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8 Вest ideas for serving the New Year’s table in 2022

Вest ideas for serving the New Year’s table in 2022, which means it’s time to think about how you will serve the festive table, what dishes you will treat your friends and what gifts you will put under the Christmas tree. And if the menu and gifts are purely personal issues, then the serving is influenced by fashion trends. If you don’t know how to decorate a New Year’s table in 2022, here are 13 ideas for serving a New Year’s table that are sure to impress your guests

Вest ideas for serving the New Year’s table in 2022

How to decorate a festive table in the year of the Water- Tiger

In the new year 2022, the White Metal Bull will be supplanted by a Blue Water -Tiger, whose primary images are Water and Wood. Instructions to enrich a table on New Year’s Eve to pacify a respectable creature – read on.

The Blue Water Tiger perceives just quiet, agreeable mixes of shades. The shades of the year are white, blue, gold, and silver. The regal creature will see the value in the limitation and class of the plan of the New Year’s table. It is smarter to thoroughly consider every one of the subtleties ahead of time.

The basics of serving a New Year’s table

The basics of serving a New Year’s table
The peculiarity of the design of the New Year’s table 2022 is the serving of dishes. A tiger is an animal that feeds alone. Therefore, it is better to hold a festive feast as a buffet. Or serve hot dishes and snacks in portions to each guest.

A prerequisite for the design of the table is lighted candles, stylish dishes, and elegant decor. Despite the fact that the Tiger is a royal animal, everything should be in moderation. Simplicity and sophistication are the mottos of this New Year’s Eve.

Вest ideas for serving the New Year’s table in 2022

Fashionable colors for New Year’s serving 2022

The Water Tiger will especially like silver, blue, turquoise, gold, white, and natural shades – from the color of muted greenery in the winter forest to sand tones. Here are some examples:

  • The main palette of the decor is white: snow-white plates made of opal glass on a white tablecloth and cutlery in golden shades. The picture is complemented by plain napkins of light beige color.
  • The prevailing tone is golden. First of all, the tablecloth should be golden. White tableware and gold cutlery create a truly refined style.
  • Silver cutlery and a snow-white tablecloth perfectly match each other and become a real decoration for the Christmas table.
  • Red is combined with white and green. This is a traditional Christmas range, which will be a win-win option.
  • Blue looks spectacular in tandem with white, dark blue, and silver.
  • Black looks great in contrast with white and pink. Be sure to complement the serving with fir balls and decorative elements.

Вest ideas for serving the New Year’s table in 2022

Black and white or black and gold: unsurpassed chic for parties

The trend on December 31 is the decoration of the New Year’s table in black and white or black and gold. The mix of these two colors is associated with important events, luxury, and sophistication. Serve the festive table with white plates on a black tablecloth or complement the snow-white set with black accessories: napkins, vases, and candlesticks. Add silver and gold decor to give the serving a New Year’s magic.

Вest ideas for serving the New Year’s table in 2022

White and gold serving: in the best traditions of the New Year

Gold is the invariable color of gala dinners, especially on New Year’s Eve. The precious color easily fits into the festive atmosphere and looks chic and noble. You can dilute the fashionable black-and-white scale with gold plates or choose gold as the main color. It is perfectly combined with snow-white serving items and traditional green textiles: tablecloths and napkins.

Вest ideas for serving the New Year’s table in 2022

Scottish cage – in the style of a traditional Christmas

Best thoughts for serving a New Year’s table in 2022 are in case you love New Year and Christmas for their conventional red and white tones, then, at that point, serve a happy supper in the Scottish style. It is loaded up with home solace for profound social events with family and dear companions. In this way, you will require red-and-white checkered help, red glasses, and candles, a decorative spread, napkins, pads for seats. The red and white plaid is impeccably joined with a rich purple shade, and thusly supplements the Christmas presentation with felt liners for cutlery and live pieces of juniper, cones, and fir branches.

Вest ideas for serving the New Year’s table in 2022

Silver winter serving

Fashionable colors for New Year’s serving 2022 If gold embodies sophistication, then silver will immerse the participants of the festive meal in a magical winter atmosphere. Cover the table with a white tablecloth and serve a Christmas dinner with silver accessories with matte and glossy effects. Don’t forget to put some candles on to add some warmth to this snowy decor. Also, with the New Year’s serving in silver color, LED lights look spectacular. Place several garlands in glass vases to turn New Year’s Eve 2022 into a real fairy tale.

Вest ideas for serving the New Year’s table in 2022

The favorite color of the blue Water Tiger is blue

If you want to please the symbol of the year 2022 – the Water Tiger, serve the Christmas table in turquoise or blue-blue colors. In terms of nobility and luxury, it is not inferior to gold and silver. Blue organically combines with a yellow-orange and white-brown palette. Add silver accessories and you will get a festive serving from the fairy tale “The Snow Queen”. You can buy ceramic dishes in deep blue color or choose more refined snow-white plates with blue patterns.

Вest ideas for serving the New Year’s table in 2022

Here are some tips for creating a New Year’s table setting in blue:

  • Blue textile napkins are perfectly combined with silver rings
  • Make a living decor from spruce branches, and decorate it with silver paint and rain.
  • Use gray candlesticks with silver or white candles, and if you want a warmer atmosphere, choose gold candlesticks and yellow candles.
  • Garlands with yellow lights will help add warmth to the Christmas table.

Snow-white serving is an eternal classic

Fashionable colors for New Year’s serving 2022 If the traditional colors of New Year’s Eve seem too bright to you, choose exquisite simplicity – serve with white plates. The main plus is the snow-white service perfectly combines with a bright decor of any shade. Decorate the table with fir balls, live greenery, candlesticks, and vases with floral arrangements.

