Design of fashionable curtains in 2023

The design of fashionable curtains in 2023 Windows is referred to as the room’s eyes. Interior design must include window opening decoration since it provides the space with a polished aesthetic. The finishing touch of the interior design is the window treatment.

Design of fashionable curtains in 2023

Window decoration without curtains

The use of windows without curtains is a modern trend. Panoramic windows are installed to visually expand the room space, demonstrate a beautiful landscape, and provide a street view. Designers advise against covering a beautiful view with curtains. It is sufficient to tint the glass with a special film.

Design of fashionable curtains in 2023

Maximally open windows are a distinguishing feature of Scandinavian interiors. Because cloudy days prevail in the Nordic countries, they try to fill the room with as much daylight as possible.

Windows with stained glass are already a decorative element; no additional embellishment is required.

One of the functions of the curtain cloth is to keep prying eyes out of the interior. Such a requirement is eliminated if the frames are glazed with frosted glass.

A similar effect can be achieved by using decorative transparent films. They allow light in, but the room is not visible from the outside. You can decorate the window with an unusual pattern and make photo printing with the help of film-stained glass windows.

The design of windows (the lower part) in the shape of a small sofa is a popular design technique. The window sill is widened for this purpose. This interpretation does not include curtains.

Design of fashionable curtains in 2023

Options for window decoration with curtains

What influences the design of windows with curtains:

  • interior stylistics;
  • the size and shape of the room;
  • ceiling height;
  • dimensions, size window view;
  • the side of the light to which the window opening is facing;
  • textile decoration of the premises.
Design of fashionable curtains in 2023

There are numerous window design options for any type of opening, and the owners’ tastes and preferences are crucial.

Curtain designers have already developed window decoration trend recommendations. Massive multi-layered curtains appear somewhat heavy in a room with a low ceiling and a small window. This type of window decor will look great in a room with large windows, such as a bay window. The minimalist interpretation of window opening decoration favors the laconic content.

Curtains that protect from direct sunlight are appropriate for the sunny side. The windows on the north side are designed with the goal of allowing as much natural light into the room as possible. Curtains are typically sold as a single unit with a textile design. The texture and colors do not have to be repeated, but the color scheme can.

Design of fashionable curtains in 2023

A room with a bay window

The design of fashionable curtains in the bay window in the room is always stunning. The decor of the window opening should highlight this expressiveness. The curtains for the bay window are chosen based on the function of the room.

Design of fashionable curtains in 2023

The size of the window and the size of this area of the room influence the design of the bay window in the living room. If the space allows, a dining room is usually placed in the bay window corner. Layered curtains in a traditional style with lambrequins and a light curtain will create a solemn atmosphere.

On the sunny side, dense curtains are appropriate. Airy tulle will complement and balance out the “heaviness and bombast” of dense canvases. The bay window is enhanced by Austrian and French curtains gathered in beautiful transverse folds.

Design of fashionable curtains in 2023

In modern stylistics, a combined version of blinds, “rims” and a light curtain cloth are used.

In the case when the bay window part is reserved for a rest area, and upholstered furniture is installed in it, it would be logical to hang short, vertically rising Austrian, French curtains.

Design of fashionable curtains in 2023
Design of fashionable curtains in 2023

The kitchen, and apartment, are the working part of the house. A bay-windowed corner is traditionally reserved for a dining group. Curtains in the kitchen should be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Vertical systems, Austrian, English, and French curtains are appropriate for these applications.

Design of fashionable curtains in 2023

Laconic “rims” are organic in a minimalist style. The pleated blinds on the kitchen bay window are a practical and eye-catching solution. They can be adjusted vertically from the bottom to and top.

The bay window in the bedroom has been designated as a rest area and an office. It’s critical to strike a balance between functionality and aesthetic appeal. Dense curtains are used to control sunlight penetration. The curtain cloth will add a touch of lightness. The use of vertically rising curtains and curtains is natural. Fabrics in pastel colors are mostly used. Accessories and decorative elements, such as ruffles, bows, and pickups, will add comfort. The fabric is folded horizontally and vertically.

Design of fashionable curtains in 2023

Fashion trends

The design of fashionable curtains in 2023 fashion accurately captures the moods and aesthetic preferences of its era. Previously, multilayer curtains with lambrequins dominated, but now there is a trend toward simpler and more concise solutions. The rule of good taste was to design windows with plain curtains that feel free to the floor. The interesting texture of the fabric and the color scheme is highlighted.

Design of fashionable curtains in 2023

Fashion trends:

Preferences are dominated by eco-style. Natural fabrics are increasingly being used in window opening design. These are, depending on the stylistic interpretation, linen, cotton, natural silk, matting, and bamboo rolls. This trend is reflected in Japanese sliding curtains made of specially impregnated paper.

