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Beautiful children’s Loft-style bedrooms

Children’s loft-style bedrooms are a solution that definitely cannot be blamed for the mundane. Such interiors are spectacular, interesting, and characteristic. About what other advantages this style has and how best to design an industrial environment for a child – in this capacious mini—guide.

Loft-style children’s bedrooms need the right design for the nursery, it is important to choose the right design that will further affect the development of the child and his desire to be in the room. The loft style is one of the most daring and interesting in this regard. Its main features:

  • a lot of natural light and room;
  • the mixture of unfinished materials for interior design: brick, concrete, wood, and metal;
  • natural textile materials include leather, cotton, linen, and wool.
  • using unique eccentric décor components
Beautiful children’s Loft-style bedrooms
Beautiful children’s Loft-style bedrooms

Beautiful children’s Loft-style bedrooms offer freedom for exploration and imagination. Active, creative, and cognitive types will benefit from this. The interior is based on three pillars: safety, utility, and creativity. When choosing interior items, it is important to proceed from the age, gender, and preferences of the child.

Beautiful children’s Loft-style bedrooms

The look first appeared around 1940. It first appeared in the USA during the Great Depression. Due to the economic crisis, production facilities remained unoccupied and people vacated the buildings.

Artists and photographers now live in former industrial spaces. All of the “insides” were left in their original condition because the new owners lacked the funds for repairs. The characteristics of the inside are:

  • untreated walls, wooden columns, and beams,
  • metal constructions
  • outside downspouts,
  • cables and valves for electricity.
Beautiful children’s Loft-style bedrooms

Everything can be used in the nursery with a loft-style design, but electrical wiring needs to be hidden for safety. Its imitation is an exception. Gray and red masonry welcome you into the traditional loft.

With the use of an eye-catching color scheme and vibrant accents, you may soften the style’s sharp edges in the nursery.

Unusual furnishings and accents have the power to draw attention to themselves and establish the fundamental mood of the space. Style appreciates order and details in everything. In the interior, the following materials are used more frequently:

  • Wallpaper, paint, plaster, wooden panels, and cork coating are all used on walls.
  • Plaster, plasterboard, and faux wood beams on the ceiling.
  • Underneath the natural stone lies a floor made of parquet, cork, tile, or linoleum.
Beautiful children’s Loft-style bedrooms

Beautiful children’s loft-style bedrooms for girls

The nursery is quite utilitarian in terms of its content and is not just intended for napping. It must have areas designated for rest, sleep, study, and entertainment. Loft design likes to divide up the room. You can divide the areas using various wall or floor finishes, shelves made of wood or metal, or both.

Beautiful children’s Loft-style bedrooms

Interior decoration of a room for a girl:

  • Walls. It is not possible to leave a concrete wall in the nursery unfinished. This choice won’t appeal to the tiny princess at all because the room will be frigid. Choose wallpaper that mimics white bricks if you still want to see a rougher version of the loft.
  • With an artwork or photo wallpaper that features a pattern that corresponds to the girl’s interests—space, the universe, zodiac signs, a laboratory, an old castle, or a mystery forest—we highlight the accent wall.
  • So that the room is not dependent on your age and interests, you can choose simple wallpaper or just paint the walls in your preferred colors. Such a nursery is simpler to alter and develop over time.
Beautiful children’s Loft-style bedrooms
  • Plaster or light-colored painting of the ceiling is preferable. The ornament’s outer edges will be stunning. As a result, the room will feel larger and have a more open vibe.
Beautiful children’s Loft-style bedrooms
  • Floor. Cork or light parquet flooring will blend in beautifully. The usage of carpet in pastel colors is permitted by owners of chilly flats.
Beautiful children’s Loft-style bedrooms

Asking the intended owner which hue she finds more appealing is crucial when selecting a color plan for a girl’s loft-style nursery.

We must not lose sight of the fact that a baby’s nursery reflects his or her private world. Girls tend to favor pastel shades of pink, beige, white, yellow, and turquoise. You can mix hues to create a multicolored decor in the loft style.

Beautiful children’s Loft-style bedrooms

Loft-style nursery for a boy

Loft becomes intrigued by industrial society. The nursery’s design in this fashion is ideal for young men. You can gain design skills and spark an interest in technology in such a space. In either interpretation, the children’s loft-style room will be a hit with the lads.

