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Decorating a room with your own hands with improvised materials

Decorating a room with your own hands, where the house is the best place on earth for every person, and everyone strives to add comfort, coziness, and aesthetics to their personal space. When there is an idea, it is easy to create a delightful entourage with a special atmosphere in the living room on the occasion of the arrival of dear people. It is even easier to make a nursery decoration for a child’s birthday or room decor with your own hands from improvised means on the theme of the change of the season.

This does not require a lot of money or complex means of implementing ideas. The main thing is to have creative ideas and the desire to create something. It will take a little patience and what will later become butterflies or birds, glowing inscriptions-a reflection of a child’s dream in any available way.

creative ideas with improvised materials

From what and how to make a room decor?

Each person is unique in their own way, and it is right when their independence is reflected in the interests or embroidery in the inscriptions at the head of the bed made of foam and diode tape;r own home. The main task is to basically start doing something at this moment, for example, decorating the room with your own hands. In addition, thoughts about the most experienced method of improving the room, you can take your own or creative ideas with improvised materials, your own or someone else’s, but perform them recently, adapting them to your home. Today, many ways have been developed for fledglings, when it is enough to use instant layouts to perform something at a good level:

  • drawing on the wall
  • applications with three-dimensional elements;
  • images from balloons;
  • inscriptions at the head of the bed made of foam and diode tape;
  • sofa cushions in the form of starfish or cat faces

Those who are interested in how to decorate a room with their own hands can not be stopped later. Creativity is an exciting process that helps to heal a wounded soul and ennoble the world around you. Psychologists say that there is a special emotional background that accompanies the creative process, it is with its help that mental illnesses are often treated and the aura is “patched”.

The flight of imagination cannot be stopped, creative ideas with improvised materials are the main thing to release your creative potential, starting with simple things. A good reason is to design a room with your own hands for your loved ones. It is not necessary to wait for the holiday to start the process of transformation.

Decorating a room with your own hands

Designers insist that decor is a great way to hide defects:

  • doodles of small artists;
  • damaged wallpaper from the claws of cats and dogs;
  • small cracks in the walls;
  • damp corner;
  • peeling plaster in places, etc.

To help the master – scissors, brushes, and paints. For a simple decor, much of what is found in every house is suitable – empty containers, balloons, a flap, and paper.

Decorating a room with your own hands

Decorating a room with your own hands with a creative approach will show you how to make your home more comfortable. For example, you can wrap children’s doodles on the skirting board with attractive tall grass, where toy rabbits will hide. The model in the photo tells how best to decorate the children’s room. Improvements and additions to the separator can be made in another way for yourself – there will be an event to get some new useful knowledge.

You should not start without any preparation for something complex, such as demonstrating and cutting wood. It is more reasonable to use your current creative ideas with improvised materials, in origami, weaving, or sewing, to work on your energy for quilling or dry felting. Then, at this moment, you can be sure that the specialties created by your own hands to improve the room will turn out to be at the level of an expert class.

Decorating a room with your own hands

Hobbies to help the decorator of rooms

Using creative ideas with improvised materials for inspiration, it is important to really assess your strength and abilities. The type of decor you like for a room with your own hands at home is not always available, sometimes other conditions and special skills are needed.

Decorating a room with your own hands

Often, the skills acquired many years ago are forgotten due to the fact that they were not in demand. Perhaps some skills were obtained in the needlework circle during school years. It is not superfluous to remind you what ways you can make a novelty without resorting to a radical transformation of the room and expensive repairs:

  • Batik or painting on fabric is a simple technique, it is only important to purchase textile paints and choose a method of coloring. This technique will also be appreciated by people with artistic skills who want to engage in the transformation of interior textiles.
Decorating a room with your own hands
  • Embroidery, knitting, and crocheting are great ways to make soft ottomans and sofa pillows with a common pattern. You can even not knit anything, just make pompoms out of yarn to beautifully decorate the room with your own hands. From fluffy balls, you can make: – soft mats on a grid basis; – hanging garlands for the baby; – screens for zoning; – three-dimensional inscriptions on the walls; – an aesthetic border for a sofa cape or plaid; – rope curtains with pompoms and tassels, etc.
Decorating a room with your own hands
  • Wax carving resembles woodwork, but the material is much more pliable, you need a simple tool. Scented, church, wax, and paraffin candles are excellent materials for figurines and carved figures. It is easy to make several paraffin roses from one red candle for a romantic evening. The resulting handmade products can be beautifully placed on a shelf, a table, or another plane. Beautiful wax figurines can be inserted into candlesticks or large transparent vessels, combining with water and other decorations for the room.
creative ideas with improvised materials
  • Macrame is another interesting way of working with threads-the nodular technique. Amazing curtains and capes on chairs with their own hands, sofa cushions, and seats on stools will become an inimitable room decor.
creative ideas with improvised materials
  • Patchwork works in the patchwork technique. Some craftswomen make whole paintings out of pieces of fabric, real masterpieces. Well-chosen patches can turn into a wall mat near the crib, a bedspread in the bedroom, or a panel on the wall in the hallway.
Decorating a room with your own hands
  • Creative ideas with improvised materials it is no less interesting to work with paper in the technique of decoupage, modular origami, and quilling (twisted strips). Today, these types of needlework have many adherents around the world. But even if there are no skills in such a matter, it is easy to make a three–dimensional application out of paper-large flowers, butterflies, or birds.
Decorating a room with your own hands
  • Modular paintings are 3, 4, or 5 separate images united by a single plot. There may be one long picture, divided into several independent canvases. This is one of the answers to how to design a room with your own hands, you don’t even have to draw this picture. You can print a panoramic image on a computer printer and insert it into slightly larger and smaller frames.
Decorating a room with your own hands
  • By the way, decorating a room with your own hands, an important point about frames for photos and paintings is another good topic with which you can decorate a room with your own hands. This is a full-fledged decor that does not require special skills. Any base for the frame can be pasted with natural material, for example, the same size shells brought from the seas. Further, depending on the design goals, they can be left in their original form or cover the frame with aerosol paint and insert any photo dear to your heart. Several works are proposed to be hung on the accent wall in one of the rooms. In the same way, it is easy to give originality to a mirror in the hallway or bathroom.
Decorating a room with your own hands

Non-valuable containers are excellent decor for the kitchen, dining room, or living room. The case will include: – plastic bottles; – cups without an ear; – disposable tableware; – corks and lids; – original shape of the bottle; – glass jars for coffee and other bulk products.

Decorating a room with your own hands

Modern decorations for the room with their own hands can be made from old stocks – all kinds of crafts, tablecloths, and napkins “from the grandmother’s chest”. If their dilapidated appearance is no longer suitable for a full-fledged decoration, it is worth looking at how and from what all this was created by the masters of past generations-this is an invaluable experience.

Decorating a room with your own hands

Antique embroidery, gold-embroidered velvet and brocade from old dresses, embroidered paintings, fragments of knitted shawls, and tablecloths are suitable for sofa pillows. And it will be nice for elderly relatives to present such a gift, showing that this needlework still has some value. And it is easy to build a luxurious panel from pieces of leather from old bags and boot tops.

Decorating a room with your own hands

Today, decorating a room with your own hands is gaining popularity by rethinking the long-known types of needlework – diamond embroidery, beaded handbags, thread curtains, carpets, and poufs of large knitting. No less interesting are toys as a decor for a room with their own hands-sewn “Tildes” and rag hares, motanki and amulets, author’s dolls and crocheted “cartoon” characters.

The same Barbie in artful handmade clothes on a shelf or in a showcase can become an exclusive decor and creative ideas with improvised materials in the interior of a bedroom, living room, or a teenager’s room.

Decorating a room with your own hands

Phytocartins, living walls, collectible secularizes and honorariums are new ways to decorate a room with desert plants and exotic flowers from the tropics. But you can make dry ikebanas and compositions from prepared leaves and plants according to the type of herbarium.

