Dressing table-how to choose the best

All about the Dressing table: the article contains information about the size, and how to organically fit it into a certain interior and space. After reading it, it will become clear what to focus on when choosing a table and how to choose the ideal option based on your preferences.

The size of the dressing table and how to naturally incorporate it into a particular room are both covered in this article. It will be evident after reading it what to concentrate on when selecting a table and how to select the best alternative depending on your preferences.

Dressing table-how to choose the best

Standard dressing table sizes

They use height and length as guidance when purchasing a table. Typically, the height does not exceed 75 cm, but it might vary based on the height of the individual. In terms of length, it ranges from 1 to 1.1 meters for counters that are stationary and from 60 to 65 meters for those that are hung. The maximum standard width is 50 cm.

Dressing table-how to choose the best

Things are different when it comes to the size of a dressing table with a mirror: typically, the mirror is 50×50 cm, but for many people, this is insufficient, so it can be larger (mainly in length – this will allow you to evaluate the compatibility of clothes and, for example, makeup).

The table’s size, particularly its length, increases in proportion to the size of the mirror. For the mirror to stand more steadily or, if it is suspended, to naturally fit into the countertop’s dimensions, it can be expanded up to 1.3 m (occasionally it even exceeds one and a half meters). The capacity of shelves, cabinets, and interior departments will expand as the length of the entire table increases.

Dressing table-how to choose the best

There are average figures based on the size of the room where the table is positioned, thus it is obvious that there is no clear norm (for the most part, it is a bathroom or a bedroom).

Even the height varies; for example, the dressing table is frequently 75 cm tall because this height is appropriate for females of medium height. When seated at the table, you can view your entire head, including your neck, thanks to the placement of the mirror.

Proper fitting into the interior

Any furniture should be able to blend in with the surroundings. This is a challenging undertaking because it calls for thinking through both comfort and beauty issues. Despite the table’s beauty, the room’s decor cannot be matched it. It could not be able to fit into a composition with existing furniture because of its size. Both elements are implied by the interior, therefore you should think about them before making a purchase.

Choosing a location is the first objective. It is usually either a bathroom or a bedroom. The size issue is immediately fixed because the bedroom is obviously bigger than the bathroom and the bathroom table will typically be smaller in size. However, if the room’s space enables you to fit a dressing table with substantial dimensions, you should just focus on the aesthetics.

Dressing table-how to choose the best

Again, everything is more straightforward in the bathroom: typically, the space is decorated with a variety of colors and no longer has any patterns. Compared to the bedroom, the bathroom’s overall composition contains fewer features, so adding new furniture will either accentuate it or make it less noticeable, but it won’t be unnecessary.

You must set the dressing table correctly after selecting a location:

  • You can utilize various designs not just to conserve space but also to maintain and enhance standard design components. It will conserve space and give charm to the room if the table is incorporated into one of the wardrobe’s divisions.
  • The use of combined countertops allows for the placement of a mirror on one side, a computer display on the other, and a compartment for the system unit and wiring at the bottom. This again conserves space, and in addition, the table can serve as both a worker and a toilet;
  • Dressing table-how to choose the best

    Placing a table in the corner will be the best option for the space to naturally blend in. A dressing table by the window would be a good idea, but it must be done properly.

It should be kept in mind that although it will replace the bedside table, it is significantly larger than it. As a result, you should position the table close to the bed (20–40 cm), away from the window, and without blocking it due to its wide width. However, the location near the window will prevent pointless reflections and perspective distortion in the mirror, so nothing will obstruct its use.

Dressing table-how to choose the best

After deciding on a space and a location, you may start considering how the dressing table will work with the surrounding area.

You must first determine who will use the table and where it will be placed. This will enable you to choose the most appropriate type in advance.

The many forms of dressing tables are numerous. We’ll talk about their characteristics below.

The classic version

If not, it might be referred to as standard as all sizes match up to the typical norms. The mirror’s dimensions must not be larger than the previously indicated 50×50 cm.

dressing table

It is ideal for creating makeup at home because it has plenty of shelves and can easily hold all household cosmetics. You can alter the location of mirrors and lockers on some models. This dressing table will look stunning in any environment because it will fit well in the bathroom as well as somewhere in the corner of the bedroom.