Design of fashionable curtains in 2023
  • Natural, natural shades, brown, and green tones predominate. Grays with a metallic sheen complement the modern aesthetic. The sea breeze and mountain air will bring pastel shades, blue, and azure colors.
  • Designers frequently use monochrome white to decorate a window opening. Canvases with an interesting texture and curtains with a beautiful weave of fabric are used for these purposes. White curtains visually expand the space and fill the room with light, and a feeling of “freshness”.
Design of fashionable curtains in 2023
  • The combined window opening design is popular. Roll-up or Roman monochrome curtains, for example, are hung on the sashes, and simple-shaped curtains on grommets (canvas rings) with a bright print complement the ensemble.
  • Photo printing on curtain cloth is possible thanks to modern technology (2; 3 D curtains). A drawing positioned vertically visually “raises” the ceiling. Curtains with photo printing, depending on the subject of the image, bring a certain mood to the interior, creating a certain atmosphere in the room.
Design of fashionable curtains in 2023

Straight curtains that fall to the floor look great with unique, non—standard shaped pickups.

Curtain design ideas for a small window

What should I do if the window opening is on the ground floor? The heights from the frame to the ceiling and floor are visually disproportional. If the window is small, the situation becomes more complicated. The purpose of curtains is to counteract this effect.

Design of fashionable curtains in 2023

They use several design techniques:

  • The cornice is suspended high above the ceiling. Furthermore, the LED backlight concealed behind the cornice will “lift” the window.
  • Because the curtains are wider than the window frame, the opening appears larger.
    It is appropriate to use light lambrequin, English, or French curtains.
  • Curtains hung on a ceiling cornice hidden in a niche appear beneficial.
Design of fashionable curtains in 2023

The use of these techniques will help to even out the disparity in window size and location.

Ideas for the design of curtains for windows of complex shape

On attic floors, unusual window shapes are common. Because of the attic’s design features, it is difficult to embed standard rectangular window openings. Dormer window configurations:

  • round or oval;
  • triangular;
  • in the form of a rhombus, trapezoid;
  • sloping dormers.

Balcony blocks are another type of window with a complicated shape. Windows in the shape of an arch are used to decorate the room.

Design options for non-standard window designs:

Determine the goal setting, emphasize the non-standard shape of the window, or try to conceal the unusual configuration of the window opening. They accentuate the shape of the window in the first case and try to align and mask the window opening in the second. They emphasize the contour of the window, the geometry of the cornices and curtains, and the shape of the window opening. Other techniques are used to harmonize the window opening.

Design of fashionable curtains in 2023

Design options for oval, arched, and round windows

Window openings of a similar shape are an architectural solution used to decorate the interior and exterior of a home.

You can use some techniques to emphasize the expressiveness of the window opening, such as not using the arched part, leaving it open, and decorating the part of the window that goes below the arched opening with curtains. You can also use arched cornices to replicate the shape of the window. Cross curtains with pickups will work well in a similar concept.

Design of fashionable curtains in 2023

Sliding curtains with a bright design

If you approach window design creatively, curtains can become an original, non-standard interior detail.

Curtains made of beads, glass beads

Thread curtains (or muslin) are made of individual threads sewn together along the upper edge to form a single canvas. They let in light while also providing protection from the sun. They look good in the interior. Manufacturers offer a wide range of brushes in a variety of colors and designs. Gold, silver thread, and beads, for example, are woven into the structure of the threads.

The living room will be decorated with spectacular curtains made of glass beads and beads. Crystal curtains can be used as a standalone element of window decor or in conjunction with a curtain cloth. The beads strung on threads will sparkle and shimmer with additional lighting.

Design of fashionable curtains in 2023

Original solutions

Painting on the wall, panels can be replaced with photo printing on curtains. The image is used on roll-up and sliding curtains. Japanese curtains with an expressive image, and landscape, fixed on rails, look lovely.

With an unusual color scheme, window curtains can stand out. Canvases, for example, are made of vibrant, multicolored fabrics. They appear to collect shades used for interior decoration.

On occasion, decorative elements on curtains serve as an expressive accent. Use buboes, fringes, bows, and non-standard-shaped pickups to accomplish this.

Design of fashionable curtains in 2023

Curtains in the kitchen and nursery can be given an extra practical purpose by having pockets sewn into them. A pocket made of a different color fabric is a bright decor on the one hand, and a child can hide his drawings, favorite toy, and pencils there on the other. In the kitchen, you can keep a variety of useful small items in your pockets, as well as recipes for your favorite dishes.

Pleated Curtains

Blinds that are mounted directly on the window frame. Polyester impregnations prevent contamination and repel dust.

The benefit of their adaptability:

  • They can be attached to any window frame, including those with unusual shapes, such as an attic window on the roof.
    vertical adjustment is unrestricted;
  • The day-night pleat of two canvases lets in light while concealing the window.
  • Remote control of the remote control allows for adjustment.

They make canvases in a variety of colors that are suitable for any interior.

Design of fashionable curtains in 2023

Australian curtains

They are known as “festoons” by designers. The elegant folds of curtains that gracefully fall to the floor are a distinguishing feature of them. If the curtains are short, they end with a rounded flounce, which is sometimes embellished with fringe.

Design of fashionable curtains in 2023

English, French, and Austrian curtains are varieties of vertical fabric curtains that are height—adjustable by special mechanisms. In the modern version, the remote control is also possible. They differ in the features of the drapery. They are practical to use. They bring a cozy mood, and notes of “glamor” to the decor of the room.


Designers try to draw attention to curtains because they are an expressive element of decor. The final chord in interior decoration is window decoration. Beautiful curtains complement and transform the space. The room becomes cozier. The form chosen is determined by the style of the room, personal preferences, and the functional purpose of window curtains.

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