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A chic wedding bend with your own hands 2021

A chic wedding bend with your own hands. Wedding curves are exceptionally well known in Europe and America. They are put there for cooking or in the courtyard of their house, or in some place on the seashore, or in another beautiful place. In addition, weddings take place in the middle of the year, but also in the colder season. Moreover, it is impossible to build a curve in the city this season. Despite this, if you think about working at this hotel for a wedding, in the end, it will become an important and excellent component of this magnificent wedding event.

In addition, the wedding curve can be applied to the place where the lovebirds will sit at the table. The main task is to choose the right size and condition of the bend and decorate it in accordance with the overall wedding plan.

No wedding ceremony is complete without such a majestic chic wedding bend, through which the newlyweds solemnly pass during the wedding and wedding. If an exit registration is planned, for example, in nature, the wedding bend is installed directly under the open sky, through which young people pass as a gateway to a new life. This wedding accessory does not just decorate the holiday, it symbolizes unity, protection, the beauty of the senses, the heavenly vault, and a blessing from above.

A chic wedding bend with your own hands 2021

The wedding arch, presented above the table of the woman of the hour and the lucky one, is centered around the couple, demonstrating the comfort of the family heart. For a wedding celebration, you can order the creation of a curve from specialists. However, assuming that you need to save money on this expensive thing, you can do it yourself. In addition, the wedding band with your own hands is to a large extent a sign of innovation and an inventive creative mind. Moreover, positive feelings and the soul invested in its creation will create amazing radiation of warmth, delight, and love.

A chic wedding bend with your own hands 2021

Choosing the right wedding curves for the young

Usually, a wedding arch is a structure on two supports. Such arches can have completely different shapes. This is a quadrangular arch, horseshoe-shaped, and an enfilade, as well as in the form of a heart. Moreover, this option is much more suitable for a wedding. But it all depends on the material and application of the arch.

  • Most often, the wedding arch is still made in the form of a horseshoe. This form is made much easier and looks beautiful. Decorate the arches with flowers, fabric, bows, balloons, and other materials.
  • The horseshoe-shaped design looks good with both live and artificial flowers. This form of the wedding arch symbolizes patronage and protection.
  • The rectangular arch symbolizes the strength of the family and its spiritual unity.
  • The enfilade is a multi-tiered arch consisting of successive arches, symbolizing long and happy life.
  • Well, the wedding arch in the form of a heart symbolizes romance and love.

The choice of the arch depends on the organizers, and how they will come up with a scenario. But all the views look good. For example, a rectangular arch:

A chic wedding bend with your own hands 2021

Or enfilade. This photo consists of a small number of sections, but you can also make the corridor longer.

Thus, there are no strict rules in choosing the shape of the arch, as well as in its decoration. The main thing is that it does not stand out too much in the color scheme from the general background of the wedding.

  • The arch is the heart. To emphasize the love between the bride and groom, the organizers can choose a beautiful arch in the form of a heart. It can be made of balloons, or metal frames, decorated with flowers. An alternative type of accessory will be to the taste of those present.
  • The enfilade arch is a chic type of event decoration. It will be difficult to make such an arch with your own hands, since it consists of many arched vaults connected to each other or simply standing behind each other, forming a corridor. On it, the lovers go to the registration table. This spectacular type of accessory is suitable for a large-scale celebration. The enfilade symbolizes long-term happiness in marriage, the endless, strong love of the newlyweds.
  • Round gazebo. Another alternative option instead of the classic arched arch is a garden gazebo. Decorated with lanterns, lush blooms, fabrics, and gazebos symbolize family comfort, home warmth, and intimacy between young spouses. This type is ideal for a vintage wedding.
  • Rectangular polar arch. A simple, fragile U-shaped design symbolizes the lightness and carefree relationship. Spouses who have chosen this type of arch understand each other well and feel great next to their partner. It’s easy to make it with your own hands.
A chic wedding bend with your own hands 2021

A chic wedding bend with your own hands

Before deciding to decorate the wedding arch with your own pens, it is worth considering several facts that will help you create attributes that correspond to your desires. When choosing an arch, consider:

  • A variety of shapes and sizes. Standard size: 2 m high, 1.5 m wide. But the size should be adjusted based on the growth of the newlyweds, as well as on the size of the jewelry (the more voluminous the decor, the wider the arch should be);
  • The material of the frame. Currently, arches are made of wood, metal, or metal-plastic. It is worth noting that the latter allows you to play with the shapes of the arch, but it does not differ from instability. If you live in a windy area, then give preference to wooden or metal options;
  • Decor. As already noted, the decoration of the arched zone must necessarily emphasize the overall wedding idea. At the same time, take into account your capabilities: some materials can be difficult or expensive to get to “mere mortals” who have not previously dealt with the independent design of the area for painting.
  • Modern newlyweds can learn from thematic videos and masterclasses how to decorate a wedding arch with their own hands. So the couple can be sure that the arch will be made in the right style, and the money saved will be an additional bonus.

On-site marriage registration is always a fascinating and beautiful action, especially if the decor is thought out to the smallest detail.

wedding band with your own hands
wedding band with your own hands
wedding band with your own hands
wedding band with your own hands

A chic wedding bend with your own hands makes the ceremony memorable, emphasizes the romantic atmosphere of the holiday, and gives it uniqueness. The tradition of using wedding arches came from ancient Egypt. Among the Egyptians, it symbolized firmament. It was believed that a marriage concluded in front of the arch would be sanctified by the gods.

Western weddings also rarely do without this decorative element. At a modern ceremony, the wedding arch will be a wonderful decoration for the newlyweds ‘ table, banquet hall, or for on-site registration in nature. Lavishly decorated with flowers, balloons, and ribbons, the arch becomes a great basis for organizing a photo zone. The decor of the arch depends on the desire of the newlyweds. The accessory is given various shapes: quadrangular, round, pointed, in the form of a horseshoe, a heart, and others.

Wedding arch made of flowers in 2021 new design ideas

A wedding arch made of flowers is an interior accent and therefore it is often made in one ensemble with the design of the wedding hall. A wonderful addition to this arch will be floral arrangements, as well as a luxurious carpet made of rose petals. Wedding arches are made both by hand, and ordered and rented, which is the simplest option since the choice of this accessory in the wedding services market is very diverse.

It should be noted that the creation of a wedding arch with your own hands will be a symbol of the young and will become a highlight in the hall for the celebration. When choosing a decoration for the arches, you should take into account the style of decoration of the event itself. It should also be remembered that the flowers for the arch should be selected in the tone of the bride’s wedding bouquet so that the bright color of this accessory does not distract attention from her. The sizes and shapes of wedding arches are different.

A chic wedding band with your own hands 2021

A wedding arch draped with a fabric is the simplest option. Arches can be made of metal structures, and the frame of such a structure is draped with fabric and decorated with flowers at the request of customers. This option is currently the most fashionable and elegant.

A chic wedding bend with your own hands 2021
A chic wedding bend with your own hands 2021

Wedding arch made of paper 2021 photos of fashion novelties

Recently, it has become fashionable to make something with your own hands for a wedding, for example, accessories or decorative elements. And we are talking about both a banquet and an exit registration, which has become so popular among the newlyweds. For it, you can make all sorts of little things, in particular, a pillow for rings, or something more global, for example, an arch. Flowers, both live and artificial, are the most common material from which wedding arches are made.

A chic wedding bend with your own hands 2021

You can complement them with textile elements and bright garlands, as in this master class, by creating an interesting version of the back wall for an exit ceremony with your own hands. Ageless classics that always remain in the trend are flowers in wedding decor, both live and artificial: from textile to paper. And the exit painting is no exception! Tip: paper elements can be used to decorate not only the on-site registration but also a festive banquet because there are a million interesting ideas for paper wedding decor: from air pompoms and fans to huge flowers that can easily be made with your own hands.

A chic wedding band with your own hands 2021

Wedding arch with fresh flowers in 2021 new items with photos

An arch decorated with fresh flowers and airy fabric will help create a gentle and romantic atmosphere at a wedding. This design is suitable for both classic celebrations and themed weddings in the style of shabby chic, eco, botanical, etc. It does not matter what you make a wedding arch out of: live or artificial flowers, paper, or ribbons, in any case, the back wall you created will deserve a lot of enthusiastic glances and compliments because you will not find such an arch at any celebration!