Fashionable colors for New Year’s serving 2022

Country style

Imagine that you are celebrating the New Year 2022 in a mountain house with a fireplace and a dizzying view outside the window. Country – rustic style, which is the relevant fashionable color for New Year’s serving 2022. Place a spruce wreath or a garland of live spruce paws in the center of the table. Decorate the chairs with decorative seat cushions, and offer cozy blankets to the guests. If napkins, then only textiles. Also, at a country-style dinner, beautiful white candles in antique candlesticks must be present. The color of the plates is plain in a pastel natural range or snow-white with a floral print.

New Year’s buffet ideas 2022

Scandinavian style;

The Scandinavian style suggests a snow-white table, and dishes with shades of silver. Bright accents will be details of decorations in green tones. Twigs of pine needles next to each plate, threads of jute with wooden Christmas trees or tiger cubs instead of napkin rings, lit candles, garlands with warm light – altogether it will make a real winter fairy tale and will surely attract prosperity to the house.

Minimalism involves the use of no more than two colors. Usually, it’s black and white. But in the New Year 2022, black can be replaced with gold, silver, blue, or any shade of brown. All dishes, tablecloths, napkins, and decor should be strictly monochrome. A bright accent can be made with colored candles.

Вest ideas for serving the New Year’s table in 2022

Selection of tablecloths, napkins, and decorative accessories

The decorative liner on this New Year’s Eve ought to be made of regular white material, ideally without drawings. Tiger doesn’t care for the ungainliness, and over-burden of the stylistic layout. A snow-white material resembles a clear sheet on which you can make, adding a la mode subtleties.

Napkins are smarter to take in the tone of the decorative liner or somewhat more obscure, for instance, beige shades. There ought to likewise be no drawings on them. A significant point is that in the New Year 2022, paper napkins are not wanted on the table, just made of normal texture. It is smarter to give inclination to cloth.

New Year’s buffet ideas 2022

The texture should be collapsed perfectly. A unique napkin ring made in the style of the fundamental stylistic theme, jute ropes, a structure of wooden figures, or regular cones can add splendor. A cloth napkin envelope attached with string is an optimal choice for eco-style. A settled green twig of thuja or tidy looks exceptionally natural.

New Year’s buffet ideas 2022

Frill for enhancement can be extremely different. The central concern is to adhere to the picked style and shading plan. The fundamental material is wood. These can be little bunches of pine needles, twigs, cones, an exemplary wreath with a Christmas berry, a la mode candles, strips, Christmas tree toys, wooden dolls, and organic product structures. A feeling of extent is significant here – you ought not to over-burden the table with style and put everything on it.

Blue Water Tiger

Assuming that there is a major party in the house, and visitors who are curious about one another are normal, then, at that point, it is smarter to thoroughly consider their guest plans ahead of time. For this situation, you ought to set up a name card for every visitor and spot it on the table in the ideal spot.

New Year’s buffet ideas 2022

New Year’s buffet ideas 2022

Tableware is the main color accent of the New Year’s table 2022. On a white tablecloth, you can put plates of blue, blue, or even red colors. Tigers will like any shades of noble brown. White dishes with a gold or silver border are welcome.

The best idea for serving the New Year’s table in 2022, is important that the plates are from the same set, identical in texture, color, and style, and fit into the overall concept of the New Year’s table. This will support the atmosphere of comfort and aesthetics. If one of the main colors is gold, then spoons, forks, and knives will be a great addition to the decor in this regard.

New Year’s buffet ideas 2022

The Blue Water Tiger is a connoisseur of naturalness. It’s great if there are bowls or bowls made of natural wood, and crystal clear crystal glasses on the table. It is better to abandon the New Year’s decoupage of glasses, and decanters, remembering the tastes of the symbol of the year.

Preference should be given to moderately bright, plain dishes. Drawings, stones, and rhinestones are not welcome. A calm, sustained geometric decor is allowed, for example, circles and stripes. You can use any sequins, or tinsel in the main color scheme.

New Year’s buffet ideas 2022

Tips and little secrets on how to appease a Blue Water Tiger

To attract the favor of the Blue Water Tiger, you need to be sincere and real. It is a confident, regal symbol with a sense of dignity. For him, not only external effectiveness is important, but also internal content. Below are some tips that will help the obstinate owner of the year it is.

New Year’s buffet ideas 2022
  • Take into account the tastes of the Tiger when meeting the New Year 2022. Natural colors, exquisite decor, and a few bright accents are exactly what this symbol will appreciate. This trend should be traced in everything – in the decor of the house, table setting, and guest outfits.
  • Choose an elegant outfit. The tiger does not recognize the bad taste. It is better to choose an elegant outfit for the celebration of the New Year 2022, necessarily made of natural fabrics. The colors of the clothes are white, all shades of blue, light blue, brown, beige, and pearl. You can complement the outfit with jewelry made of precious metals and natural stones.
  • Choose the right makeup. Moderate makeup is an important condition of the host of the year. Natural make-up in the nude style is the most successful solution. No flashy eye shadow or lipstick.
  • Arrange a big family holiday. The tiger is a conservative animal. The symbol of the year puts family values and friendship in first place. A great idea would be to gather the whole family and close friends at the New Year’s table. A warm family evening smiles, and sincere joy will melt the iron heart of a Tiger.
  • Set an abundant table. There is no need to invent fantastic dishes – the Tiger will appreciate simple, hearty, delicious food. The main thing is that the dishes are varied and beautiful.
  • Do not forget about the figure of the owner of the year. On the festive table, it is desirable to organically place a small figure of the symbol of the New Year 2022.
New Year’s buffet ideas 2022

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