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Chalet-Style Features: A Complete Guide

Chalet-style features: This is a stylish, cozy, and very reliable small Alpine farmhouse.

The popularity of the style and the fascination with Alpine architecture has recently grown enormously. This is primarily due to the increased interest in alpine skiing and tourism, and, above all, in Alpine ski resorts. In addition, the Alpine style is especially popular among people who seek solitude and peace, and those who appreciate simplicity, comfort, and warmth. It is chosen by creative and romantic natures, true connoisseurs of cultural heritage, age-old traditions, and quality.

The chalet style is born from the Alpine mountains

There are styles developed by designers, there are trends created by time, and there are styles formed around some idea. And the style of the chalet is born from the Alpine mountains, with all the accompanying circumstances that relate to the characteristic features of the landscape, climate, culture, and traditions.

The history of chalet-style houses in architecture

Literally, Chalet means “shepherd’s hut”, or “shepherd’s house”, and this fully reflects the essence of the style. The French often call such buildings “Swiss houses”. If we go back to the history of the origin of the style, it would be more correct to call this style Alpine. For the first time, this name was used in the XIV century to describe simple wooden houses built by shepherds of the Alps for shelter from the weather.

Chalet-Style Features: A Complete Guide

The chalet-style began in Savoy, in an old area in the southeast of France, on the boundary with Italy and Switzerland, and has ingested the rich history of the Alpine mountains and interesting neighborhood customs. The building highlights of the style were framed as affected by cruel climatic conditions and complex mountain territory. Its pioneers were shepherds who went far into the mountains with their herd and required a rooftop over their heads, particularly in an antagonistic climate.

The architectural features of the style were formed under the influence of harsh climatic conditions and complex mountain terrain.

Present-day developers likewise endeavor to notice chronicled credibility. Notwithstanding, the stone base of the ground floor is regularly supplanted with circulated air through cement or froth blocks, the block is likewise utilized. The second level of the house, in case it is given, is made of wood, made of strong wood. It utilizes logs and pillars made of hard shakes — larch, and maple. The spending undertakings of the chalet accommodate the development of more moderate materials, including outline designs and SIP boards.

Chalet-Style Features: A Complete Guide
Chalet-Style Features: A Complete Guide

Chalet-a complete guide and projects

Beginning the quest for the best format for a ranch-style home in the Alpine style of a chalet, future proprietors face numerous startling troubles. We need to tackle a ton of issues: from picking the region to deciding the rundown of materials from which development will be done. Generally joined bungalows up to 150 sq. m. m is worked from froth blocks or from instant SIP boards with a little storage room floor made of logs or with a subsequent light.

Chalet-Style Features: A Complete Guide

A huge winter house can be worked of circulated air through cement, block, or regular stone. For this situation, the region increments to 200 m2, and the wooden components of the subsequent floor are made of lumber. The arrangement might remember the highlights of the alleviation of the incline, fitting the structure into the scene most amicably. The exterior for this situation is made with all-encompassing enormous windows in the Scandinavian or French style, supplemented by stone sections of the porch under the shelter.

Chalet-Style Features: A Complete Guide

Design solutions that can be called the most typical.

  • Single-story structures. Low structures with extended inclining rooftop slants are appropriate for development in locales with warm environments. A modest quantity of precipitation will keep away from extreme burdens on the rooftop. The house is generally based on a high plinth, with dividers made of stuck shafts or made of the casing.
Chalet-Style Features: A Complete Guide
  • Two-story buildings. Classic houses with a stone base and a wooden top are equipped with spacious balconies, divided into 2 wings, equipped with stoves and fireplaces. The layout involves the removal of all private apartments on the 2nd floor. The first one is reserved for technical needs and the reception of guests. There should be at least 2 bathrooms in the house.
Chalet-Style Features: A Complete Guide
  • With а veranda. This trademark detail accentuates the natural feel of the chalet style. The veranda at the house is worked under the rooftop, and gigantic stone or block columns are utilized as supports. Generally, this region was designated in shepherd’s homes for corralling dairy cattle in terrible climates. In present-day structures, there is a grill region, a mid-year kitchen, and a jungle gym for kids.
Chalet-Style Features: A Complete Guide
  • With а basement. In this case, the owner has additional areas for the arrangement of a cellar or boiler room, the placement of a pumping unit, and a boiler room. Here you can also place, if the area allows, a billiard room, a sports hall or a cinema hall. An additional advantage of the basement is the increase in the level of the 1st floor, providing additional thermal insulation for the floor.
Chalet-Style Features: A Complete Guide
  • With а garage. In typical chalet-style houses, this element is presented in the form of a canopy, under which the car can be sheltered from the weather. In cold winters, it is better to arrange a covered space or underground parking in the basement. It is better not to have a garage on the side of the bedrooms, it is placed along a blank wall, providing sufficient isolation of the living area from noise and exhaust gases.
Chalet-Style Features: A Complete Guide
Chalet-Style Features: A Complete Guide
  • With а sauna. This element appeared in the layout with the popularization of the chalet style in the Scandinavian countries. Here, a dry steam room is located in the basement or annex, complemented by a swimming pool or a relaxation area with access to the terrace. The room will not require the allocation of a large area, but it will help to get additional space for a useful pastime.
Chalet-Style Features: A Complete Guide
  • With а terrace. A classic solution used in both one-story and two-story houses. The terrace in this case is made covered or glazed and runs along 2-3 sides of the facade.
  • With an attic. An additional half-floor for the arrangement of bedrooms or children’s rooms is an excellent solution that harmoniously fits into the aesthetics of the chalet style. The attic room in this case is equipped with massive support beams, it is well insulated. The traditional layout is with a hall and rooms arranged symmetrically around it.
  • Current plan arrangements permit you to fabricate houses on practically any territory. Where it won’t be feasible to utilize a monstrous covered establishment, a structure is raised on braces or a piece. Such items look fascinating in the Alpine structural customs on the slants of mountains or slopes. Here you can have the tallness affect your partner by masterminding cleared outside porches, overhangs, and verandas on columns around the house, in this manner growing the helpful region.
Chalet-Style Features: A Complete Guide