Decorating a room with your own hands

Decorating a room with your own hand’s drawings and paintings

There are many ways to decorate a room with the help of hand-drawn images for those who can do something and those who do not have the skills of an artist.

  • Frescoes and wall paintings  –   They require certain skills
  • Contour and silhouette drawings –  They resemble an application made of colored paper and black-and-white photos, only you need to draw the contours (you can invite a specialist) and fill in the blocks with a certain color
  • Textured drawing -Printed forms, relief images, attachments on a construction roller, natural materials are dipped in paint, printing on the wall.
  • Abstract drawing -The palette is more important than the recognition of the image. It is possible to finish drawing and strokes on top of the” smudge ” – a face profile, mountains, a musical instrument, a branch in flowers.
  • Drawings with wet sponges and hands-A technique that parents can practice with their children, drawing trees, a blooming meadow, small animals, etc. with their fingers and palm.
Decorating a room with your own hands
Decorating a room with your own hands

Decorations with balloons for a birthday or holiday

Everyone wants someone to make a pleasant surprise for a memorable date. Funny crafts made of balloons, decorations with ribbons, voluminous fish and fruits, hearts, Christmas tinsel, and colored paper will look emotional and funny. It happens that there is no money for an expensive gift, but you can bring an unforgettable surprise in the form of decoration for the room with your own hands.

Decorating a room with your own hands

There is nothing easier than decorating a room with balloons, especially from old stocks. It is easy to involve other family members in this process, everyone can inflate balloons, but one person should be responsible for implementing the idea for decorating the room with their own hands.

Decorating a room with your own hands
Decorating a room with your own hands

Having learned this at home, you can move from a hobby to additional earnings, decorating houses for holidays and offices for corporate parties. Use helium balloons with colored ribbons rising to the ceiling. You can combine the decor. More interesting examples can be found in our photo gallery.

Lamp in a bottle

The lamp in the bottle can be made desktop or suspended. The desktop can be made in just a minute — you just need to put a garland in the bottle and connect it.

Decorating a room with your own hands

To make a hanging lamp, you will have to cut off the bottom of the bottle and carefully polish the edges.

Decorating a room with your own hands

If you do not know how to work with a glasscutter, there is a way to cut the bottle with a rope.

  • Take a clothesline or knitting thread and get wet in gasoline
  • Tie it on the bottle closer to the bottom and cut off the excess.
  • Set the rope on fire for 15-20 seconds.
  • Quickly lower the bottle into cold water, holding it by the neck, the bottle will crack in a straight line at the place of the winding and the bottom will fall off by itself.

IMPORTANT: do not try to unscrew the cartridge yourself, cut the wire or make a twist if you do not understand electrics. If you make an error, you can burn the wiring or get an electric shock. Better invite an electrician.

The lamp in the ball is made almost in the same way as the lamp in the bottle

Decorating a room with your own hands

You will need garland, a balloon, knitting threads, PVA glue, and petroleum jelly, or any other lubricant.

  • Inflate the balloon.
  • Treat it with a thin layer of vaseline.
  • Wrap the ball with a rope soaked in PVA glue
  • Let it dry.
  • Pop and pull out the ball.
  • Insert a garland into the ball and connect it

Pots and vases

Decorating a room with your own hands, you can beautifully decorate a room not only with plants but also with vases, here are three ways to do it quickly and simply. To paint a vase or even an ordinary jar in a bright juicy color is enough to dilute a monotonous composition.

Decorating a room with your own hands


Winding with branches is suitable for lovers of Eco-style. You will need several live or artificial branches and a rope.

Decorating a room with your own hands

A vase made of concrete and fabric can be set in any shape, and then it is enough to moisten a rag in cement mortar, fix it in the desired shape, and let it dry. At the bottom of the future vase, you need to put a plastic or glass mold, since concrete can pass water when watering.

Decorating a room with your own hands

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