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Dimensions of kitchen tables: accepted standards

The dimensions of the kitchen table are one of the key nuances of their choice, which ensures the comfort of the product in the kitchen. In the arrangement of the kitchen, the convenience of the household is of particular importance. For example, it is extremely important that they are comfortable at the dining table, without depriving themselves of the atmosphere of home comfort due to the wrong side of the furniture. The material of this article will acquaint the reader with the typical sizes of kitchen tables and will help to simplify the choice of the optimal product by performing the calculation.

Dimensions of kitchen table

What are the dining tables like

Going to the store, the normal individual is offered standard alternatives for kitchen furniture. By far most of the feasting tables have a run-of-the-mill stature, which comprises of normal human tallness of 165 cm. It is this tallness that is overwhelming since such items are simpler to sell like a household item. Be that as it may, in spite of the average stature, it isn’t generally advantageous for most families.

In the event that the table is low, clients should slump, with the over-the-top stature it won’t be very advantageous to eat, employing cutlery. Obviously, if the furniture is bought as an instant feasting bunch, this issue is tackled by purchasing seats with reasonable tallness.

Notwithstanding, regularly neither theoretical standards nor the experience of vendors and producers is an assurance of comfort. As indicated by the setup guidelines, the ideal stature of the kitchen table can change in the reach from 72 to 78 cm.

At the same time, the product should not have blind sidewalls.

Dimensions of kitchen table

These indicators imply the height together with the countertop. At the same time, the thickness of the countertop itself does not matter — the level at which it ends at the top is important. As for the critical height mark to the lower edge of the countertop, it can be at least 61 cm from the floor. It is believed that in this case, the legs of the sitting person will not rest against the lower surface of the countertop. However, such a dining table is unlikely to be convenient for anyone other than children.

As for the cooking model, the standard height is 85 cm (standard size). Depending on the type of headset itself, it can vary in the range of 86-91 cm from the floor level. These figures are designed taking into account the work during cooking and provide for reducing the load and fatigue of the arms bent at the elbows.

However, it is not uncommon for dining tables, like all furniture, to be made to order, adapting to the growth of a particular person.

Dimensions of kitchen table

The dimensions of the countertop itself are variable: the dining table is small, medium-sized, and large, designed for many seats. The minimum options are able to accommodate one person. As a rule, these are products mounted in a kitchen set and unfolded as needed. The sizes of such countertops can be different, more often they are narrow and have a rectangular shape. Such models can be attached to the wall, classic, or hinged (mounted in the wall or hinged cabinets of a kitchen set).

In conditions of limited space, the role of a table can be assigned to a bar counter. Today it is fashionable and allows you to use such a table as a divider of the kitchen into separate functional zones. It can accommodate from two to four people, although the degree of user convenience, in this case, will depend not only on the height but also on the availability of free space for the location of the legs. Sometimes such tables are combined with working groups, they can be one – and two-tiered.

Dimensions of kitchen table

The shape of the products can be round, rectangular, square, and even oval. Hinged structures often have a semicircular shape. Transformer tables can consist of several sections, which, if necessary, allows you to place not only family members, but also a friendly company of friends behind them.

At the same time, the increase in the countertop when unfolding allows you not to huddle at the table, making friendly gatherings or a family celebration more hospitable.

Dimensions of kitchen table

The size of the kitchen tables depends on what?

The size of the dining table in the kitchen may depend on the design features of the product. For example, the product may provide for adjusting the height and width of the countertop. It can be either a mechanical module or a transformer table. Moreover, the modification mechanisms can be very diverse: from X-shaped legs to extendable or electronic systems.

The convenience of such tables is the maximum comfort of the household.

If necessary, you can choose the most optimal height in them, at which you will not have to hunch over or, conversely, reach for food. In addition, such products are practical and can be used in different functional areas of the kitchen.

It is also important to note that the product is selected based on the growth of adult households.

Dimensions of kitchen table

The height of the kitchen table is subject to its functionality. For example, if this is a dining option, it should be lower, because they are sitting at it. They prepare food standing up — these tables are higher. In addition to these two categories, side tables can decorate the interior of kitchens, as well as tea and coffee options, which are often key elements of furnishing the guest space of kitchens.

The lowest modifications are tables surrounded by sofas. Side-by-side analogs, in comparison with them, are higher, although their functionality is less. The height can be different, which depends on what exactly it is planned to be used for in the kitchen interior. For example, side tables can be used for fresh flowers, which often happens in the interior of the classical style or in the country and Provence directions.

Dimensions of kitchen table

Likewise, in the roomy kitchens-lounges, tables can be utilized for the situation of extra lights. Generally speaking, the stature of the items for this situation is additionally deceitful. Nonetheless, the stature of brightening items ought not contrast the overall foundation of the furnishings. In the event that you intend to utilize the table as a coffee table, you need to choose the measurements so you don’t go after the important cutlery.

Concerning versatile tables, which are frequently helper components of work areas, their stature is unique. It is important that the most helpful is the one that is nearer to the stature of the ledge of the kitchen set. The stature of the work area ought to be around 10-20 cm beneath the elbow.

Dimensions of kitchen table

The dimensions of the kitchen tables and how to choose the right one

Notwithstanding the stature of the actual table, a significant factor for the accommodation of clients will be the right tallness of the seats on which you intend to sit for this furnishings. For instance, if the upper edge of the ledge is situated a ways off of 72-80 cm from the floor level, the seat tallness ought not surpass 40-45 cm. Simultaneously, the higher the stature of the individual sitting, the higher the seat of the seat ought to be from the floor level.