About the project: the layout of the house in the style of a chalet

Exemplary chalet houses were based on mountain slants; there was regularly little space for development. This influenced the inward construction. Engineers have since quite a while ago contemplated the principle highlights of the chalet design, inside and outside, and effectively use them in development. Present-day undertakings of houses in the style of a chalet have fundamentally a standard way to deal with the development:

  • Ground floor. They no longer hide cattle here and do not store a stock of provisions and household equipment. On the first floor, there is a living room, a kitchen, and a study, on the second — bedroom.
  • No entrance vestibule. If there is no veranda, the outer door sometimes opens directly into the living room, as in classic Alpine buildings. In modern versions, the entrance hall is provided at the request of the owner of the house.
Chalet-Style Features: A Complete Guide
  • Combination.  All together for the dividers not to lessen the inward region, it is polished (on the first floor) to consolidate a few zones into one space-the kitchen, lounge area, and front room. This design of the space gives space and correspondence.
  • Facade elements. Terraces for summer holidays are made spacious, often encircling the building.
  • Details of the facade. The shutters that protect the Alpine house from the piercing wind, with the advent of double-glazed windows, have turned into the original decor. But the tradition of decorating the roof, doors, railings of terraces, and balconies with carvings have been preserved.
  • Interior details. A fireplace is an indispensable component of the project of an Alpine house.
  • Modern projects of chalet houses do not aim to compete with ancient mansions. They are built with an emphasis on durability, comfort, and comfort. Modern technologies allow us to build three-story buildings with a basement, sauna, garage, and modern communications.

Features of the construction of a house in the style of a chalet

Modern chalet houses continue the traditions of medieval masters. Construction companies offer modern and comfortable turnkey chalet houses, both standard and custom-designed. High-class architects and designers, experienced engineers, and builders take part in their creations.

Chalet-Style Features: A Complete Guide

Since regular stone (record or rocks) is a costly material, it is supplanted with block or froth concrete during the development of the ground floor. Stone (regular or fake simple) is utilized for confronting. The outside enrichment of the house in the style of a chalet permits the utilization of finished mortar in pastel tones. Concerning the loft, the custom of getting logs has been safeguarded.

Interior: characteristic features and details of the chalet-a complete guide to style

The style of the chalet, initially manly and harsh, has for some time been adjusted to the present real factors and has been separated into two bearings.

One is loaded up with country solace, harmony, and serenity, the other is loaded up with chasing sentiment. The first is overwhelmed by stoneware and artistic creations in wooden casings, and the second-embroideries and chasing prizes.

There are no arbitrary components on the inside of the two headings, as there is no gaudy extravagance. The front room of the chalet house will regardless compare to the standards:

Interior of the living room in an Alpine house

A roomy room with high roofs and all-encompassing windows is appropriate for the inside of the chalet. Creature skins, gigantic furnishings, and warm covers will stress the appeal of the style. Lighting can be staggered. The focal classical crystal fixture (with impersonation candles) will make solace along with sconces, table, or floor lights with conceals made of regular texture. An illustration of the inside of a house in the style of a chalet, a photograph of a roomy parlor:

Chalet-Style Features: A Complete Guide

Colors and decor of the chalet-a complete guide

All shades of natural wood are held in high esteem, the style does not accept bright accents. If there is not enough color, you can add beige, black, wine, gray, cream, or dark blue colors. Terracotta, marsh, and wenge are allowed.

