Best desktop design: stylish and unobtrusive

Best desktop design: stylish and unobtrusive. A simple mathematical calculation yields 264 days per year: 22 working days in a month multiplied by 12. Taking into account that people work from the age of 23 to 65, it is estimated that we spend 30 years of our lives at work. As a result, the workplace design should not only reflect the company’s style, but also your personal preferences: it should be comfortable, practical, and appealing. And you must choose accessories for this while keeping professional recommendations in mind.

Best desktop design: stylish and unobtrusive

Decorating and taking care of your own health

Best desktop decoration First and foremost considers the health situation. Modern developments enable us to reduce the load on the shoulders, back, wrists, and entire body by using only some of them.

Best desktop design: stylish and unobtrusive

The tension in your hands causes frequent aching pain in the joints of your hands and wrists. A soft pad for your hands under the keyboard and an original mouse pad with a similar option will help to alleviate the strain. They will not attract the attention of even the most strict and conservative management, but they will greatly aid in the fight against office employees’ professional ailments.

Best desktop design: stylish and unobtrusive

A bracket for adjusting the monitor’s angle of inclination and height. Installation “for yourself” will relieve the strain on the eyes, shoulders, and back caused by tense muscles. It is not only practical, but it also looks great and takes up little space on the desktop.

Best desktop design: stylish and unobtrusive

The next device, on the other hand, takes up a significant portion of it while acting as an organizer. It comes in various versions and can be outfitted with various “gadgets.” It is a built-in drawer for papers, a disk stand, and a coffee cup in this case.

Laptop stand that is portable. It has an adjustable tilt angle, a reliable lock, and cooling holes. They have additional smartphone brackets, allowing you to keep all of your gadgets close at hand.

The arrangement according to Feng Shui

There are no small things in life, according to this East Asian teaching. Particularly when it comes to the desktop, its location in space, and what is on it.

First and foremost, consideration should be given to the zoning of the office desktop space:

  • Career path. The space between your hands lying on the keyboard should be clear.
  • Zone for families. Between the keyboard and the monitor, on the left. This is the ideal spot for a family photo.
  • The area of expertise. The table’s extreme left corner. Paper documents and books should be kept in this location. Something that is rarely used but has monetary value.
  • The health zone is to the left of the monitor in the background. In fact, this is where you keep documents that you are currently working on.
  • It is assumed that they are placed where they are easily accessible without having to change positions in the chair. This conserves energy that can be used to improve health.
  • The fame and reputation zone. The other side of the screen. This is the location for the object of your pride: a sports cup, a medal, a diploma, or simply an image of a successful person.
  • The zone of love. The right corner of the desktop, farthest away from you. A place to display a valuable souvenir, a loved one’s gift, an amulet, or flowers.
  • The creative zone is just below, where documents that have already been worked on are stored.
  • It is completely impossible to develop those.
    The useful things zone. A smartphone replaces the phone that was traditionally held in the right hand.

Important! Chinese wisdom emphasizes the importance of not allowing clutter on the office desktop. You can get used to it, but blockages and debris reduce efficiency and can accumulate negative energy.

Workplace Ideas

With the exception of work supplies and documents, everything on your desktop should be intended not only for the beauty and improvement of the interior but also to perform other, no less important functions:

  • Use soft color schemes and oriental hourglass balls to relieve stress.
  • Relaxation – objects that can divert attention away from work and provide pleasant memories. Family photos, souvenirs, and amusing inscriptions are the best options.
  • Motivating oneself to continue working is the goal. Something that can motivate you to work even harder.
  • Inspiration is nothing more than creativity. A stylish diary for quick notes and sketches.

We offer the following photos as examples of stylish design solutions for the design of an office desktop:

Best desktop design: stylish and unobtrusive
Best desktop design: stylish and unobtrusive
Best desktop design: stylish and unobtrusive
Best desktop design: stylish and unobtrusive
Best desktop design: stylish and unobtrusive
Best desktop design: stylish and unobtrusive
Best desktop design: stylish and unobtrusive
Best desktop design: stylish and unobtrusive


The best desktop decoration is the main working tool, the same as the working base of the machine. Most of the time is spent here. Therefore, the stylistic design should correspond as much as possible to the recommendations of psychologists, ancient Chinese sages, and designers.

Liudmyla Dunaf

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