A chic wedding bend with your own hands 2021
A chic wedding bend with your own hands 2021

Wedding arch in the form of a gazebo 2021 photos of new products with photos

Wedding gazebos can be of any shape, size, and color. If you plan a ceremony on the street (nature, beach), then you need to worry about the decor of the event in advance in order to have time to prepare everything. It is unrealistic to list all the ideas for wedding celebration designs, since there are a huge number of them, and there is no limit to the flight of human imagination.

The most popular decorations are flowers and preferably live ones. And also for decoration, you can use various inscriptions or posters. Now wooden plaques with various inscriptions are very popular. If the event is planned for the evening, then you can play a light show. For decorations, you can use various LED lights or garlands of different colors. When it gets dark outside, the gazebo will light up brightly with all possible colors.

A chic wedding bend with your own hands 2021

Wedding band with flowers and fabric 2021 new items with photos

Many newlyweds, during the organization of the most important event in their life, often turn to decorator firms and organizers of celebrations to arrange a holiday both turnkey and separately for the selected aspect. There are various offers on the market to create decor for every taste and size of the wallet. The most common and economical type of wedding design service is rental.

However, in the case of the central place of the ceremony, it will be much more interesting, especially for creative brides, to decorate the arch with their own hands. Not everyone manages to embody their own vision of the wedding vault. But everything is possible if you use imagination and apply diligence.

A chic wedding bend with your own hands 2021

Wedding band with your own hands photo of luxury ideas

Wedding curves will decorate your celebration and will remain on your wedding photos. Near such an arch, you can take a photo with your beloved groom and guests. You can vary the colors and textures, as well as choose your favorite flowers. The fragrance of flowers will lift your mood and create a gentle romantic atmosphere. You can also decorate the chairs and decorate the wedding tables with the same colors so that everything is designed in the same style. Decorate the path to the arch with small bouquets of hydrangeas.

A chic wedding bend with your own hands 2021

Wedding bend for the beach

What is an exit ceremony on the beach? This is freedom, serenity, and boundless space. Another design emphasizes the island atmosphere. The simplicity of the bamboo arch is complemented by a palette of coral, pink, yellow, and orange colors. It is not necessary to make an arch from exotic bamboo or lemon twigs. This option is suitable for a beach ceremony in temperate latitudes. Talented florists have turned an ordinary wooden frame into a work of floral art.

A chic wedding bend with your own hands 2021

To prepare the base, you can choose the following materials:

  • Metal-plastic or polypropylene pipes. A fairly common option. The advantage of such pipes is flexibility. You can connect them together with the help of fittings, or overlap (in this case, pipes of different diameters are needed to insert them one into one). Among the disadvantages, we can highlight the lightness of such a design. We need to think carefully about how to ensure its stability.

ADVICMetal.  To give the pipes the desired shape, they need to be heated. To do this, use an industrial hairdryer (you can rent it). If you are thinking of using household appliances for this, you should not. It will not provide the proper temperature, and on top of everything, it can simply break down, unable to withstand the load.

Tree. These can be processed bars, branches of sufficient thickness to achieve the necessary strength, boards, etc. The main advantage of this option is low cost (if you work with branches or bars lying around in the pantry, the base will generally cost almost free). In addition, the wooden components are easily connected to each other with nails or self-tapping screws. But such a wedding arch, like the previous version, will also not be very heavy (which affects the stability): it is necessary to work on its stability.

IMPORTANT. Regardless of what material the frame will be made of, it is necessary to ensure the stability of the structure.

There are different ways to achieve stability. Among them are:

  • The use of large flower pots, vases, or other containers in which the ends of the arch are placed and filled with types of cement or gypsum. Some professionals from the wedding industry jokingly call this option “the method of the Italian mafia”.
  • Digging the ends of the structure into the ground (if the event is held outdoors). Here it is important to choose the right depth of digging. To ensure stability during tamping, small crushed stones (or, alternatively, construction debris) should be used.
  • Production of supports from the same material as the base itself, or from another. Supports can be in the form of beams (pipes, bars, profiles, etc.), placed in 3 or more directions, or in the form of a platform.









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