Cabinet design as a room divider

Cabinet design as a room divider there are numerous original and functional design ideas for dividing the living space into zones. Partitions, screens, fabric curtains, and cabinet furniture are used for this purpose.

A cabinet can be used as a partition as well as a storage space. This allows you to create more free space in the room.

Cabinet design as a room divider

Zoning of a room with a wardrobe

Partitions are used to divide a studio or a small apartment into functional zones.

This technique allows you to divide the bedroom and living room, the bedrooms of children and parents, the study, and the living room. First, you must determine the functional load that this room will bear.

Cabinet design as a room divider

Using a cabinet for zoning has two obvious advantages:

  • A partition of this type can be removed or relocated at any time.
  • Furniture is used as extra storage space.

Cabinet sizes are determined by the size of the room and the level of zoning required. For example, the work area may be partially separated from the living room, whereas the bedroom design may necessitate complete privacy.

Cabinet design as a room divider

The cabinet’s design should match the overall style of the interior, or else the partition will stand out too much against the background. It is necessary to select furniture in a color that will complement all decorative elements and other objects in the room.

You can build a double-sided cabinet that complements both areas of the room, or you can install a screen/partition.

Two combined cabinets or a large double-sided, custom-made cabinet are suitable for implementing this idea.

Cabinet design as a room divider

The installation of a mobile partition that can move around its axis or along a guide is an interesting and unusual, but expensive, method of zoning. The original design concept will allow you to separate the bedroom and living room partially or completely, depending on your needs. A TV can be mounted in the cabinet and moved with a slight movement of the hand, eliminating the need to install two TVs in the same room. This is an excellent solution for the design of a studio apartment.

Cabinet design as a room divider

A cabinet as a partition – views, important points

The main characteristics of the room are determined by the partition cabinet. Furniture design is chosen based on the chosen style and color scheme, and the size of the cabinets is determined by the size of the room.

Cabinet design as a room divider

When the walls in the room are low, a narrow high cabinet or rack is preferable; vertical lines in the interior visually lengthen the room.

The depth of shelves, drawers, and racks is determined by the total area of the room as well as the function of the furniture. In a small room, you can install a cabinet with shallow shelves, but saving space reduces cell capacity. Deep, spacious shelves and drawers, on the other hand, take up a lot of room. It is necessary to determine what is most important in this situation.

Cabinet design as a room divider

The cabinet design as a room divider cabinet model with a black wall restricts the flow of natural light into the room. It is possible to decorate the wall so that it does not appear boring. The disadvantage of double-sided cabinets is their large depth and massiveness. Mirror inserts will save free space while visually increasing the size of the room.

The lack of a black wall makes the furniture lighter and more weightless, while also following natural light to reach all corners of the room. The rock is used to store decorations, flowers, books, and photos; large and bulky items will not fit on the shelves.

Cabinet design as a room divider

In the recreation area and workplace, modern shelving combined with a work desk can be installed to zone the nursery. This option allows you to arrange books on shelves and create comfortable environments for rest, reception, and work.

Models with glass partitions are ideal for small rooms. In the interior, transparent materials will be almost invisible.

Cabinet design as a room divider

A pedestal cabinet is installed to delimit the space while maintaining its integrity. Additional storage space appears in the closed lower drawers, and the upper open shelves serve as decoration.

Modern cabinet furniture designs can take on a wide range of shapes, including the most unusual. It all depends on the interior design style and the designer’s imagination.

Cabinet design as a room divider

Where should the cabinet go?

The placement of a partition in a room is dependent on the size of the room and the type of construction. Bulky cabinets that take up the entire wall are better suited for large rooms, whereas small racks can be installed in small rooms or studio apartments.

When probing the bedroom-living room, the wardrobe is typically installed behind the bed to free up space for the living room, which requires more free movement.

The original shelving can be used to divide the children’s room into three sections: a bedroom, a living room, and a work area. The workplace in a room for small children can be replaced by a play area.

Cabinet design as a room divider

A wardrobe or a rack will complement the interior design of the kitchen-living room or kitchen dining room. This type of partition will be ideal for storing kitchen utensils.

In large kitchens, the cabinet can be installed in such a way that the kitchen area appears to be a separate room. A comfortable working area was created in the center of the cabinet in the presented version.

Cabinet design as a room divider
Cabinet design as a room divider

A large wardrobe can be used to separate the hallway from the living room. The rooms are decorated in the same style, but thanks to the closet, there is a functional zone division.

Shelving can divide a large studio space into zones while maintaining the interior’s unity. The rack’s design and color should complement the main design. Large shelves with no back walls will let in light from all directions.

Cabinet design as a room divider

Install corner shelving or a wardrobe to completely separate the bedroom from the living room. The massive structure can be installed in large rooms, but in small rooms, such a cabinet will take up the majority of the space.

Popular are combined designs that include a cabinet and a rack. This type of partition serves as both a storage space and a decorative element.

The partition in the presented bedroom serves as a closet, separating the bedroom from the restroom, as well as a decorative element on which the TV is mounted.

Cabinet design as a room divider
Cabinet design as a room divider
Cabinet design as a room divider

A low rack is one of the protruding parts of the kitchen set in this interior. This solution allows you to separate the work area from the dining room and select a location for books or another decor.

The unusual design of the wooden shelving draws attention to its interior; such a design will pique the interest of visitors, especially if you place something interesting on it. Free wide shelves without partitions allow you to keep the space cohesive while also dividing it into functional zones. The kitchen was separated from the living and dining areas in this case.

Cabinet design as a room divider
Cabinet design as a room divider

A wardrobe with green glass doors divides the large room into a living room and a bedroom, with a double bed opposite the window.

Shelving partition: obvious advantages

The shelving allows you to keep a cold space without cluttering up the interior, which is especially useful when the structure lacks back walls.

Furniture allows you to divide the room into functional zones, and certain areas of the room can be completely isolated if necessary. This allows you to maintain a calm environment in the bedroom while another family member converses with a friend in the living room.

Various shelving models allow natural light to enter all areas of the room.

Cabinet design as a room divider


Different functional zones can be separated from one another thanks to the room’s zoning. This technique makes designing a studio apartment or increasing the functionality of a small apartment more interesting.

A wardrobe or a rack can be easily chosen for the chosen stylistic direction, resulting in a stylish and harmonious interior.

Aside from zoning the room, the partition can serve other important functions, such as keeping the living space free.

Liudmyla Dunaf

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