Combined curtains: the best 28 photos

Combined curtains to achieve a harmonious appearance, several key elements must be combined: decoration, furniture, decor, lighting, and textiles. Experienced designers understand that changing the curtains on windows completely transforms a room’s volume, height, color scheme, and style. Combined curtains on the windows are common in modern interiors. The fabric of various cuts, textures, and colors can be used to decorate an interior while also reliably protecting it from sunlight and prying eyes.

Combined curtains: the best 28 photos
Combined curtains: the best 28 photos

What are they – combined curtains?

With the help of coordinated curtains, you can draw attention to the window opening, making it the focal point of the room, as well as making the color palette more rich and expressive.

A classic design option for a window opening is to use light curtains and denser fabrics at the same time. On the practical side, this method allows you to adjust the lighting in the room; on the decorative side, it significantly expands the options for fabric shades and textures.

Combined curtains: the best 28 photos

The curtain options listed below can be combined:

  • In the form of a classic set consisting of two types of curtains of different shades.
  • In the form of a multi-layered combination of fabrics. In this case, one color scheme of different tonality or contrasting options can be used.
  • In the form of double-sided curtains.
  • In the form of several curtains made of a fabric of different densities.

For many seasons in a row, two-tone curtains have remained popular. They can be found in both modern and traditional settings. The main advantage of this window design is its versatility in creating a comfortable and homey atmosphere.

Combined curtains: the best 28 photos
Combined curtains: the best 28 photos

What to consider when combining curtains

A combination of fabrics in various shades and textures is the most basic, affordable, and original way to decorate a window opening. When selecting the material for your combined curtains, consider their style, shade, texture, and density. The room’s functional purpose is equally important. Choose fabrics that let in light in a small living room or kitchen, but in the bedroom, you must be able to shade the room at any time of day.

Combined curtains: the best 28 photos

So, while colorful floral ornaments, stripes, cages, or peas are typical of the Provence style, they are completely inappropriate for the loft style.

It is also important to consider the room’s orientation to the cardinal directions. Choose fabrics in neutral and “cool” shades for “warm rooms,” preferably a combination of thin curtains and a denser material that can protect from sunlight. Saturated warm shades, on the other hand, are appropriate for northern rooms.

Combined curtains: the best 28 photos
Combined curtains: the best 28 photos

Choosing a color scheme

Combined curtains should have the right shade combination – this is the deciding factor in creating a perfect, stylish, and holistic look for the interior. When selecting fabric shades, it is best to use a color circle if you lack experience or have doubts about your own taste.

Combined curtains: the best 28 photos

With a ready-made table of combined shades in front of you, you can select from a large number of options divided into three major groups:

  • Gamma in monochrome. In the color circle, all shades are represented by a single spectrum. Combining curtains in blue, cornflower blue, turquoise, and blue colors, for example, allows you to create a peaceful and noble atmosphere in the interior. The same effect can be achieved in the window design by using green, emerald, salad, and malachite shades.
  • A similar range is made up of adjacent shades. Curtains made of two fabrics or multi-color options are based on one primary and two secondary colors. For instance, sandy and chocolate, brown, yellow, or mint.
  • The complementary collection allows you to make the interior dynamic by using two-tone curtains with opposing shades that reinforce each other. Simultaneously, you can use muted pastel shades.
Combined curtains: the best 28 photos
Combined curtains: the best 28 photos
Combined curtains: the best 28 photos

The following color combinations are the most successful for multi-color combinations:

  • Beige, caramel, and cream.
  • Yellow, golden, and peach.
  • Blue, light blue, and turquoise.
  • Pale green, olive, and gray.
Combined curtains: the best 28 photos
Combined curtains: the best 28 photos

When selecting a fabric color, the psychological impact of color on a person is considered:

  • To create a cozy, calm atmosphere, gray and beige colors are used.
  • Dark gray and black should be used with caution and in moderation so that the room does not appear gloomy and uncomfortable.
  • Purple and emerald tones can be used in the living room to create a mysterious atmosphere.
  • Green two-tone curtains will contribute to a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Pink shades combined with beige and white shades will not appear too harsh or defiant.
Combined curtains: the best 28 photos
Combined curtains: the best 28photos

Choice of curtain material

Fabrics can be combined not only by color but also by texture. Several factors are considered when selecting a material:

  • The room’s layout and purpose.
  • Interior design.
  • The structure and pattern of the fabric.
  • The material’s light transmission capacity.