Beautiful children’s Loft-style bedrooms

Popular solutions for interior decoration:

Walls. A replica of painted metal plates can stand in for a real concrete wall. Wallpaper featuring brickwork in shades of red, black, or gray will also look nice. When zoning the room, the region close to the bed can be highlighted with a photo wallpaper or an artwork featuring one of the following drawings:

a global map, an airline cabin, a retro vehicle, a black-and-white night city, graffiti, a rocket launch, an astronaut in orbit, or the deck of a ship. The second area, which may be used for studying, will look lovely with its wooden panel design. You should paint the wall in the play area your favorite color.

Beautiful children’s Loft-style bedrooms
  • The wooden beam ceiling appears cruel. You can utilize drywall-impersonating material. The best option, if the budget is small enough, is to bleach the ceiling and spend the remaining money on distinctive furnishings and decor.
Beautiful children’s Loft-style bedrooms
  • Floor. Parquet with a rough wood texture is suitable, you can use a gradient color for more naturalness. Children love to play on the floor, so when choosing a stone tile or its imitation, it is necessary to have a warm carpet.
Beautiful children’s Loft-style bedrooms

A budding artist should be delighted to be there. Depending on the child’s choices, we decide on the primary color. Boys’ color palettes don’t always consist solely of blue and light blue.

There are a few common colors for the space: gray, brown, black, aquamarine, and green. Red and orange should be used with caution if the baby is hyperactive because they will only increase their enthusiasm.

Beautiful children’s Loft-style bedrooms

Furniture and decor elements in the loft-style bedroom

Because sleep is so crucial for children, it is best to begin choosing nursery furniture with the bed. The bed should be both large and comfortable. We chose a model with an orthopedic mattress.

  • A versatile piece of wood or metal furniture in a loft-style children’s room is ideal. After it is placed, there should be enough open space in the room for games. You do not need to buy a lot of furniture; we select only what is essential based on the child’s age. We fill the room according to its zoning:
Beautiful children’s Loft-style bedrooms

The study room is made out of wooden or metal bookshelves, an ancient rectangular or square desk, and a chair. Award and souvenir shelf, easel, antique piano, and telescope.

Beautiful children’s Loft-style bedrooms
  • A bright children’s rug, a table without legs, small ottomans, a chest for toys, a slate for drawing, and a wigwam comprise the play area.
Beautiful children’s Loft-style bedrooms
  • A rocking rocker, a frameless armchair, a wicker or suspended leather chair, a tiny sofa with a unique design on curved legs, and a hammock comprise the amusement area.
Beautiful children’s Loft-style bedrooms

In its decor, the loft room can mix furniture from many styles such as Provence, hi-tech, minimalist, Scandinavian, classic, and shabby chic.

Beautiful children’s Loft-style bedrooms

The decor is the focal point of such an interior. A loft-style children’s room is a modern design that respects antiques. Design-related accessories include:

  • Edison lamps in a variety of industrial designs. Chandeliers with metal or wood frames look stunning. Interesting design alternatives include a chandelier in the shape of a firebird cage, a globe or gyroscope, a fan, and a clock mechanism. It is preferable to employ multiple artificial light sources for each zone, such as hanging a sconce with fake candles near the bed and placing a floor lamp near the desk.
  • Curtains should be light, utilitarian, and simple in design. Roman curtains and bamboo blinds complement the interior design by adding light to the space. Curtains made of dense material can be decorated with a thematic pattern that complements the style of the room: automobiles from animated series, graphic artwork, and starry sky.
  • Small decorations include posters of your favorite sports team, actual or fake road signs, old signs and sculptures, posters of superheroes, black-and-white images, and mirrors in antique frames. Bold interiors may even permit you to hang a bicycle, a guitar, a lifebuoy, or an ancient cuckoo clock.
Beautiful children’s Loft-style bedrooms
Beautiful children’s Loft-style bedrooms
Beautiful children’s Loft-style bedrooms

There is always room in the interior of the children’s room for a carpet, which adds comfort and coziness. Brickwork, the British flag, the image of modern city streets, animals, geometric drawings, and abstraction are all acceptable monophonic models and textured patterns.


A loft-style nursery allows for self-expression and is a wonderful choice for a modern child. Such an interior fosters creativity and personal growth, as well as the drive to grow.

To get the desired outcome in nursery design, employ a technique with space zoning, antique materials and intriguing details, a lot of light sources, and imitation of brick or concrete walls. The space should be functional while still expressing one’s character. Determine what interests the youngster and what skills you want to acquire before registering.

Liudmyla Dunaf

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