12 Best kitchens of famous rich artists

12 Best kitchens of famous rich artists. Have you ever wondered what the kitchens of Julia Roberts, Jennifer Lopez, or Pierce Brosnan look like? You will definitely find a celebrity kitchen that you adore because in this post we will briefly look at the kitchens of 12 famous people.

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1. Pierce Brosnan

12 Best kitchens of famous rich artists

Variety Feelgrafix

With three windows, Mr. Brosnan’s Malibu home makes the most of the ocean vistas, even from the kitchen. This kitchen is incredibly bright because of the skylights and white tiles that were used to maximize natural light. The two kitchen islands provide much-needed additional workspace and are exquisitely decorated with painted tiles. In this stunning kitchen, the Moroccan pendant lights add an unexpected design accent.

2. Rachel Allen

12 Best kitchens of famous rich artists

The Kitchn & Rochdale Town Centre

“We were aware of our goals. a huge kitchen that would serve as the home’s focal point.

Chef Rachel, a celebrity, achieved just that. On the property they received from Isaac’s father as a wedding gift, she and her husband Isaac built this cozy wooden family kitchen in their new house. With a wall of ovens, a deep farm sink, and an Aga burner for a touch of tradition, this truly is a chef’s kitchen. The central island contains the hob.

Visitors can converse while sitting, standing, or standing in the spacious kitchen while they watch Rachel and Isaac work their culinary magic.

3. Gabriel Byrne

12 Best kitchens of famous rich artists

City Realty & Movie Web

In 2009, Gabriel Byrne bought a two-bedroom apartment in the iconic Nolita district of New York. His kitchen speaks of old-world charm with a modern touch: the high gloss cabinets add some glamour and are edged off with solid walnut trim. The lovely parquet flooring echoes the wood in the rest of the kitchen and creates a masculine and inviting room.

4. Brooke Shields

12 Best kitchens of famous rich artists


This adored actress, writer, mother, wife, and homemaker painted her Long Island cottage by herself. She obviously loves and is talented at interior design!

She reveals that her design attitude is “A little color goes a long way,” and it works brilliantly in her kitchen, which has a crisp white color scheme that is invigorated with sparingly placed bursts of color. By doing this, a good family atmosphere is created in the kitchen as opposed to an overly adorned one.

5. Ellen Degeneres & Portia De Rossi

12 Best kitchens of famous rich artists

Elle Decor & Vogue

It has been generally reported that Portia De Rossi, an actress, and Ellen Degeneres, the TV talk show queen, adore interior design.

On their property in the Santa Monica Mountains, Cabin 6’s kitchen is beautifully eclectically designed and has a seating space close to the fireplace. Ib Kofod-Larsen Danish lounge chairs in their original leather are also prominently displayed in the space. This open-concept dining room and kitchen were designed with great care and attention to detail, resulting in a cozy and pleasant addition to the living spaces of the house.

6. Jennifer Lopez

12 Best kitchens of famous rich artists

Zillow Celebrity Without Makeup

Jennifer Lopez, a well-known singer, and actress has a high-gloss kitchen in her pre-war penthouse in Manhattan’s Flatiron neighborhood that is accented with softer wood tones. It is tastefully unadorned and has a beautiful open, clean sense. A 3,000-square-foot terrace on the property is ideal for loft-style cocktail parties fit for the stars and al fresco dining.

7. Julia Roberts

12 Best kitchens of famous rich artists

People Allure

The actress’s New York City apartment in the West Village features an open, roomy kitchen with stainless steel fixtures and appliances and clean lines. Breakfast seating is provided on the spacious kitchen island. The eye is drawn from the stunning black and white tile floor to the breathtaking city views from the kitchen window.

8. Patrick Dempsey

12 Best kitchens of famous rich artists

People Celebrity Inside

In this gorgeous, contemporary kitchen in LA’s Venice Beach neighborhood, the Grey’s Anatomy star makes his sandwiches for the day’s work. This modular kitchen’s classic orange color palette and textured OSB (oriented strand board) cabinets are incredibly revitalizing.

9. Rene Zellweger

12 Best kitchens of famous rich artists

People DNA India

The 38-acre Connecticut farmhouse owned by Bridget Jones from the Diaries star has a long history. It was built in 1770. The kitchen has a distinct historic motif that honors the architecture of the house while incorporating all the newest amenities. The kitchen’s six-burner range and enormous refrigerator make catering simple. The all-white color scheme is set off by dramatic black cabinet hardware and an island butcher block made of natural wood.

10. Sarah Jessica Parker

12 Best kitchens of famous rich artists

Aria Stone Gallery Just Jared

The much-loved “Sex and the City” star’s Manhattan townhouse features a clean, modern kitchen with an incredible marble fireplace that sets the bar for style and refinement. Large white surfaces in contrast with dark wood cabinets create the ideal balance, making it appear light and airy. The terrace is connected to the kitchen via large glass doors, which let in more natural light.

11. Tailor Swift

12 Best kitchens of famous rich artists

Lonny Playbuzz

Taylor Swift, a Grammy Award winner, has a startling traditional kitchen in her Tribeca Penthouse, which has enough room to hold a modest pop performance. The space is made quite cozy by traditional features like the exposed ceiling beams and the grainy wooden floor. The upper cabinets glass doors and the marble-topped kitchen island allow for the exhibition of carefully chosen dinnerware. The fabric picked for the blinds and the wall color both reference the muted yellow and maroon of the splashback tiles.

12. Tom Cruise

12 Best kitchens of famous rich artists

Canmua Santa Banta

The old 2.5-acre Hollywood Hills home of the contentious action actor boasts an Italian farmhouse-style kitchen. Charming rustic wood cupboards and a rough solid wood dining table enhance the natural appearance and give the space a lived-in feel that is uncommon in megastars’ Hills estates.

According to The Daily Mail, this may be the reason why the famous Eva Longoria of Desperate Housewives decided to “show him the money” and purchase it for $11.4 million.

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