Beautiful decorative pillows on the sofa

Beautiful decorative pillows on the sofa in every home have accessories and decor. Even upholstered furniture should be decorated. They choose sofa cushions, soft toys, and other interesting accessories to accomplish this. They try to choose the right technology for their creation on their own when making decor.

Beautiful decorative pillows on the sofa

Recommendations on the selection and use of decorative pillows in interior design

The decor must be chosen individually for each design of the sofa and other upholstered furniture. It is also important to consider the material with which the pillows are filled. When selecting a decorative element, keep the following in mind:

  • Do not use the same color for your pillows and sofa upholstery. Round pillows with a designer border around the edges are ideal for curvy sofas.
  • You can choose from a variety of fabrics, but it is preferable if they are natural textiles with no added synthetic content.
  • On a light sofa, use monochrome pillows in a contrasting color. Models in bright yellow and light green, for example, will look fantastic with ash and light gray.
  • Decorative elements should be chosen to complement the style of upholstered furniture. It is preferable that they have the necessary characteristics.
  • Pillows with interesting textures will highlight the comfort of the home environment: large knitting, elegant wavy embroidery, and classic ornamentation in the applique technique.
Beautiful decorative pillows on the sofa

Many options that can be purchased separately can often be incorporated into any interior design. If you need to replace it quickly, you can get extra pillowcases. They are also simple to make.

Designer pillows can be used in a variety of ways. They are simple to lay an interesting pattern or simply fill the sofa corners. Some pillows can be placed on the sofa’s wide back. The models that come with the kit are frequently used as removable handrails.

Beautiful decorative pillows on the sofa to keep the soft corner’s design unique, create a stack of pillows of the same shape and size. Multicolored additions are frequently stacked carelessly.

Pillows with pillowcases on fasteners are frequently placed in the center of the sofa, with the back side facing forward.

Varieties of decorative pillows

The shape, fabrics, and filler of decorative sofa accessories can vary. If flat models are appropriate for bedding on chairs, volumetric options are attempting to be laid on soft corners such as beds, sofas, and recreation areas. The following are the most common and safe fillers:

  • Cotton. The material is non-allergenic and inexpensive. It is extremely convenient to use one when sewing pillows by hand. This raw material has a significant disadvantage in that it is knocked down in lumps and cannot be cleaned. In the case of general cleaning, it is preferable to replace it entirely.
  • Sintepon. An airy material used in the manufacture of not only decorative but also sleeping pillows. Although this filler cannot be washed, it can be disinfected. If the Sintepon forms lumps, they are easily straightened by hand.
  • Feather and down. The traditional pillow filling option. Because it is quite soft, it is frequently used for decorative rollers and models of irregular shapes. However, maintaining such a component is difficult. Some people may develop allergies to it.
  • Holofiber is a contemporary filler. It has a similar appearance to Sintepon but differs in composition. This type of filler is widely available and reasonably priced. It has shock-absorbing properties and can restore the pillow’s shape.
  • Buckwheat husk and herbs. Only natural ingredients are used. Especially useful for decorating relaxation sofas. Suitable for those who have sleep anxiety. Such models are made by the manufacturer in the form of rollers or elongated pillows.

Foam rubber and silicone granules are less commonly used as pillow fillers.

Beautiful decorative pillows on the sofa

On that note! When sewing covers for designer pillows on your own, use fabrics with a dense texture. These last much longer. The complexity of care is a significant disadvantage for such canvases. This is especially true for woolen fabrics, which tend to sit down when the washing mode is incorrectly selected.

Decorative pillow designs

Beautiful decorative pillows on the sofa one of the most important factors to consider when selecting models is the shape of the pillow. The traditional shape is a square. Its typical dimensions are 40×40 cm. Such options work very well for the decorative design of deep sofas and armchairs.

Beautiful decorative pillows on the sofa

When upholstered furniture has been modified and does not meet general standards, pillows should be chosen accordingly. Options with dimensions of 20×20 or 70×70 cm look great. They may have unusual embroidery or ornament application from multiple layers at the same time.

Beautiful decorative pillows on the sofa

Beautiful decorative pillows on the children’s sofa can be decorated with large or even miniature pillows. They may resemble a cartoon character or a fairy tale. For these purposes, models of animals, birds, and toys are also cut out.

Pillows of strictly rectangular or round shapes are not the most popular. They are relevant when there is chaos of modern features in the interior, and some of its details are chaotic and careless.

Beautiful decorative pillows on the sofa

Shapes such as hearts, polygons, flowers, and others are frequently used in decorative design. They can even become a child’s favorite toy. Such types of pillows on the sofa will be very useful if the living room or room is decorated in a romantic style.

Decorative cushions for sofas in different styles

Bright pillow design options are preferable for a modern interior. They will help to focus attention on a soft corner, even if it is not in the center of the room, and will complement the harmony that has occurred.

