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Billiard room in a private house: design ideas

Billiard room in a private house billiards is a pastime for some people, which is okay to devote several hours a day; for others, it’s a measure of social standing. In any event, the game is a unique leisure that necessitates not only tools and accessories but also proper room setup. You can converse, have fun, and decompress in a private home’s billiard room, so you should pay attention to how it is set up.

Billiard room in a private house: design ideas

Choosing a place

It is simple to convert the living room into a bedroom or a bedroom into an office. Everything is not as cut and dried when it comes to billiard rooms; not every room is appropriate for the job. Therefore, it is better to plan it during the housing project’s design phase, when the following alternatives are practical:

  • in the cellar. a popular choice that enables sensible use of space. Generally speaking, the design of the pool room matches the style of the entire house. Without the choice, you will need to consider how to preserve the intended microclimate. The temperature and relative humidity requirements for the pool table are very specific: up to 25 °C and 60–65%.
Billiard room in a private house: design ideas

Either on the top level or in the attic. The weight of the pool table, which starts at 600 kg and exceeds a ton for models with a stone surface, is taken into account when calculating the floors if the project calls for such an arrangement. Such a weight is not problematic for reinforced concrete floors, but hardwood beams might need to be strengthened further.

Billiard room in a private house: design ideas

Unification. The pool table space frequently doubles as a living room, office, or library. If the table is not being used for its primary purpose, it may occasionally be positioned on the balcony (the second level of the living room), and even less frequently — in an insulated garage.

Billiard room in a private house: design ideas
  • The location of the pool table may occasionally be decided in the sauna or pool’s relaxing area. Not the finest location is adjacent to a wet room. Temperature and humidity changes will eventually cause wooden components to distort. The table’s quality will deteriorate, which will affect the game as well. For the same reason, setting up a table more than two meters from an open fire is not advised (fireplace).
Billiard room in a private house: design ideas

Design criteria

The design of the pool room (if a separate space is designated for it) is determined by the following factors:

  • Dimensions and table weight
  • isolation from the sound. They make an effort to keep the game room away from the children’s and adults’ bedrooms because the noises of balls colliding will disturb the other members of the family. If not, you might want to consider making the sound insulation stronger.
Billiard room in a private house: design ideas
  • When designing, it is important to consider how the frame and plate, two substantial components of the pool table, will be assembled (the basis of the playing field).
  • A spiral staircase is one type of difficulty.
    technological requirements for how pool tables should function. To keep the temperature and humidity constant, ventilation could be necessary.
Billiard room in a private house: design ideas

The size of the table, which is customarily measured in feet and has the following form: influences the size and arrangement of the pool room:

  • A 7-foot choice that is compact for little spaces.
  • Size of pool: 7 to 9 feet.
  • The normal sizes for Russian snooker or pool are taller, ranging from 8 to 12 feet.
Billiard room in a private house: design ideas
  • The specified table’s size.
  • The swing is extended by an additional 10 to 15 cm on either side of the table, in addition to the cue’s length.
Billiard room in a private house: design ideas

It turns out that a pool room must be at least 5.9 by 7.7 meters in size to accommodate a 12-foot table (about 45 squares). A space with measurements of 5,3×6,4 m and an area of 32–34 squares are required for a pleasant game on a 9-foot table (the sizes of different models may vary slightly). It will take roughly 22 square meters to fit the smallest table.

With this size, the table can be positioned in the middle of the space, giving players ample room to avoid ruining the game by accidentally hitting a wall with a cue. It is advised to determine how the necessary objects will be arranged before designing because furniture is not taken into account in these calculations.

Billiard room in a private house: design ideas

Subtleties of arrangement

Billiard room in a private house а typical day to set up a pool room is to divide it into one’s; often, a playing room, an observation area, and a rest space are offered. A ladder and all tracks are out around the perimeter if the game’s core area is included. If the space serves as both a game room and a recreation area, a home theater area and a music center are offered. A slot machine will be the original component.

Billiard room in a private house: design ideas

The spectators and the recreation area are crucial components of the game. Different flooring materials, wooden barriers, and lighting are employed to zone the space.

A bar counter, trendy furnishings, and paintings will all contribute to the unique ambiance in this space. One chooses furniture such as couches, coffee tables, and chairs. The watching area, where spectators can watch the game without worrying about interfering with the players, includes the bar counter in the billiard room. It is built high enough to provide a clear view of the playing surface.

Billiard room in a private house: design ideas

The game needs the right illumination. No matter how many windows there are, laconic lamps are hung over the table using the same logic:

  • amount of lamps. Depending on how big the table is. For a 12-foot table, six lamps are required for uniform lighting; for a 7-foot table, three lamps are sufficient.
  • Height. Lampshades are positioned at eye level and at least 0.8 to 1 m away from the fabric. As a result, the players are not affected by the light, and the playing surface is still well-lit.
  • With the aid of floor lamps, chandeliers, and spotlights, extra lighting is arranged in the pool room in keeping with the decor of the space. A comfortable stay requires autonomous switches in every zone, and 40 to 50 squares is a very practical amount of space.
Billiard room in a private house: design ideas

Zoning is also displayed for a pool room that is housed in a separate room.

Due to its central location, the game table commands attention in the space. A little to the side, there are structured recreation spaces. One inviting nook with a plush sofa, a bar, and a coffee maker can suffice for a tiny space. If the space is intended to accommodate several guests, you can set up 2-3-5 distinct areas with varied layouts, such as a softly furnished area with cozier décor for a female company and a more macho area with a bar and smoking accessories for a male company.

Billiard room in a private house: design ideas
Billiard room in a private house: design ideas

There are different ways to zone a room:

  • color, the texture of walls, floor, and ceiling;
  • podium, niches;
  • various lighting devices;
  • curtains;
  • mobile partitions (screens);
  • furniture and decor.
Billiard room in a private house: design ideas


Recently, it has been popular to create billiard rooms in an “Al Capone” gangster aesthetic. Its allure comes from the way that it combines formal English design with the cool of American Art Nouveau from the 1930s. This room seems dignified and romantic at the same time. This is made possible by priceless parquet, dark wood-paneled walls, bronze lights, and cozy furniture with leather upholstery. The pool table is enormous, majestically designed in the Victorian era, and has lion-shaped carvings on its legs.



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