With your own hands

Christmas wreath with your own hands

Christmas wreath We hang Christmas wreaths on the doorways of our residences, places of worship, and businesses. It’s a way to mark the passing of time till Christmas, honor our religious convictions, or even just boast about our interests.

We occasionally struggle to find the time to fully get ready for the holidays due to the hectic pace of city living. As a result, the Christmas tree is frequently the only interior decoration for the New Year. We provide a special express master lesson on constructing a Christmas wreath from coniferous branches to our busiest readers who yearn for unique holiday decor but lack the time to do it.

So, to make a Christmas wreath, we will need:

  • fake spruce twigs mounted on a wire frame;
  • a base for the wreath made of thick wire with a diameter of 2-3 mm;
  • sewing threads or tiny green garden wire for fastening;
  • cones;
  • brushing berries;
  • ribbon for a wreath to be hung on the door;
  • a hammer and a nail.

We form a 20 cm diameter ring by twisting a strong wire (in this case, such a wire was found on the object that the designer makes, but in principle, it can be bought on the construction market).

We separate the plastic spruce branch into little pieces (paws). We start incorporating them into the ring, strengthening its structure.

Christmas wreath with your own hands
Christmas wreath with your own hands

We make a wreath out of Christmas tree paws one twig at a time. We have the portions facing one way, and as we worked, we spread them out beautifully. We use fine wire or thread in a camouflage color to secure the twigs to the ring for dependability.

Christmas wreath with your own hands
Christmas wreath with your own hands

Decorate the wreath with cones. We fasten them with a gun with hot glue or wire.

Christmas wreath with your own hands
Christmas wreath with your own hands

Berry tassels are used to accentuate the wreath. The most impressive-looking berries will be those that are a deep shade of crimson. They can be dusted with fake snow. Simply use a needle and green thread to stitch the berry tassels to the wreath.

Christmas wreath with your own hands
Christmas wreath with your own hands

We hang the wreath on the door after tying it with a suitable-colored ribbon.

Designer Maya Smirnova’s words of wisdom:

— We carefully nail the braid’s nails into the wooden door’s upper end so as not to damage the leaf. To ensure that the door closes easily, we choose a thin ribbon.

Friends, happy new year!

Liudmyla Dunaf

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