  • Scandinavian design. A fantastic solution. The outer material of such a pillow has an interesting texture and unusual ornamentation. This style, especially when handcrafted, appears organic.
  • Provence. Pillows in this style appear very elegant and gentle. Their unavoidable feature is the presence of lace and ruffles, both on the basis and as edging.
  • Loft. Colorful pillows on a plain sofa look great. They usually have some sort of decoration. Shades like orange, blue, red, and ash can all be found in the same composition.
  • Pop culture. A slightly extravagant direction. Pillows in this style can have a variety of non-repetitive motifs, such as imitations of spray-painted paintings. Modern drawings and provocative inscriptions will effectively dilute the situation.
  • Classic. It is distinguished by opulent shapes and high-end appearance finishes. Pillowcases frequently feature unique design motifs.
  • Boho. It looks like a rustic interior on an unassuming sofa book, and there are knitted pillows with embroidery. A decorative detail like this may resemble the appearance of a track or the coloring of old rugs.
  • Minimalism. A small number of pillows are used to decorate a sofa in this style. They can be of various sizes. It is permissible to use only models of the correct geometric shape.

Its competent design can result in an extravagant and interesting interior. The “bold” decor design is very appealing, especially when the room is small and practically empty of accessories.

Beautiful decorative pillows on the sofa

Ideas for making designer pillows with your own hands

If you can’t find a suitable pillow option in a furniture store, you can make one yourself. It is simple to translate all ideas and fantasies into textiles in such cases. A few useful ideas, both in the modern and minimalistic design directions, will undoubtedly become relevant.

Beautiful decorative pillows on the sofa

Sectional version

These pillows are multi-area models. A fabric or other rigid partition is usually sewn between them. As a result, the pillow has comfortable lush details.

Standard options

A square pillow in the traditional style. Even without special sizes, it is simple to make. Hand-sewn models made from old skirts and dresses will be very fashionable. Floral ornamentation and the presence of repeating patterns will undoubtedly draw attention to the upholstered furniture area.

Beautiful decorative pillows on the sofa

Models with three-dimensional colors

They try to use textured fabrics when sewing such an interesting model. Velvet or velour roses, for example, will look stunning on burlap. Alternatively, cotton pads can be used to make flowers. However, you will need to treat them with starch or hairspray to keep their shape.

Pillow toys

Making toy pillows out of fabric necessitates the creation of an exact pattern. You can do this by making templates out of paper or cardboard. They are simple to draw by hand or to print out pre-made. You can use three-dimensional details to create realistic images of animal faces when sewing the front side.

Beautiful decorative pillows on the sofa

Pillows with quilting

Such a model is pricey. It will take a lot of time and effort to make it yourself. Only dense fabrics can be used to make pillows with interesting patterns. Only in this manner will the perfect texture and volume of the decor be obtained. This method prevents the formation of lumps and allows the pillow to quickly return to its original shape.

Cushion covers for sofas

Rollers or rolled decor models are regarded as unique. They can be both decorative and functional in the design of a sofa. Such specimens are frequently placed under the head or used to make soft armrests. Individual options for upholstered and computer chairs are created. Beautiful models are made of openwork fabric and embellished with patterns, ornaments, and folds.

Beautiful decorative pillows on the sofa

Knitted throw pillows

It is best to use a new yarn for these options. It will be fluffy and one-of-a-kind. Textured knitting appears to be a very appealing addition to the rustic and Scandinavian design styles. Keep in mind that handmade threads should be sufficiently strong and dense. Knitting needles are preferred for knitting. As a result, the shortest distance between the loops is obtained. They frequently knit a cover for a decorative element. The breastplate is made of heavy textiles.

Which options should be discarded

Beautiful decorative pillows on the sofa and some decorative designs for sofas in the hall or living room may appear ridiculous. To avoid this, the designers recommend the following:

  • Avoid using pillows with the same texture as the sofa’s upholstery. Of course, if the addition to the soft corner was not included, this condition applies.
  • Refuse to use the same fabric as the window curtains to decorate the room. It is not recommended to use the same color scheme for all textile elements in the room.
  • Use pillows and cases that are identical to one another. Even if the models are chosen in the same color scheme, they should be distinguished by an additional feature (flower, applique, ornament).

On that note! Embroidered pillows were used as a wedding dowry a few centuries ago. Only in strict order could they be arranged on the sofa (according to the drawing).

Some smart tips for housewives

Beautiful decorative pillows on the sofa after you’ve decided on the style, shapes, and sizes of your decorative sofa cushions, you can begin sewing and combining options.

  • When arranging an effective decoration on the sofa, for example, it is worth arranging pillows so that their shades do not cause disgust. Highly toxic palette tones are extremely unappealing.
  • The texture difference is very welcome. When you compare shiny, embroidered, piled, and smooth products next to each other, the design will be unique. They will have a positive impact on the overall look.
  • The number of pillows can be varied. If there is only one sofa and no other soft headset items, you can place 4-5 pillows on it. If there is a lot of furniture, limit the number of pieces to 2-3.

In fact, there are no hard and fast rules for decorating a sofa with pillows. Everyone creates their own environment based on their own preferences.


Beautiful decorative pillows on the sofa cushions are frequently chosen based on the season. As a result, they regularly update the interior and handcraft chic decor. Variations with patterns on the theme of the new year will look good in winter, and decor with a floral print and sea freshness will look good in summer.


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