Dressing table-how to choose the best

It is advised to use a simple countertop. Brown, dark brown, or black is acceptable hues to use if the inside is decorated in dark colors. A contrasting, polar (totally opposite) pattern of colors running through every aspect of the dressing table design would be a nice addition.

It is preferable to use tiny or medium-sized light bulbs (3-5 cm in diameter) for proportionality if one wants to illuminate the mirror’s edges. Large light bulbs on the tape shouldn’t be overused because they will be more suited to the table’s specifics (handles, lockers, things standing on the countertop).

Dressing table-how to choose the best

Regardless of whether it is a bathroom or a bedroom, the classic version is ideally situated in the corner of the room due to its typical size. The wall version is also advantageous because it will have an overall length that is 2, or even 2,5 times less than the fixed one.

Additionally, this enables you to maintain the standard size of cabinets and shelves for cosmetics and everything else without reducing the size of the mirror, which is crucial for applying makeup.

Dressing table-how to choose the best

Design with folding mirror

A space-saving practical alternative will work well in a setting where all the furniture is arranged neatly. In a panel that can be opened if necessary, the mirror is mounted.

For cosmetics and anything else that can be kept on the dressing table, compartments are frequently constructed under the panel to conserve space. Even notes are provided for what each container (for cosmetics goods) is designed for in more pricey models.

Table en trellis

Three traditional doors that can never, ever be mistaken for anything else. A dressing table with its unique design that appears to have been made for this location will fit in the corner of the bedroom interior flawlessly. The trellis is well-liked since the rest of the sashes can alter the degree of rotation while the central one is fixed.

Since it is almost typically constructed of wood, you can combine it with a wooden bed or bedside table and set it in the bedroom’s corner (which it can replace). Due to the shutters’ rotation, you can position it in a corner.

The trellis can therefore occupy its proper position in the overall composition since it can blend with the majority of the bedroom’s interior components.

Dressing table-how to choose the best

There are a few exceptions, which are often left up to the owner’s general discretion, but the style and design do not call for the presence of mirror edging with mirror lighting. Wall lights placed along the trellis’s sides would be a wonderful alternative.

Dressing table-how to choose the best

Dressing table The mirrors’ rotations let you literally assess your hair and cosmetics from all angles as the trellis dressing table performs all of its duties.

Such a table is typically plain, so when placing it in the room, all that matters is the style and whether the color is dark or light. Naturally, placing a light table in a bright space is preferable, but there are times when dark furniture will help the room’s other elements blend together. In these situations, the owner chooses the hue depending on his personal preferences.

Choosing a chair or an armchair for a table

Chairs and armchairs are also part of the interior, besides, the right height can guarantee absolute comfort when using the table.

Dressing table-how to choose the best

They are composed of various materials, have various designs, and vary in color. But when choosing a chair for a dressing table, size is the most crucial consideration.

The choice of a comfortable height is much harder to make than integrating a chair or armchair harmoniously into the overall design.

Dressing table-how to choose the best

The algorithm for determining comfortable sizes is as follows:

  • Sitting in a chair or armchair is required.
  • The optimal height is when the legs are 90 degrees bent at the knees and the eyes are directed in a direction that would be considered acceptable by a person looking in a mirror. It is preferable to consider alternative solutions if there are any departures from this.
  • If a chair has armrests, the hands should rest there so that the body can feel free and not quickly become numb.
Dressing table-how to choose the best

Briefly about the main thing

There are absolutely no requirements or guidelines for the perfect dressing table. Each person selects the things they enjoyed using pretty specific criteria that are personal to them. In any case, he will need to consider the size of the living area and the construction of the room where he intends to arrange the furniture. There must be some form of harmony even in the colors.

But none of this implies that a person has no freedom when deciding on a table and chair for himself. On the contrary, he can properly complement the existing interior in a way that is pleasing to the eye. Form, design, and style are all rigorously individualized.


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