In spite of the way that the vender can guarantee of the comfort of all models accessible, most purchasers depend on their own viewpoint. Simultaneously, some retreat to the purported fitting: they take a seat at the table and attempt to put their hands twisted at the elbows on it.

With a particularly fitting, they assess the level of accommodation of the area at the table. On the off chance that the elbows don’t hang down, and the point in the elbow joint is 90 degrees or somewhat more, this shows that the tallness of the table is adequate and agreeable.

Dimensions of kitchen table

You can not bother with fitting and refer to the already verified data. For example, depending on the purpose of the furniture, the sufficient height of the table for:

  • for washing dishes should not exceed 85-95 cm;
  • for cutting products, it can vary in the range from 80 to 85 cm
  • for cooking, it can be 80-85 cm;
  • for kneading and rolling out the dough should not exceed 82 cm;
  • for a table for the installation of small household appliances, it can be from 85 to 87 cm.

To decide what the right size of a kitchen table should be, you need to take into account the number of people for whom it is selected. In general, the standard width is usually 80 cm, but the condition of the table can also be a determining factor here.

For example, for a pleasant atmosphere at the table, a working surface of 40×60 cm is enough. In case you need to put two family members at the table, you should purchase an item with the borders of the ledge 80×60( the smallest alternative), 90×60, 100×60, 100×70, 120×80 cm.

Dimensions of kitchen table

Obviously, the profundity of the table in 60 cm can not be known as the greatest helpful for two clients, however at times it is the absence of usable space that compels us to depend on such arrangements. Variations of items with a width and length of 60×60, 50×70 and 70×70 are additionally confined, yet when clients are situated inverse each other on such ledges, you can fit the fundamental dishes and food. The elements of 60 by 80 (or 800×600 mm) are the standard boundaries of floor modules, these are tables for cooking and washing.

All together for a group of four to find a seat at the table, you will require a table with a size of 150×50 cm. A more cordial table, which will permit you to fit 8 individuals, has the boundaries of the ledge 110×200 cm. In the event that you need a possibility for ten clients, you should take a gander at items with a length of 110 cm and a width of 260 cm. In case there are more individuals, the length of the table will increment to 320 cm.

kitchen tables

Little side tables have a normal size of 40×40 cm. Collapsing tables in the collapsed structure can be 120×90, 60×90, 110 by 70 cm. When unfurling, they can twofold or even triple the functioning surface. For instance, a result of three segments in the open state can be 75×150, 75×190 cm. Likewise, the areas can be unique (for instance, the focal piece of the ledge can be exceptionally tight, for instance, 35 cm long, and changeable 70 cm each).

Round collapsing tables have two segments: such tables move separated to the sides. Simultaneously, the upper part because of the inside area from 90 cm can increment to 130 cm, extending into an oval. Oval tables are spread out roughly as per a similar standard. Side tables in ergonomic models can accommodate lifting the functioning surface. Else, they are more similar to cupboards, frequently having a useful lower part, in which there are racks and drawers.

Dimensions of kitchen table

Dimensions of kitchen tables and their features

It is now difficult to envision an advanced kitchen without a particularly significant household item as a kitchen table. Slick kitchen tables will assist you with reasonably transforming the circumstance into a total sythesis, blend the inside, and become the primary emphasize because of the first plan

These items at the current stage have many shapes and styles that can be handily chosen for the inside of any kitchen. Be that as it may, assuming you choose to buy this household item, you can not depend just on its appearance. You need to painstakingly think about its area in the kitchen, pick the ideal shape.

Dimensions of kitchen table

Today, kitchen tables are made of three main types:

  • round;
  • square;
  • rectangular.

Oval, with curved shapes and with many angles are less popular models, but they also take their place in the market.

Dimensions of kitchen table

A rectangular table will suit the classic style of the kitchen, which can economically fill the space, and a family or a group of friends can comfortably sit behind it. Depending on the purpose of the product, it can have a different surface and be made of practical materials: glass and wood.

Round or square tables look advantageous in spacious rooms. They play a decorative rather than a practical function. It is pleasant to gather a large family at a round table, because the circle has long been considered a magical sign.

According to the device of the kitchen table, it consists of two parts:

  • countertops;
  • supports (legs).

For the manufacture of supports, fiberboard, natural wood and steel are popular materials. Of course, supports made of natural wood and steel are a convenient material that looks original and can withstand a heavy load. However, a table of this type will not be cheap.

Kitchen tables made of fiberboard can be bought inexpensively. This material has less load capacity. Therefore, the legs of such tables are often massive, and, therefore, it will not be so comfortable to sit at it.


There are usually four legs at the kitchen table.

There are various options:

  • three-legged;
  • one-legged;
  • multi-legged variants.

The choice depends on your taste and how many people plan to sit behind it.

Dimensions of kitchen tablе

The countertop is usually made of stone, glass, plastic or natural wood. Glass and plastic countertops can be purchased inexpensively. They are easy to care for, and modern furniture manufacturers offer a wide range of models of various shapes and colors.

Steel, plastic, glass kitchen tables perfectly fit into the high-tech style, and tables made of natural wood are suitable for classic kitchen options.




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