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Entryway table decor ideas the design of the entrance area shapes people’s initial perceptions of the apartment owners. Therefore, it is crucial to properly organize the hell’s interior while also avoiding overcrowding it with unneeded items. For instance, you could take a modest table in the corridor that would be both utilitarian and attractive.

Chic image -Entryway table decor ideas

Modern manufacturers offer a wide selection of different furniture for setting up the hallway. Original, stylish consoles, which are little tables for the layout of the hallway, catch the attention of buyers in particular.

They are a great replacement for conventional dressers because they are cozy and small.

Do I need a table in the hallway?

In general, many people question the necessity of adding a little table to the corridor.

Chic image -Entryway table decor ideas

Entryway table decor ideas, however, the modern furniture industry has long learned to “design” the most comfortable, compact, and suitable for almost any interior tables in the hallway. Given the tiny size of the majority of always in modern apartments, their skepticism is somewhat justified.

Chic image -Entryway table decor ideas

Historical background

Previously, a console could only be found in palace interiors, but now anyone can purchase one in the hallway. Since the Baroque era, when interior designs were defined by opulent embellishment, the trend for such tables has faded. The French aristocrats and later Europeans started installing the consoles in their homes because of how exquisite they were. Vintage pieces of art made of priceless wood are still displayed in museums and are sought after by collectors today.

Chic image -Entryway table decor ideas

Console tables today look and operate a little more simply than they did in the Baroque era, but because of their unique usefulness in comparison to other corridor furniture, they are employed in both traditional and contemporary settings.

Chic image -Entryway table decor ideas

Type of construction Entryway table decor ideas

The most common and appropriate forms of tables for corridors nowadays, according to designers, include the following:

  • Cantilever (connected to a vertical surface “independent”) (attached to a vertical surface or “independent”)
  • Wall-mounted (typically equipped with a soft ottoman) (often equipped with a soft ottoman)
  • Suspended (more like standard wall shelves, however sometimes they have a leg, which rather plays the role of décor) (more like ordinary wall shelves, although sometimes they have a leg, which rather plays the role of the decor)
  • Bathroom facilities (often equipped with a mirror)
  • Telephone (an option for individuals who have not yet opted to part with landlines in favor of mobile phones) (an option for those who have not yet decided to part with landlines in favor of mobile phones)
  • Slender wall-mounted (a great option for a small apartment)
Chic image -Entryway table decor ideas

Types of consoles

This is a compact, rectangular table that may fit anywhere because of its narrow design. If there is a nook in the hallway, it might occasionally be put there. There are examples of this furniture that have wheels, allowing you to move them around the room if you want to refresh the décor. A folding umbrella, comb, and other small items can be stored in one or more drawers on many comparable models.

Chic image -Entryway table decor ideas

Hallway wall table

Typically, it takes the shape of a lovely tabletop with a truncated ornamental leg and a hinged shelf. It is frequently used in conjunction with the mirror, which is mounted on the wall directly above the table, to transform the latter into a dressing table where combs, cologne, scented water, and other items are set. These miniature models are ideal for use as a phone stand, decorative adornment, or as a lovely figurine due to their diminutive size.


Chic image -Entryway table decor ideas

Side console

Such a table often has two, and occasionally even one, legs, as well as a rear wall that is securely fastened to the wall, which gives the entire construction a high degree of stability. The side console frequently serves as:

  • phone holder
  • storing minor personal goods like keys and umbrellas;
  • a dressing table provided that it can accommodate a medium-sized mirror or that the wall to which it is attached has been completed with mirror panels.
Chic image -Entryway table decor ideas

Corner Console

An outstanding solution that indirectly contributes to space conservation is a corner construction composed of wood or metal.

Chic image -Entryway table decor ideas

Such a table can be used to store both everyday objects and interior decor (picture frames, vases, etc.).

Multi-faceted console for the hallway: material for its manufacture

The console table is extremely popular at all times; nevertheless, only its appearance varies to accommodate contemporary demands and trends. Such furnishings accents are really universal. There are many choices and models, and its small size can take the place of heavy dressers and regular cabinets. For tiny apartments built in the traditional style, a narrow, white, wood console with a mirror would be appropriate.

Chic image -Entryway table decor ideas

In the present era, a little, exquisite accessory like this no longer qualifies as a luxury good. The console can be used as a stand for some ornamental items or other tiny objects in addition to being utilized as décor.

In the shabby chic setting, the table’s mirrored tabletops pair beautifully with a wooden carving. An exquisite wrought-iron console in a semicircle is perfect in a white corridor. The correct material is necessary for the production of steel console tables.

Chic image -Entryway table decor ideas

A variety of materials for the manufacture of the console:

  • Forged metal;
  • High-quality plastic;
  • Glass;
  • Wood or MDF, chipboard;
  • Artificial or natural stone.
Chic image -Entryway table decor ideas

It is crucial that the console table blends nicely with the room’s general decor. You must therefore pay close attention to this while selecting a design.

A console table should be purchased from a furniture retailer. This will help prevent purchasing a subpar design.

Chic image -Entryway table decor ideas

The choice of the console depends on the style of the hallway design

Classic style

Consoles that follow this fashion ought to have rigid outlines without pretentiousness. The legs are narrow, thinly carved, and traditionally made of wood with the preservation of the original texture of the raw materials, and they have numerous straight lines in their design. Consoles ideal for this design should be constructed in the proper dark color scheme since classic interiors are distinguished by the presence of dark tones without sharp transitions. In some circumstances, decorative metal components with a gold coating are used to finish off such products.


Chic image -Entryway table decor ideas

Art Deco

The elements used in this fashion direction appear more refined and detailed. Console tables may be embellished with metal inlays and pieces or with “gold” inserts. There are decorations that have decorations, frequently in the shape of zigzags, Christmas trees, or trapezoids, and they all appear to be quite straightforward.



Chic image -Entryway table decor ideas


This design of furniture is really fashionable right now. Provence is regarded as a rustic design trend. It stands out by highlighting the usefulness and simplicity that are inherent in home comfort, which is characterized by a democratic atmosphere.

The furniture in Provence is often wonderfully aged and embellished with flowery embellishments that represent “rustic elegance.” For the table in the corridor that is adorned in this manner, a light color should be selected, such as white, pink, or beige.


Chic image -Entryway table decor ideas

The original classic console: advantages

Consoles are often separated into versions that are purely aesthetic and those that have different functionalities. Additionally, these products come with side lockers, shelves, and drawers. In addition to being positioned in the corridor, they are also utilized as a coffee table or dressing table for the inside of the living room and bedroom.

Console tables that are decorative can be ordered or bought off the shelf. Such models are quite expensive because of their exclusivity and originality, but they are also of superior quality and appeal.

A console is a wonderful piece of furniture that has many benefits and distinct qualities. Any home may be made to look nicer and cozier by adding a console in the corridor.

Advantages of the console table:

  • The compactness of the product allows you to install it in any area and in the most inconvenient places;
  • Stylish and at the same time versatile design;
    Convenient use;
  • The ability to delimit space;
  • Creates the integrity of the interior.
Chic image -Entryway table decor ideas

Make sure to have a console for the hallway so you can install it. This table is small and portable, so you can put it wherever while simultaneously changing the look of the room and making it more upscale, cozy, and lively.

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