various kinds of toxic impurities contained in it. It will look good on the windowsill, stand, or in hanging baskets.

The main thing is to make it easy to take care of him. The natural environment of spathiphyllum is moist, swampy places. For this reason, confined spaces, requires abundant watering, especially in hot summer conditions. The soil should be kept slightly moist. It would not be superfluous to spray the foliage. It does not tolerate drafts, a thermophilic variety. The ideal temperature regime will be +180C. +230C

Tolstyanka (money tree)

Great 15 ideas Decorative plants in the living room

A common tree-like succulent in many rooms. Flower growers love him for being unpretentious, attractive, and having unusual looks. And also, if you believe the beliefs, he is able to bring good luck to the house and attract prosperity. The fat woman likes good illumination in the space but does not tolerate direct sunlight. Suffers from an overabundance of moisture.

Regular ventilation of the room is also necessary. It is better to protect from cold gusts and drafts. You can place a tree in any room, as long as the windows face the southeast side. It is not recommended to put it on the windowsill. The best place would be a pedestal or some other kind of furniture near the window. For the summer period, the tree will feel better in the fresh air, for example, on balconies (if any), but subject to the conditions of protection from direct sunlight.


Great 15 ideas Decorative plants in the living room

The most famous and popular indoor green friend in the world. Decorative-attractive, relatively unpretentious flower. Loves bright light, but hard to tolerate the direct rays of the sun. For this reason, shading is required. The lack of illumination affects the quality of flowering, leading to a complete loss of decorative and attractive appearance. Balsam prefers well-ventilated rooms.

Drafts are undesirable. The optimal air temperature in the spring and summer seasons is 25-260 C. There must be access to fresh air and sufficient moistening of the soil. In winter, the temperature should not fall below +100 C  +160C. If necessary, it is allowed to spray the aboveground part of the flower. The water should be at room temperature. It must be defended.


Great 15 ideas Decorative plants in the living room

Prefers the brightness of sunlight, but not direct sunlight. Therefore, shading is required. The location is possible on the windowsill or near it, but not in the interior of the room, otherwise, it will affect the decorative properties: the duration of flowering will decrease, the flowers will fade, and the color of the leaves will lose its saturation. In the summer, he likes to be in open areas, where there will be plenty of fresh air for Kalanchoe. It belongs to the non-picky species but will suffer from improper compliance with the rules of care. At temperatures below +100C  ++120C, you may get sick.


Great 15 ideas Decorative plants in the living room

The velvety plant has another name – the Mexican petunia. It is distinguished by its unpretentiousness. It has a fairly long flowering, but one inflorescence blooms for only a few hours, and then the petals fall off. It can be located in a planter in the hallway, living room, or kitchen.

It gives comfort and bright colors to those present, raises the mood, and kindles tender feelings. Ruellia needs moderation, but regular watering. Timely spraying is also necessary. The optimum temperature in the room will depend on the time of year: winter – not lower than +180C, summer – up to +240C.


Great 15 ideas Decorative plants in the living room

These exotic representatives are not very demanding to take care of themselves. Only good humidity and a moderately warm climate are required. Orchids are truly royal flowers. They have a huge number of different varieties. The most suitable varieties for the living room include: angrecum aerides Bifrenaria Wanda dendrobium Miltonia Encyclia phalaenopsis

The living room is in most cases a cool, bright room. Indoor plants here can become a real decoration of the interior. And the conditions for them in the spacious living room will be wonderful. Landscaping is able to create a unique cozy atmosphere in the house, which, regardless of its size, is called a native hearth.

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