Simple natural fabrics, such as linen and cotton, are appropriate for the country style, whereas brocade, organza, satin, and velvet are better suited for luxury apartments. The latter is denser and more durable.

Combined curtains: the best 28 photos
Combined curtains: the best 28 photos

Single-color combined curtains with a straight cut or canvases with graphic ornament are chosen for modern interiors. The material must be natural, such as linen.

Ireto karazana lamba manaraka ireto dia amin’ny fanjairana ambainy:

  • Voajanahary-landy, volon’ondry, landihazo, lamba rongony.
  • Artificially. Albany vita Аmin’ny viscose, polyester, nylon, and acrylic are some of the materials used.
  • Mifangaro. Canvases in blackout, taffeta, and jacquard.
Combined curtains: the best 28 photos
Combined curtains: the best 28 photos

Mateza ary azo ampiharina dia landihazo tsy fitaovana tsy lafo. Mba hisorohana ny lamba tsy hirehitra amin’ny masoandro, dia asaina mampiasa ny karazany mercerized – ny lamba nandalo fitsaboana manokana. Ahitana calico karazany isan-karazany dia. Satin dia miavaka sy ny fanoherana ny fading amin’ny fisian’ny satin sheen.

Ao amin’ny efitrano fandraisam-bahiny na efitrano fatoriany, ny lamba volon’ondry matevina dia hanome rivo-piainana manokana sy hafanana ao amin’ny efitrano fatoriany. Manana endrika mahafinaritra izy ireo ary tsy mikoropaka amin’ny fikasihana izy ireo ary tsy mikoropaka.

Combined curtains: the best 28 photos

The contemporary design of the window opening incorporates three elements: functionality, comfort, and individuality. Combining practical roller blinds with classic tulle is one option.

Combined curtains: the best 28photos

Combined with roller blinds

The contemporary design of the window opening incorporates three elements: functionality, comfort, and individuality. Combining practical roller blinds with classic tulle is one option.

Combined curtains: the best 28 photos

Roller blinds are made of a simple shaft with a straight cloth attached to them. Place it in the upper portion of the window. Management can be automated or mechanical.

The compactness and concise design of such curtains are an advantage. They are perfect for minimalist interiors such as loft, nordic, and hi-tech. This is not to say that they cannot be used in other styles.

Combined curtains: the best 28 photos

Roll-up curtains in two colors combined with tulle create a unique look. Only, unlike the classic version, the light fabric takes center stage and serves solely as a decorative element.

The following fabrics can be used to make tulle for roller blinds:

  • Organza is a transparent, almost imperceptible fabric. Because of its external lightness, you can use colors like red and brown that would look heavy on other materials.
  • The veils are soft and well-draped.
    The fabric is translucent cambric. This type of cotton is appropriate for eco-styles.
  • Made from fine threads. These curtains are appropriate for oriental decor.

Roller shutters are available in a variety of styles, including cassette, fabric, double-layer, blackout (a very dense material that does not transmit light), and bamboo. They can all be paired with tulle made of transparent or translucent fabric.

Combination with Roman curtains

Roman curtains have a more decorative appearance than rolled curtains. Because of its lighter weight, the canvas hangs strictly vertically and does not wrap. The canvas is controlled by laces. As it rises, the fabric forms soft folds.

Combined curtains: the best 28 photos

When combined with tulle, such curtains create a harmonious look. The canvas adorns the window opening when assembled, and the tulle gently diffuses daylight. Roman curtains keep prying eyes out of the room in the evening. The fabric should be coordinated with the color and pattern of the furniture and decoration. The set can be supplemented in the living room not only with tulle but also with luxurious curtains.

Combination of tulle

Tulle and blackout curtains are the traditional choices. The nuance is that not all tulle looks natural when combined with curtains. Some varieties are more appealing as a standalone window design element.

Combined curtains: the best 28 photos

The curtains are complemented by a light translucent organza fabric. However, high-density muslin or mesh will visually weigh down the curtain fabric.

The tulle can be plain or patterned to match the pattern on the curtains. Modern dark monochrome straight-cut curtains complement milky matte tulle perfectly.

Combined curtains: the best 28 photos


You should not be afraid to experiment when selecting a window design method. You can use curtains to enhance the style of the room and change its geometry, making it taller and more spacious. You can quickly change the surrounding space by correctly combining shades and textures, the density of fabrics, and the style of curtains.

Liudmyla Dunaf

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