Details determine the design of the chalet house, they are no less important inside than in other styles. Alpine motifs can be traced in the design.

The necessary color is created by paintings and photographs in solid frames, with views of mountains, forests, and valleys. In such an interior, ceramics look good, but without glaze, soft, and matte. Metal and plastic will seem alien details; luxury, gilding, and mother—of—pearl is signed.

The ceiling and walls of the house are in the style of a chalet

The roofs are high and wooden. Roof radiates magnificently past the climate of an Alpine house, albeit in the advanced form they are essential for the stylistic theme (in the upper room, open pillars are important for the rooftop support framework).

Stone and wood are immortal works of art, yet today dividers covered with beautifying mortar or paint are very satisfactory. Embroidered works of art are utilized as adornment. Chasing themes — horns, creature heads, skins, and chasing rifles give the climate a hint of adventurism.

Chalet-Style Features: A Complete Guide

Doors and floors chalet style

Chalet projects include the utilization of hefty wooden entryways. They are enhanced with carvings and wreaths of dried fragrant spices. The floor is unpainted with gigantic sheets covered with stain (or stain). Once in a while, the tree is falsely matured. It is standard to design the floors with rugs and creature skins.

The fireplace and furniture of the house are in the style of a chalet

The chimney is a business card of the style, a position of a focal point of the inside. It is introduced in the front room, or even in the room, fixed with stone. There are electric chimneys, above which plasma TVs look very regular.

The furniture is wooden, strong, and agreeable. The style will fit the objects of a great appearance, delicate, but having the unpleasant appearance, with scrapes. A huge cowhide couch with cushions and covers will finish the lounge room

Textiles and household appliances

Natural (or unpainted) cotton, linen, or wool (but not silk or synthetics) is welcome. Coarse fabrics harmoniously support the natural, eco-friendly style of a country house.

Chalet-Style Features: A Complete Guide

Household and digital appliances, and security systems are trying to hide under the walls with wooden panels, screens, or furniture facades. This disguise preserves the ancient atmosphere of the home.

What a modern chalet house can be, photos of interesting projects:

Chalet-Style Features: A Complete Guide
Chalet-Style Features: A Complete Guide
Chalet-Style Features: A Complete Guide
Chalet-Style Features: A Complete Guide
Chalet-Style Features: A Complete Guide
Chalet-Style Features: A Complete Guide
Chalet-Style Features: A Complete Guide
Chalet-Style Features: A Complete Guide
Chalet-Style Features: A Complete Guide

Compositional agencies offer chalet projects with an advanced understanding to specialists of mountain character. This reproduces the credible highlights of an Alpine house however much as could be expected, joined with the required conveniences and solace

The style of the chalet suggests lighting that is near normal. Simultaneously, the light ought to be delicate, and diffused, and the lights ought not to abuse the general inside synthesis. It is prescribed to utilize antique crystal fixtures that mirror, for instance, candelabra, and as light sources – lights made as candles.

The focal crystal fixture, when in doubt, ought to emulate candles. Notwithstanding ceiling fixtures, you can introduce extra gadgets. In the room, it tends to be copper or metal sconces at the top of the bed, in the workplace – a little table light, in the kitchen – manufactured lights. Floor lights and table lights with texture shades can adequately supplement the primary lighting.

Chalet-Style Features: A Complete Guide

Chalet-Style Features: A Complete Guide

The chalet is portrayed by a straightforward stylistic theme that upholds the climate of Alpine nature and, simultaneously, essentially conveys a semantic burden. Materials and embroideries on the inside are embellished with pictures of mountain blossoms, coniferous plants, and creatures. The stylistic theme of the dividers is loaded up with pictures of mountain and timberland scenes.

Bunches of dried roses and different spices hang wherever in the house. Another required component is woven rug items, which enliven the floors and dividers. It is hard to envision Alpine houses without chasing prizes. Soft toys, elk and deer prongs, and creature skins make the style effectively conspicuous.

Comfortable rooms are given by artworks in wooden casings, old photos, old toys, and wooden handiworks. The dishes on the inside are typically artistic, and the metal components are manufactured.

In the advanced inside, huge poufs made of delicate counterfeit textures mimicking goat or deer hide are regularly utilized. As a story covering, there are woolen rugs, at the same time, obviously, without pompous drawings and oriental themes.

Chalet-Style Features: A Complete Guide


All styles are developing, and the style of the chalet will not escape changes. Many designers experiment with furniture, lighting, and accessories, keeping the elements of folk tradition unchanged. Thanks to this careful attitude, chalet-style houses will always look modern and natural.

A solid and cozy capital structure, despite its simple origin, will appeal to both romantics and quite pragmatic people. All of them are attracted by the harmonious combination of natural comfort and the amenities of the modern world, embodied in the chalet house.

Liudmyla Dunaf

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